Muzeyyen Senar’s Dreamland In “Kimseye Etmem Sikayet!”

Returning To The World of Turkish, Musical Dreams, Through the Artistry of MUZEYYEN SENAR!

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Dreams are sacred in our ability to convey reality. There are times when we are unable to fathom the depth of our current circumstances and realities. Thus, we are forced to immerse ourselves into the wonders of fantasy and fiction, in our restored hopes in reality’s slumber. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are great adventures, and healing elixirs, which take place when we decide to caress and cherish our world of dreams. The intimacy and nurture behind it, permits us to relish in our very own beautiful Creation, and Being. Of course, music has the power to illuminate those dreams, and our secret desires, within them. They are euphoric, vivacious, and animated, in nature. Furthermore, a person has the power to bring other people along, when they enter the world of musical dreams. For some apparent reason, music makes the dreams feel more comforting . When you are awake, you feel as if you are there; participating in them, and immersing yourself into the richness of dream aesthetics. Such is fertile and fulfilled when it comes to those sacred lessons, which can only be found and retrieved, in the world of dreams.

As we move into the world of music, there are those particular singers and musicians, who understand the power of dreams; its connection with fantasy, imagination, and creativity. Furthermore, its also shares its connection with wellness and comfort. A person cannot help, but to appreciate how nourishing, comforting, and suitable it is to be moved into a place of fruition and abundance. Its a place where one can truly feel alive, and in the vibe of freedom’s delicacy. Of course, certain singers and musicians have that particular power. In fact, they have been blessed with a particular level of artistry, which moves through dreams, which such delicacy, that a person can feel that their dreams are, alive! Its an intrinsic experience to be. Nevertheless, there are those particular artists, who understand what that truly means! They know the world of dreams, because they sing within them.

Yes, we will always come back to this dame, when seeking the wonder of dreams in Turkish domain! We have to! Mothers know their gardens, and know them, very well. Its part of that hidden wonder, which is not exposed to others. In fact, the only time it becomes open, is for the eyes and ears of those interested enough to seek it. That’s it! Dreams, and the world of dream aesthetics are not meant for everyone. Not everyone will appreciate them in the way that they deserve. So, the Universe houses them for the sacred, initially. Those, who will naturally be open to it. Others will simply have to play catch up, and get in alignment-if they choose to.

Our Darling, Muzeyyen Senar provides another lesson, through another song. Its one, which truly does take us into dream world. Its nurturing, nourishing, and filled with all the wonders for seeing snippets of Heaven. Feeling and expressing traces of Heaven. Dreams are meant to revive, restore, recycle, and re-nourish our current realities. From their haven, there are jewels and treasures to be performed in the world of the performing and visual arts. Its also auspicious when it comes to the healing arts!

So, now we are here with our Turkish dame, and the power of the song “Kimseye Etmem Sikayet.” Again, remember we are coming from the perspective of a foreign eye and tongue. Those, who are not native Turkish will not understand the literal translation of the song. Yet, the rhythm, beat, tone, timber, and versatility of the song creates a wellness effect of piquing our imagination. Of course, it goes through a Turkish touch. Turkish dreams. What does the nation of Turkey have in its dream world? How does this particular paradise on Earth’s tapestry interpret the realm of dreams, in relation to its Turkish existence? What becomes of this particular display of culture and relation to one’s existence to Universal dynamics?; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

From the moment one hears the introductory instrumentals, the audience is being drawn into fantasy land-with Turkish scents and whispers. Of course, the richness is still there. The sensory richness of Turkish domains and landscapes is still there, and continues to move through the music of Muzeyyen Senar. The song “Kimseye Etmem Sikayet” is that magical artistry into different awakening for the Turkish paradise. Too often, people lose sight of that unique paradise. Too many foreign eyes, and ears, miss out on the music and aesthetic wonders of her waters and creative nurture.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The vocals and lyrics to the song are slow in pace. For the purpose of dreams, its better that way. In fact, there is a particular manner, where that dream-like experience is prolonged and sustained. Why rush through the pleasures of these Turkish dreams, when you can taste every part of the journey? Vocally, it is apparent that Muzeyyen Senar is also taking her time, through this song. She too, wants to enjoy such pleasures, for her own experience into the song, which highlights slumber’s fiction. Quite honestly, fiction paints the beauties, within realities. It heals us within reality, so that the journey is not so harsh. If navigating this story through a slow tempo means that the period of dreaming in reality, last longer, than so be it. Its not often that you gain the opportunity to experience musical dreams.

Throughout the song, Senar’s voice is not allowing herself to fully control the song. In fact, in this particular song, it is as if she has released control. Of course, that does not mean that she is not performing. Muzeyyen Senar is sing, but allowing her voice to release into the atmosphere. In whatever direction that it goes, she allows it to go. Frankly, that’s how the performance of music and the arts should be. While we birth the creativity, it is always aligned with, we do not always control where it moves. We do not always control the direction of its rhythm. That too, is alright. Music has a life of its own. It is not a stagnant object for human domination. In fact, it is music, which teaches us about our own humanity. Period.

Of course, a level of imagination within music, makes dreaming very nutritious. In fact, it continues to move through, and spread through, different spaces of our energy sector; ensuring, that we are experiencing that holistic wellness, that we seek.

These journey of dreams are playful and filled with the care, of our desires. In addition, we come to sustain our connection to that creative world. That’s alright. That’s ok. After all, what is so unique about dreams, and the music of their Being, is how they bridge forth the patterns into our, real lives. The real world can sometime highlight our desires for the fictional one. Meyezzen Senar is intricate and dynamic in how she colors the song with specific glitters of high notes. It is as if she is throwing spots of glitter into the dream world; keeping track of her footsteps, within it. Highlighting them in the dark, for there to be a return back to those traces, is one of the exciting adventures of this musical performance, of dreams.

So dream in Turkish slumber, and fulfill the enchantment of one’s euphoric delight. Dream them in a way, where love and kindness illuminates our humanity with imaginative realities. Dream through this song, while living in current times. Dream euphorically! Dream colorfully! Dream passionately! Just, DREAM ON!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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