My Journey Into the Light

From a young age of two or three, I can remember being visited by Spirits or energies others couldn’t see. At first they scared me, but as time passed, I became pretty famil- iar with them being around. It was like never being alone. We seemed to have an understanding of occupying space together without […]

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From a young age of two or three, I can remember being visited by Spirits or energies others couldn’t see. At first they scared me, but as time passed, I became pretty famil- iar with them being around. It was like never being alone. We seemed to have an understanding of occupying space together without interruption. I was thinking they were the Holy Ghost. I allowed pretty much every exchange without question or understanding at the time.

As a young teenager, I was more unsettled with the energies in my space and sometimes would feel agitated, and their energy seemed to mirror mine. I was attracting the energy I was transmitting. I began to question this gift I had. It was no longer a warm fuzzy exchange but a demanding, relentless one. I could no longer share space in harmony. I felt watched and crowded. Sometimes, feel- ings of paranoia came to me. I was unsure how to handle the change in my relationship to this energy.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I understood that what I was witnessing were Souls needing to pass through the “veil” to go where they needed to. Wherever that was, I knew I couldn’t judge or get to decide. The information was simply moving through me. I was a conduit.

This dense energy matter was left after the body was exhausted and laid to rest, it felt like I was a stop on their spiritual train heading somewhere. Most of these energies seem to have passed over suddenly—or experienced an immediate exchange from body to spirit after having been in an accident or for some other reason. They lacked a transition period from this frequency to whatever the next stop was for them.

Some days were busier than others. I was still never alone. Did I mention I had a full-time job, kids, a husband, and a house to take care of?

Questions started to come up within myself as I observed the unsettled nature of this matter in my space. It was changing as I was changing. My observations were becoming more acute and I started “seeing” more. It wasn’t until I was twenty-nine that I started to put the pieces together or even really talk about it. I do remember my mom talking about having experiences like this, but I never really asked her about them.

I thought I might be going crazy. Out of desperation, I went to a psychic and he observed me and told me I wasn’t alone. My response was something like,” No kid- ding!” I then asked him a very direct question, “What do they want and why do they find me?”

His response was, “They think you’re the light.”

My response to this was, “Yeah, okay, great. Now what?”

He was very clear with his recommendation. “Ask them what they need, if they have any messages to share, and if they were ready to go to the light.” Still not buying in, I got up and told him that was enough information for me now and that I had enough responsibility already. I paid him and his final words of advice were, “Just try it. Everyone benefits. I promise, you can do this. Just trust the process. You’ll know what to do.”

One minute later, I got into my car and felt as if I were in one of those cars stuffed with clowns. I was literally buried under energy to the point where I couldn’t drive. So I sucked it up, put the car back in park, and asked the energy hitchhikers these questions: “What did they need? Did they have any messages to share? Were they ready to go to the light?” It was literally a sound off with everyone talking over each other in my head. I was still in the parking lot.

Feeling overwhelmed, I yelled in an embarrassingly loud voice: “Everyone get out of my car and get into the imaginary bus. The Angels will greet you and take you to your correct astral plane. Do not stop, just keep it moving. I send you to the light and validate you. Go in peace.”

Then everything stopped. It was like a vacuum of silence for the first time in my entire life.

I was reeling from the words that came out of my mouth. I wasn’t sure where they came from except it wasn’t from thinking. From that moment, I felt I needed a strong relationship with God, an energy source to help me with this newfound job. So I enrolled in seminary and learned whatever I could as a backup in case I ever needed an arsenal of Angels from Heaven. At this point, I was confirming that anything was possible.

Answers unfolded, as life will if you’re open to it. Daily, I would have occurrences and started creating systems and procedures to events I was encountering. I asked end- less questions to the ether—whenever something came to mind—and received answers that had to be written down using words and phrases I never used before.

I remember thinking that I might be crazy, but I was feeling purpose and drive to dig deeper and learn what was beyond my five senses. The more I asked, the more I learned. I never read a book to compare my experience with others’ out of fear I would be jaded by someone else’s opinion. I now know that many books support the process I used, and I had no idea.

Years went by and my skill set expanded exponentially. I created a consulting service to read energy and send peo- ple to their proper place that had passed called Angels Influence. That responsibility has taken me around the world to help really beautiful people who needed the kind of guidance you can’t get from a traditional doctor’s office. I did that for several years and sometimes still do. I have shared experiences and skills along the way with people as the situations present themselves. My younger two kids grew up with me doing this, and they didn’t know any different.

Taylor, since he was my youngest, had the most exposure to me working with these Souls. He understood it was an honor to help them pass. He confirmed he never saw any of them, but he accepted it as something I did to help. It was no surprise that when he died, he waited until I was ready to see him. Nearly three weeks had passed, and now he needed help with his lesson and to be guided to his next destination.

It was the hardest thing I think God could have asked me for, with some pondering of “what is the heartbreaking lesson” for me doing this? In my clearest state, I realized he was reminding me that we are evolutionary and in honoring the process I was gifted, I was receiving. I was able to assist with this most important exchange. My faith in God and the intricacies of the human spirit have blessed me in ways I could never express except with gratitude. It’s a completely different way to look at life and death—not as finite as we have been taught for generations but as transitional. Witnessing Taylor’s tran- sition after all the trauma I had been feeling the previous twenty-one days was a massive blessing for me. It may have been the only way I could let his energy go. The ener- getic cords that bound us together as mother and son were strong. It was a blessing as it was a clean transition and so humbling to witness.

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