Muzeyyen Senar’s Low Elegance Of Vocal Depth In the Song, “Kimseye Etmem Sikayet!”

The Power and Teachings Of Depth and Artistry In MUZEYYEN SENAR's Performance Of the Song, "Kimseye Etmem Sikayet," and the Measure Of True Greatness and Legendary Status!

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Depth is a mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and artistic arena, in which very few people will reach. Not everyone has the patience, stamina, abundance, and courage to venture into such a domain. In fact, it is not worth the hassle for the masses of people. Through a greater lens, a number of people simply don’t have a holistic perception of moving into a deeper place. On a larger scale, it requires confidence, and a greater guide into Universal imagination and wonder. Frankly, my Dears, not everyone is equipped to even imagine such a place, let alone venture to it.

If we carry that very same concept into the arena of music and performing arts, we are experiencing the test of musicians and singers; their willingness to immerse into the world of vulnerability. Precisely, Everyone! That is exactly it. When a singer, or musicians, directs their attention into vocal chords and tones, located within a deeper range, they are accepting a willingness to be vulnerable. There it is. The willingness to be opened and exposed. Being comfortable in one’s artistry; in losing vocal control. In a terse amount of words, they are forced into a spacing of releasing, what has been ignored. For some reason when a singer goes into a deeper level of her/his vocal range, certain things feel awakened. Its as if an individual has returned back into their authentic tonality. Suddenly, they are back where they have started. Its all part of the very musical foundation, which is rooted within their unique timber. When a singer goes deep, there is a dismantling of the ego. And, why is that? Well, for starters, it is connected to one’s ability to realize that not every level of vocal artistry has been conquered. In fact, some of it is even intertwined into another level of artistry, that the masses of individuals do not have access to. Isn’t that intriguing? The very thought of this statement incites us to reflect upon the very term of greatness! Interesting in how we have these particular sayings: the greatest of all time, “the greatest singers in the world.” Simultaneously, when you move towards deeper terrain, the very notion of “going deep,” forces us to question what, and whom, we have considered to be great. Can a singer or artist be considered “great,” simply because they are famous? It seems “fame,’ has become unfairly connected to the term, “great.” Entertainers are automatically labeled as “singers,” simply because they perform through tunes. Entertainment and authentic song have obviously appeared to interchange so easily; all the while devaluing those true gatekeepers of the performing arts.

One of the things that we can observe, especially during the time of Turkish legend, MUZZEYEN SENAR, is that a vocalist’s sound had to be authentic, in order for her to be given the title of “legendary greatness.’ One could not simply rely on the activity of entertaining others in order to receive it. Not at all. A singer had to perform, and perform, well! There was no way around it. Part of performing onstage, required that a singer take her audience, through her periods of vulnerability. The stage does not lie. And, the very test of vocal greatness, is a singer’s ability to capture the very depths, with her audience. In fact, once she goes into that special world, into that deeper place, they automatically align themselves in going with her. That is only if, they decide to, journey with her! Such an alignment only comes if the voice of a singer projects that level of richness, and connection to that Earthly sound!–muzeyyen-senar-molatik-10924/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

It was previously mentioned how the voice of MUZEYYEN SENAR brings different themes, and manners of wellness, when it comes to her performance of certain songs. Each song appears to showcase a different technique, style, message, and person, when it pertains to her ability to move through her vocal repertoire. Now, we are in the case of “Kimseye Etmem Sikayet!” What makes this song, so profound, is that it is an example of Muzeyyen Senar maneuvering into a space of release. It is evident that through her performance of those deeper notes, she is releasing control; allowing the notes to go as they please, once she frees them from capture. There is a richness of beauty and mystery, surrounding her willingness to be vulnerable. Its just that simple. She is unafraid in going into an area of the vocal unknown. Much of it aligns with her ability to move so freely, and without a care of every note being depicted, as “pretty.” Many times, there is an initial phase of an unpleasant beauty, when a singer decides to venture into those deeper waters. Quite frankly, that’s alright! At the end of each performance, the audience is pleased, as they have received the opportunity of navigating through those particular dynamics. Its beautiful and its refreshing to the Soul! That’s when you know you have immersed, and been in the company, with the “great ones.”

Listening more to the texture and technique, that Muzeyyen Senar, uses in the song, we come to realize that she demonstrates a carefree aura, when singing in the depths of musical artistry. There are particular vibes and intensities, which arises, when we go through musical depths and vocal awareness. That’s one of the most precious and illuminating forms of love and re-birth. Quite honestly, its through the depth of waters, where musicians, and artists, are able to experience a level of healing and restoration. Such singers, who dare to journey within that particular area, ascend into greater heights and scales, than we can ever imagine. And, that is another wonder when it comes to the Spirit of vocal depth-the power of imagination.

Close your eyes! Close them, now. Allow one’s Spirit to capture within the very sphere and context of those singers, who carried a deeper, vocal regiment. What does it feel like? What do you see as their sound makes its way across your vocal psyche? Do you feel aware? Have you wondered about the level of intensity, in which you are moving through? Furthermore, does it feel uncomfortable? If so, then you are on the right track. After all, it comes through what we can not necessarily see, when our eyes are open. That’s the very basis of it.

Muzeyyen Senar lived parts of her vocal career in the depths of Turkish artistry. She moved through it with eloquence, grace, and connection to the Divine. Its why there is such versatility, through her performance in each and every song. Its why we can hear this particular song, and feel its euphoria, repetitiously, and holistically! That’s the reason for, her greatness. For, it was in the very depths, where it was preserved. As a singer and musician, when you dare to journey into those sacred depths of music, you are bound to be restored. There is a refreshing atmosphere. Furthermore, when you journey into that terrain, for the illumination of your nation-and the treasures, laying, within her midst-you come to realize that it is the epitome of rebirth and wellness for a people, and their very existence!

Now open! Open your eyes! How does it feel to have come out of that particular place? How did it feel to venture into a certain area, where one has to get into musical discomfort, in order to re-experience one’s level of authenticity? Did you enjoy it? In all of its level of discomfort, did you enjoy it? You should. Now, you feel, anew. Now, you feel what Muzeyyen Senar felt, and saw! It was always part of the process. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it nutritious? So, let that small journey remind you of such fruition. Let it remind you of what it meant to, go deep! After all, its in the depths of Aegean waters, where Turkish delights and wonders, can be found!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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