In this competitive world we must need these resources for our survival

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Aim for the sky

we are living in the highly competitive world. Everyone is rushing towards surveillance. To earn money , to reach goals, to get good grades and so on. Where are you right now ? Moving smoothly or struggling ? glued with smart gadgets or using it wisely?

Recently these smart gadgets, social media are consuming our time than anything else. We are totally handicapped without them, from the morning alarm till the good night messsage. They are playing a key role in our daily life, mesmerized us. But they are operating extenally !! Internally ??

Do you get succeed by simply having smart phones in hand ? Other than that what we need ? You have to kick yourself and push yourself to survive in this wide world. To face the challenges, ups and downs in life , to make your dreams come true, to achieve your goals, to reach your final destiny you must have these resources within you to survive and to succeed. One third of the people not in progress because of the external distractions, and few percent of people those who have the ability but won’t shine because of the self doubt, lack of confidence, fear of everything.

Come out of that negative emotions shape yourself as an ideal for others with these resources :


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER as per quote, it gives you power . It is everything, you must ready to gain knowledge anytime, anywhere. Never stop learning, because the world gives you red carpet only if you are a knowledgeable person. Beware of the happenings around you. Have high knowledge in your specified field, and have handful information in other areas too.


Self-confident comes next. You should believe in yourself . Think you can do it, you will finish it, you can work, you can study, get good grades.


Sow the seeds of confidence within you . Day by day it grows and makes you to stay steady and strong to overcome the obstacles.


Courage is the strong feeling comes, when you have confident in you. For example with confidence you entered the battlefield but you need courage to face the opponent .You must be bold and brave enough to fight there. You have to fight, not to win others but not to lose yourself in the battlefield. Life is the battlefield, obstacles and struggles are the opponents. To overcome these you must have courage and have to fight till the end. Be a gutsy to face life’s challenges.


Simply saying self-discipline is the wall or boundary build around yourself to avoid distractions or to protect yourself from the short term pleasures. Self-discipline is the core value in personality development. Self-disciplined persons achieve their goals faster when compare to others. Time management, productivity, organizing, well planning, good attitude all hooked under one roof called self-discipline. Be a self-disciplined person, be a winner.

Some people are born with these resources naturally but some don’t. This is not a problem, you can learn and build.

Remove the odds, crave yourself as a good sculpture. LITTLE DROPS MAKES AN OCEAN. Similarly introduce these four resources within yourself little bit daily. You’ll notice the gradual improvement, later you’ll see the miracles.

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