My relationship with my Smartphone

Disconnected with the now

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Photography:  Ross Sokdovski

I believe my relationship with my smart-phone is likely quite similar to many – that being a double-edged sword, enough so in fact, that it does beg the question and causes pause for us all to have to honestly assess ourselves when it comes to tendency, habit, benefits and disadvantages associated with the level of frequency, in which we are ‘ON!’

Being ‘connected,’ and ‘accessible’ via our phones can also simultaneously render is seemingly , ‘disconnected’ and ‘inaccessible’ to those who are in our immediate and tangible presence.

It is quite honestly, a subject matter I grapple with and am consistently cognizant of; on a daily basis.

Being a single parent while also juggling the choice I have endeavoured to take on (as of three years ago) in my becoming an all-in, fully invested, massive action-taker, and a catalyst for change –serial entrepreneur, has been a daunting undertaking even on my most ‘successful’ and ‘results-achievable’ of days.

There is no one whose responsibility it is to micro-manage me on the ever-growing ‘Must-Do’s’ of my day-to-day priority list nor are there an extra pair of hands in-house to assist me with the competing needs of my two young children. I am ‘it’ on both the work front and in my household. I do however; choose to juggle all of this –willingly, eagerly and lovingly.

I am an all-in personality type. I have goals, a vision, a dream and am very clear on my inherent purpose and objectives in the professional arena, which is to impart , share, reach, and connect with the masses; the collective of my message of Living Fearlessly.

I am also exceptionally clear on my number one priority (which is at the heart and soul of everything which drives me) — my two beautiful children; first and foremost.

In these current times we live in, there are never enough hours in a day for the average nine to fiver; less hours in a day for a serial entrepreneur and even less available hours in any given day for a single parent.

So yes, the inner conflictual battle of ‘showing up’ – being responsive, being engaged, plugged in and ‘ON’ is a never-ending duality for me both personally and professionally, particularly when I earn the majority of my income with those I am connected with through my phone.

My children worked exceptionally hard during this past school year as have I; their mother. We are a family who recognizes the equal importance and benefits of playing hard, too.

Naturally, I have to, as well as choose to – scale back on the full-throttle work front while they are on their summer holidays from school. We maximize our quality family time together; the three of us as let’s face it – the summer months are both sacredly cherished as well as fleeting.

The self-imposed parameters surrounding my phone during the summer schedule specifically – includes my posting my standard morning memes to social media – wishing everyone a spectacular day, acknowledging people’s birthdays on both Facebook and LinkedIn and informing clients and prospective TV/Radio guests, that I will more thoughtfully respond to their emails and texts, once my children are either in bed that same evening or offer to reconnect via a pre-schedule Skype meeting or a pre-scheduled phone call on the alternative weekends my children are with their Dad.

I find that in general, people are as equally busy as myself with their own families during the summer months, especially and therefore I am typically met with genuine kindness, patience, understanding and a flexible mindset/demeanour by others.

The phone is now more so used to take pictures of my children in our pool with their friends or photo-snapping while we are out and about on our daily adventures so that I can chronicle our amazing 2017 Summer Memory-Making Moments for us to always look back on and fondly remember.

Wishing everyone a fantastic summer of Living Fearlessly off of your phones! 

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