Muzeyyen Senar’s Musical Dig Into Turkish Soil, Through The Performance Of the Song, “Fikrimin Ince Gulu!”

How Turkish Singing Legend-MUZEYYEN SENAR-Highlights The Significance Of Musical Exploration, In the Hidden Treasures Of A Nation!

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And so, we are back to this legendary, Turkish dame. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! When an iconic singer, such as Muzeyyen Senar has made her name and legacy, it is only fitting, that such a legacy continue on. Each and every part of that talent, vocal artistry, and vocality must be illuminated, and restored. There is a reason for such talents to have come into being. When a nation has birthed and produced a particular sound, there are lessons to be learned, surrounding the atmosphere and dynamics of the lands. That’s the rationale for it all. When a nation or land produces a unique sound, there is something to be illuminated. It forces us to look deeper into the sensory of the land. What are the hidden jewels and sacred treasures, laying within a nation? Those musical and artistic jewels, which are inherent within a particular land, becomes intrinsic. Furthermore, when a singer of the nation, utilizes their vocal skills, (and sensory connection to the land) there is a unique atmosphere concerning the level of euphoria and love, which resonates. One of the most nourishing attributes of a singer, is when they have the power and ability to reveal those hidden tapestries, within their land. When they are able to connect the level of Universal artistry, to the Heavenly realm, there is a level of spiritual healing and power, that arises. Immediately, once they begin the process of singing, those hidden treasures of Earth’s domain are revealed.

Of course, as a musician and singer, it is not easy to unEarth the treasures, lay awaiting within one’s home nation. The task is very tedious. In fact, it can be very backbreaking and agonizing, when the musical work is done accurately. When it is conducted with precision and authenticity, this musical work is overwhelming. It requires a significant deal of labor and intensity to find. Furthermore, it comes to move through many of the inner workings, in which many artists and musicians have to transition through, in order to ascend to that level of greatness. That level of Universal and musical greatness, which is reserved for those special and sacred musicians, who were born to perform it. It is a great responsibility and journey to uphold. Nevertheless, it requires there being the expression of that internal journey, and musicality, in which only musicians know. One of the intensities of such pertains to being able to move through different layers and tendencies of that personal, musical journey. Whatever barriers standing in the way of those great legends, require an artistic retreat. It mandates that healing and restoration takes place, within the very Soul of an artist and musician, in order for their performance of greatness to take shape.

Sometimes, a vocalist has the ability to detail and define just how they are able to move through complexities, in revealing the hidden, musical treasures of their nation. There are unique songs, where a vocalist utilizes their musical capabilities in revealing to their audience, the level of commitment, held in highlighting the treasures of a nation. There are times when a person is unable to explain it. Nevertheless, they are allowed to maneuver through the tapestries of dynamic patterns and movement’s eloquence, within a song. Its that particular point, where an artist/vocalist gives the illusion of digging deep. Digging or diving deeper into the landscapes, in order to awaken the audience, into the reality that something is hidden.

The repertoire of Turkey’s own legend-MUZZEYYEN SENAR-requires a great level of analysis, exploration, and incite. Nevertheless, there is one particular song, which articulates a vocalist’s or musician’s ability to express musical diving (in unEarthing their country’s riches) within her nation’s paradise. The sacred name of this song is entitled, Fikrimin Ince Gulu.” What makes this song a perfect match in the context of this article, may you ask? Well, its Senar’s use of the vibrato. She creates a particular drop, when she makes use of the vocal vibrato. Can you hear it? Stop and listen for a bit. Do you hear it? The moment when we proceeds into a light sense of the vibrato, a person comes to feel as if they are unexpectedly diving down into a certain place. The audience can feel as if they have been holding on, only to miraculously been let go into this hidden, musical world. Simply listen closely, and you will hear! Its an amazing turning point. On an even greater level, a person does not expect it. There is the element of surprise. Within the riches of Turkish lands, there are the wonders in having discovered and revealed, something new. What a wonder such must be! On an even greater level of depth, there is a particular field, in which a barrier is removed. Once that barrier is erased, a people become comfortable in discovering that hidden beauty. It takes on a particular level of comfort and serenity. A number of people have yet to understand this. Sometimes, they just have to feel it. There is simply no way around it.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Its the sudden awakening of those heavy drops, which allows a person, from this nation, to rebirth themselves, within. Refreshing oneself in the midst of one’s own culture, and allowing oneself to observe one’s national paradise, in a different way. That’s what it is truly about. Simultaneously, it is something, which is heavily needed. The grace and elegance of Muzeyyen Senar, is that she presents that, and makes her audience-the Turkish people-comfortable in re-discovering those hidden, musical jewels within their country. Its an intrinsic fascination. Furthermore, even a foreign person, cannot help, but to feel connected and intertwined with that particular, vocal drop. There is a sense of desire, a yearning to venture to that area, within the song. Even more, its as if a person wishes to move towards that particular point. Desiring to hold onto it, even more than what is expected. Why? Its very simple. All because it just, feels right! Re-birth and renewal feels natural. It creates a sense of understanding and well being. Even more, it creates the go ahead in knowing that a person is being primed for love and wellness.

It is apparent that every song performed by Muzeyyen Senar is a surprise. There is clearly a unique lens, regarding how we are able to move towards different windows and spatial arrangements for the time, Being, when it comes to examining a particular song. There is clearly a different treat, arising, within each and every song, that she performs. Some level of mystery and gentility maneuvering throughout the dynamics, within a certain song. Its just that profound! For the song, “Fikrimin Ince Gulu,” an intriguing use of the vibrato creates an innovating dynamic for the auspicious aura of the song. Isn’t that interesting? How phenomenal that surprises permits the aura in being able to delve into unknown, musical treasures. In all honesty, that’s the very eloquence of the entire songthe sudden presence of treasures, which presents untapped beauties for a particular nation! Then, and only when the surprises come, do we ascend into new wonders, hidden underneath Earthly pleasantries, for musical delight!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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