Musicals Of Love’s Beauty, In the Whispers Of Urban Love!

How Singer and Actor, ROTIMI, Highlights The Existence, Therapy, Balance, and Power Of Divine Love and Intimacy In Urban Romanticism, Through The Video, "Beautiful Music!"

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We have heard about this type of love in the mystical worlds of Hip Hop and R&B. It has been displayed in urban fiction, and this genre of literature, which captures the romanticism, philosophies, and performances of love and intimacy in the urban sectors of Black American culture and residency. It is a phenomenal aesthetic, which explores the magic of love and passion in spaces considered barren or fruitless, within the mainstream context. In those secret gardens of “Ghetto Love,” where Universal passion and appreciation for the very aesthetics of love, lay! The very conception of Black American culture, her/history, and music has played a vital role in that. If we want to delve even further, it was the performance of lovemaking (and sustaining it in the community and culture), which is greatly responsibility for the variety of musical styles and genres in Black America. Producing love in the midst of hate. Birthing love in an atmosphere, where one’s Blackness was viewed as the epitome of anti-love. Making love as a healing anecdote for the existence of one’s people and community. In the context of US soiling, music was, and is, poetic lovemaking and re-birth for Black America. . .her people, her soiling, her gardens.

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When we retreat to the musical aesthetics and artistry of Nigerian-American actor, singer, and model, Rotimi, and his music video for the song, “Beautiful Music,” we are entering into a visual poetry of storytelling. A Black American tale of musical literature and romanticism. It is one digital movement, where we observe what happens when a first generation, U.S. citizen (in this case Nigerian) experiences one facet of Black America. The urban sector, in fact. Musical therapy in a space, considered untherapeutic, by the mainstream gaze.

Observing the cinematography, digital texture, and context of “Beautiful Music,” viewers are presented with the romantic contrast of experiencing Universal love, in the dark. Returning to darkness, in order to experience love, lovemaking, and the production of musical love. Spiritually and emotionally bare. Stripped in nudity so that one can experience the rawness of music and its connection to love. Love. And, it is all found in the Universe. Its location is in the very dark. In “Beautiful Music,” darkness is celebrated! It is a space where harmony, balance, and healing take place.

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One of the intriguing aspects of the music video for “Beautiful Music,” is how the masculine and feminine energy principles use attire, as indicators for matriculating through the darkness and the light. Wearing black and white, throughout different segments of the video, provides a moving visual in how intimacy is nourished in darkness, and reflected in the. . .light. It is a genius performance in displaying darkness and light as complements of each other, rather than antagonists. Working together to highlight truth and the true artistry of lovemaking. Its power for artistry as healer. Yet, in healing, one must be willing to be exposed. Allowing one’s partner to see one’s Spirit and any cracks or scars, having been painted on its Being. The love chemistry within this video highlights the therapy and work being done, in order for lovemaking to be magical. Retreating into blackness so that love reaches spiritual ecstasy. Singing celebratory praises into the Heavens. Its the perfect performance of Divinity, and one’s love of the Divine.

There is a powerful moment in the video, when Rotimi enters into Blackness. He is surrounded by the night sky. Upon his entrance into the dark, he removes his black shirt, while exposing his white one. Again, another visual performance of white showcasing what was done in the dark. Clearly, something beautiful and magical must have taken place during that invisible time. When the masculine and feminine coupling retreated into Heaven’s darkness, in order to create that very energy, driving a Heavenly existence. . .music!

The lyrics in “Beautiful Music,” indicate just how myriad the process of lovemaking can be. The different music accommodating it, and variety of textures, which guides the process. What increases intimacy and love’s sensitivity in the song is that it is only between two people. It is a private matter. A moment between two individuals, truly in love, and how they celebrate the Divine, through their shared love and connection, for each other. Its a private affair. And, no one, is allowed to enter, or observe. The cameras ain’t rollin.’ There is no conversing or speaking of this connection for entertainment, or reasons outside of the real purpose. Intimacy is sacred. Divine Love is sacred. And, it is nothing which should be tampered, toyed, or played with.

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“When we press record, its like magic.” Intrinsic, isn’t it? For magic to be mentioned. For the euphoria of magic to be understood as something to be prolonged and sustained. Captured and continued within the guise of music is a measure of Universal genius, within the song. The understanding of “we” in connection with oneness is a unique attribute for the performance of musical creativity. It solidifies that one is not alone in this journey. That a person is co-creating this journey with someone. And, definitely with someone who celebrates passion, when it comes to the art of love and lovemaking. In this union, there is comfort. Physical and emotional comfort.

One of the other magical symbols within the video, “Beautiful Music,” is Rotimi’s wearing of a Spiritual symbol-the cross, to be exact. For him to wear this, within the given context of the song and video, indicates just how essential love is connected to the Spiritual world. The act of intimacy, and performing love, is sacred when it comes to Divinity. Through this understanding of intimacy, men become healed in their own existence. New and healthier conceptions of masculinity arise. When intimacy is connected to Divinity, men are restored in an authentic understanding of sexuality, combined with masculinity. Through conceptions of the Divine, sexuality is not viewed as a method of conquest, but a measure of connection. How well does a man connect with a woman’s Spirit? How well does that connection escalate to the Universal domain for the perfect celebration of love? What is the feeling of that celebration, and how does the beauty of music play its part?

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All throughout the video, we observe the chemistry between a couple, in love with each other’s presence. Engaged and committed to the journey of reaching the threshold of Universal love. Its a joyous occasion, and requires patience and a commitment to that journey. “It’s gonna’ be a long night, til’ we get this song right.” Working with time and being meticulous to every detail along the way. Lyrically, the masculine principle is guiding and supporting the feminine energy in her leadership of love’s creation. There is no envy or jealousy, in the process. A shattering of the ego has taken place. Masculinity is content with his position in supporting the feminine. Wanting and encouraging her to delve into the height of her creativity. For, it will add to the richness of the song and musical climax. Titillation of the Universal sensory, and a higher, Spiritual artistry to the role of lovemaking, is connected to the Earthly planes. Its phenomenal! Its a treasure! Its Divine passion, in every sense of the terms.

So much more is to be assessed and discussed on the aesthetics of “Beautiful Music.” It serves as another example to the visual and literary performance of urban love and fiction. A genre in Black American culture, which had too often been ignored. Its living proof that love is everywhere. It takes place in spaces, where love is deemed absent. And, where love is present, so is the Universe. Divinity is not simply for those who can “afford it.” There is no price for her affections. Not when the love is true. Universal love is created anywhere. It is cultivated by those, who are serious to partake upon the journey. Willing to release all fears of being exposed. Being seen by one’s partner, even if it means the revelations of those invisible scars. Its ok! In order for healing to take place, those scars must be open. Allowing air to touch them, so that recovery can take place.

Certain songs and videos require constant re-watching and reviewing, in order to fully grasp the contextual richness and depth. “Beautiful Music” is one of them. There are numerous observations and peaking of minds, to take place. A modern, upbeat journey of magical realism and urban fiction’s reality. Its complex! Its raw! Its real! Its, musical! And, that’s what makes it. . . beautiful!

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(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

To hear and observe the work of the song, “Beautiful Music,” by ROTIMI, you may click on the links, below:

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