Muzzeyen Senar’s Elegant, Vocal Glide, and the Passion Of Holding On!

How Turkish Singer, MUZZEYEN SENAR, Intertwined Vocal Technique, In Creating the Long-Lasting Passion, For A Healing Sound!

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There are different timbers when it comes to a singer and their style. There are various techniques, as it pertains to a singer’s ability to move through myriad rhythms and dynamics. Before, we talked about the vibrato, and the legendary movement of one Turkish singer to navigate the beauties for musical artistry to carry on. There are particular people, who have that beauty, and are able to direct it into another atmosphere. Its Earth trembling and simply Divine. What makes it even more eclectic is how certain singers were moved towards creating and engaging, with different musical dynamics.

We have the vibrato, and then we have the glide. Sometimes, we have the mixture of the two. There are certain layers in moving through the joys and pleasures of the Earth’s awakening. When a singer is able to navigate through different forms of musical terrain, there is a wonder through such spacing. Surely, there is great creativity in intertwining two different vocal techniques. It peaks the imagination, and provides infinite speculation into how certain techniques and styles can be performed. Furthermore, it adds to the wonders of music, and its ability to move forward into new mechanisms, in which music can be performed.

When remember our famous Turkish dame. She is known as the Turkish, Beloved. . .

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We have written about her, before. However, for these purposes, we go into a more technical touch. Listening to some of her earlier songs, we are pushed into assessing the wellness of it all. While others were able to focus their vocal artistry on the vibrator, others were able to connect the vibrato with the glide. When the two are in intertwining with each other, a unique sound, is at play. The question that we should ask ourselves is, what makes the glide so enchanting? After all, like the vibrato, we are compelled to elongate the particular note and sound. It is more enchanting when it comes through that lens. Yet, there is something about the glide, which does not give that ripple effect, as the vibrator. It does not make you feel the pulsations, in the way of a heartbeat. Nevertheless, there is a particular, vocal technique, which allows an individual to stretch a little longer. Holding on without any vibration, and permitting oneself to move through the process of vocal stretching, or gliding. Simultaneously, what happens when there is a vocal play, and a singer is able to navigate between the two? What happens when a vibrato and glide intertwine themselves/ Adding a unique color and touch to the song. In the career of Muzzeyan Senar, we are able to hear one example.

In one particular song, there is a particular vocal artistry and style, by Muzzeyan Senar, that we do not hear very often. That particular song is known as, “Elbet Birgun Bulusacagiz.” In fact, I doubt it has even been heard, enough. However, when navigating through such vocal terrain and artistry, you find enjoyment within its very Being. You find fulfillment, and experience a side of your hearing, that you have never heard, prior to. The melodic texture of the song is a wonder, in its own right. Listen closely, and you will hear how she glides her notes, and finishes them off with a slight vibrato. That subtle vibrato is like a color, or flicker of glitter. Muzzey Senar was able to channel that particular essence. On a greater scale, she maintained her ability of preserving her richness. The timber within her voice continues to maintain its beauty, and authentic reflection of her interpretation in navigating through Turkish domains. Then, of course, there is the level of intensity and beauty, throughout her spacing. A person comes to understand, just how precious and loving, vocal depth can be. In a prior article, there was mention of the treasures, which lay awaiting in vocal depth. It moves through different terrains and navigates the comforts of having to go deep, in order to experience those musical gems of love and creativity. It is unusual. Yet, that is what makes it so interesting. So, intriguing. People often don’t understand how refreshing it feels to hear, something new! Its a new sound and even hearing a new coloration for a particular voice, is intrinsic. Such indicates a level of bravery for a performer. When a singer is willing to explore, and venture out into unknown, musical territory,its powerful! Its a fascinating arena! Furthermore, it indicates that the arena of music, and exploration within, is never ending. It takes us on a journey of inner discovery, that we would have never felt compelled to explore.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In hearing this particular, Turkish tune, one cannot help, but to become dreamy in the rhythm, and pace. The song is slow and allows your ears, eyes, and mind, to wander. You are given permission to move away from reality, even for a moment. Listeners are granted abilities to slow down, becoming more in tune with every sense of their feelings. Whatever pain, joy, passion, that is existent within one’s emotional psyche is given ample time, to be experienced. It may be comfortable for others, and painful for some. Nevertheless, the fact that it has slowed down means that musical reflection is longer. How does it make you feel? How is one permitted to explore the very depths of one’s sensitivity, with a song and glide? Through this song, this is what we are experiencing. On a greater level, a person is bringing more flavor and dynamics to this particular lens. Furthermore, what is even more beneficial is the re-discovery of, self. In fact, such is one of the healing anecdotes for the song. Its passionate. Its joyful. Its healer! Sound, heals! Based on our understanding of that, we are in for an awakening into how sounds provide us with a hidden richness, the spiritual touching and mending, through music!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Sitting and reflecting on the song, Elbet Birgun Bulusacagiz, there are feelings of just wanting, to be! For some reason, Muzzeyan Senar presents this picturesque enchantment in desiring to hold on, and glide oneself into whatever direction, that she guides us. There is a delight in such. Furthermore, it continues to move through the enchantment of love, and the mystery of music, in love. What more is to come from such thinking? Just close your eyes, and imagine gliding. Once you reach the very end of the glide, there is a brief shake. What can you say? Its as if a person is moving through different dimensions, and holding onto every single color, of a certain note. It is more of s silken approach. The musical journey feels smoother, though this particular, vocal technique. For some reason, any reason, life seems alright. Through this particular song, Turkish people are given permission to navigate through a particular direction, and release into a new vibe. The interesting note is that one has no fear, when it comes to the musical persuasion of gliding, and letting go! Let go and allow yourself to hold on, and heal!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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