MUZEYYEN Senar’s Vocal Depth’s In Aegeans Of Seas!

The Legacy Of Turkey's Legendary Singer and Actress-MUZEYYEN SANAR-and Its Role In Guiding the Depth's Of Vocal Musicality in Turkish Lands!

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The world of Turkish waters spreads Turkish whispers and the Aegean Sea stands far back to advance. She is pleased. Her waves are of a peculiar touch. Its as if she stands back with a curious manner. For the most part, there is a realness relating to the ability to move through certain terrain. Simultaneously, a wonderland comes to examine familiar sentiments, as well. If you are foreign to Turkish landscapes, you feel that initial breeze, which can only be found in Turkish settings. You smell the coffee, taste Turkish treats, eat certain culinary, and feel the ecstasy in knowing that certain tastings give you an aura, a vibe, that you have never tasted before.

Sometimes you can’t really explain certain vibes, which are different and unique in their own right. You just have to take it all in. Sometimes, a person has to simply feel the feelings and nourishment, associated with a particular body of water and land. Its phenomenal because feelings have the power to experience those minute details. Yet, they are real. No one can deny that. Personal experiences led to an encounter with the Aegean Sea, while in Istanbul, Turkey for a brief time in 2011. It was the winter of 2011. The cold blanketed its embrace throughout the city. Nevertheless, it was a phenomenal vibe, one of its own desire, when traveling to this particular nation of the world. The natural scents of the city come alive spray perfumes from the Sea. It provides Turkey with its own special palette in the magical world of storytelling, travel tales, and fantasy.

There is something intriguingly delightful about those singers, who have grown up along waters, or performs its lingering traces, from the city of her birth. What makes this a rather auspicious and creative reality is the opportunity to hear water’s rhythm, designs, and other performance elements within a vocal regiment. Such singers are powerful. Their very voices, alone, opens up another world for music, and its connection with Heaven’s Divine. One cannot deny its majesty, and how Earth is designed to radiate music’s design from the Heavens. Its one of the highest forms of praise to the Creator. Its one of the most healing experiences for all of humanity.

Do you remember our prior discussion on those singers, who came from humble beginners? Do you remember the reality of many of them having to go into the bottom in order to discover those treasures? They are those sacred treasures, which are necessary in elevating “the forgotten,” out of the circumstances, which have been prescribed for them. There is magic among the “downtrodden.” Those who transition into a better life, and a purpose in their world, have a wealth of tools and knowledge, which can be used in their careers in the creative arts and performance world. It’s why there is a great level of depth and richness to their music, film/theater, dance, and other careers. Its why their talents cannot be replicated because it comes from an authentic place. Pain, marginalization, and struggle cannot be replicated; unless a person tries to recreate the situation. Even then, it will not be truly authentic. Furthermore, when this category of singers, actors, songwriters, come from a world of struggle, they observe different methods of creativity and productivity. Even their artistry is “unusual.” What’s even more intriguing is how people are surprised that beauty can also come from less fortunate areas.

Water women have a certain timber about them. Again, there is simply something about women musicians and singers, who have been reared around water. Previously, it was mentioned how such artists (in this case, women) are the personification of water. That is repeated for the purposes of this article. For Turkish domains, there is one flower and woman, who moved through different Turkish lands, through the “unusual.” Furthermore, what made her even more stunning was the unusual aura of her voice. It is something that has not been found, and therefore, cannot be replicated. She was born as Zeliha Eren. Yet, Turkey, and the world, came to know her as. . .

Muzeyyen Senar; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Muzzeyen Sanar was born in a village of Gokoz. It is considered to be part of the Keles district, located in Bursa Province. If you have never been to Turkey, and if you have never heard of this place, go and google its very name. Water caresses its very Being. You have to sit and wonder about this particular space. What must it be like to have walked around and gained inspiration from that particular area?

Who would have ever imagined that she would grow up to be one of Turkey’s legendary singers? After all, the odds were stacked against her. She developed a stuttering problem. And yet, she continued to sing! Weddings and gatherings, with her family, were her initial performance settings. According to particular Turkish media platforms, it has been reported that her parents were from Georgia. In fact, she ran away from the area of her father’s home, while ending up staying with her mother. What was the brokenness? What trauma did she possible experience, prior to, and during that time period? We don’t really know, do we? All we can do is imagine. However, that would be a great story to imagine! The issues, struggles, and challenges would be a great tale to understand, as it relates to the rise of this woman.

If there is anything that we can say about Muzzeyen Sanar , its the special creativity, surrounding her voice. Close your eyes! Yes! Let’s do it again. If you listen to Muzzeyan Sanar, there is a deep and entrenched feeling of hearing the very depths of the waters. Her voice, and its very texture, implants the imagery of taking a watery tour throughout the Aegean Sea.

In fact, it feels as if her voice is drifting across the Aegean Sea. A rich texture of nurturing depth, which greatly contextualizes the beauty and power of the waters. These waters which blankets Turkish domains. Clearly, her voice was one of the vibrant sounds of Turkey, as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk admired her voice. In fact, she gave multiple concerts, with his presence as an audience member. Sanar’s first international concert was in Paris, France at the Le Lida! The voice of Muzzeyan Sanar maintained a particular style and timber, which is accredited in opening up a new arena of Classical, Turkish music. In a terse amount of words, its safe to say that Sanar’s voice was the coloring of Aegean waters. It fact, it sang the stories of the Aegean Sea.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Muzeyyen Senar’s final performance was in 1983. It is documented that her final show was conducted at a popular, music hall in Bebek, Instanbul. And let’s also articulate the reality that she did have some time in the acting and theater world. Its rather striking, should be take that into consideration and the possibility of such playing a role in how they expressed themselves. The timber of Muzeyyen Senar is something which cannot really be explained. Perhaps, that is a blessing. After all, certain voices should be heard, rather than discussed. They should be listened to, as opposed to moving through the realms of the traditional (or what is considered traditional forms of eloquence and beauty), Muzzeyan Sanar brought in her own sound. It felt as if the very bottom of the sea was reaching out to the Turkish nation and her people. Furthermore, there was a series of understanding just how certain depths maintain stories that we have yet to tell; depths that we have yet to reach. A level that all of humanity, has yet to reach. For the nation of Turkey, Muzzeyan Sanar was one of the feminine images, who could bring forth incite into vocal riches, and its journey beneath the sea. Of an Aegean persuasion, that is!

Her voice. Her sound. Her story. The depth. The timber reminds one of the deepest soils of the sea, unfolding. They carry many stories of time’s passing. They foretell of abundance and mysteries we have yet to know. Very few human beings have the power to, go deep! Yet, for the brave ones, there is a wonderful level of moving through different regiments in order to understand the beauty of it all. For now, we will just, go deeper!

And as we continue to honor such legendary greats as Muzzeyan Sanar, let us remember a woman who blessed Turkish landscapes. Let us remember a woman, whose sound forced a deeper meaning into one’s imaginary psyche. Moving into music’s creativity, in all the depths, in which it maintains. Let us remember. There are things to be addressed. Furthermore, a person is to understand just how beautiful and intrinsic they are to be. So, let’s move into another dynamic when it comes to music’s beauty and its riches. Let’s journey into that particular wellness for all to hear. In mind, body, and song!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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