Muzeyyen Senar’s Holding On, In “Elbet Bir Gun Bulusacagiz!”

How MUZEYYEN SENAR Utilizes Vocal Prolonging In A Sacred Journey Through The Sensory and Imagination In Turkish Lands!

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There comes a time in every singer’s artistry when a wave of wonder and subtle abundance is displayed in their music. It piques the interest of the listener, as it relates to movement, and vocal direction. That’s just the reality. How a singer is able to reflect that, is also represented in their music and how they navigate their musical presence. On a greater note, certain techniques gives listeners the illusion of prolonging a certain spacing within the song. Again, its that attribute of holding onto something, in order to taste it just a little longer. That’s one of the general beauties of the day. When it comes to moving through certain musical trajectories, there are particular vibes, resonating with the listener. Through a greater lens, one can only imagine how the parts and segments, for a specific song can be twisted and turned, in exploring those creative juices for the power of all. In fact, there are certain dynamics and presentations, which gives ones the illusion for music to never stop. It does not cease, nor does it come to a pause. On a greater level, there are certain vibes, which continue to move through different paths. They are a familiar vibe, no doubt. Nevertheless, they are intriguing and established, upon a unique voice.

So now, we are back in the world of Turkish domains. Of course, the legendary Muzeyyen Senar will serve as our vocal muse for the time, Being. After all, her voice is the epitome of Turkish wonder and delight. It truly caters to that terrain, and what it means to have been born of Turkish spacing, and living in it. I often reflect upon her particular journey in having walked through her country, closing her eyes, and experiencing the serenity of the Aegean Sea-her winds, waters, and the perfumes of her atmosphere. What are those scents? What are the colors vibrating within her scents, and how does it move through the lands of time? How does it navigate the purpose of timing, as it relates to music? Land has that power in doing so. When you are so intertwined and connected with the land, you simply want to hold onto every nourishing factor of its domains. Its precisely that. You want to hold on! There is nothing left to say about it.

So, when you hear that one song from Muzeyyen Senar, which makes you want to hold onto every part of her word, how do you comprehend it? How do you comprehend the moment in which it was written, and how the composition piece continues to maneuver its way back to the hearts and minds of the audience? That’s the depth we have to get do. Listening to Muzeyyen Senar, through a foreign eye, there is that one piece. It defines that very meaning of holding onto those profound ideas and spaces of nurture. What it does come to represent is the beauty of love and serenity. Part of it moves and navigates the very presence of gentility and abundance. The particular song, in which I speak of is “Elbet Bir Gun Bulusacagiz.”; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Listening to the song, there is a particular element at play, in which Senar holds onto that particular note and part of the song. It is that specific part, (should you do the work of listening to it), where listeners are taken back to that particular memory, within our imagination. Its that memory in imagining what it must be like for Senar to have taken a walk through Turkey on a bright, sunny, or windy day? Walking in the company of her own solitude, and enjoying the scenery of this nation. How did it feel? How did the experience taste, smell, and enrich one’s very humanity? That’s the very level of euphoria, that we need to get to. How did this level of sensory further intertwine her Being into the land? Leading her to incorporate these elements into song. How?

There are certain novelties and expectations as it surrounds the song, “Elbet Bir Gun Bulusacagiz.” You hear those parts, and passages, where it feels that Senar would like to hold on. There is no use of other vocal elements, such as the vibrato. On the contrary, a person experiences and gains understanding into that particular element. It is meant to feel good. There is that prolonged effect, and then a subtle drop comes after that particular element of vocal texture. Quite frankly, this is one of her lighter sounds. The richness of her tone is not presented as being, so heavy. For this particular song, she displays the power in being able to move through the land, with a level of gentility. Granted, she continues to portray the richness of Turkish lands, within the song. In a terse amount of words, she is displaying this sensitive side of Turkish domains. Its tenderness. Its soft touch. Furthermore, it is utilized to signify just how versatile Muzeyyen is as a singer.

The instrumentals of the song suits the journey being displayed. It is worth every bit of it. The elongation of certain notes creates an added venture in wanting to go somewhere. Returning back to our imagination, we are pressed to ask ourselves where she is vocally going, within the land. That’s the question. When she holds on, Muzeyyen Senar is conveying to us that there is a particular spacing, left to be explored. That’s the reality of this musical exploration. For the most part, a person is meant to understand just how surreal and real the performance is. On the one hand, she tickles our imagination, on a vocal level. On the other, she challenges us to bring that imaginative journey to reality. Think upon it. We are going back to that moment of reflection, when she is walking through Turkey. Admiring the beaches, the sands, the winds, and waters. What is she thinking? What is she experiencing? Furthermore, how does this give us the power to re-connect into our own imagination, should we decide to do the same thing? This is the power of that vocal artistry, that she performs in this song. We are granted the opportunity to hold on, and find solace in the imaginative world, for just one moment. Its a level of performance in the know. In addition, it grants us that power of adventure, when it comes to moving, and going, to where she wants us to go, vocally!

And so, in “Elbet Bir Gun Bulusacagiz,” we are given the opportunity to nourish the fictional reality of our own imaginative psyche. Land plays a major role in doing such. In addition, it permits us the opportunity to navigate the very serenity of land. There are comforts. There are daydream. And, there are wellness factors in immersing in the very art of, sound!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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