Multimedia Artist Khafeeon is on a Mission to Spread a Message of Love

Khafeeon Love is a student of sexology, looking to change her name from Ms. Love to Dr. Love. While working toward her degree, she’s focused on a multimedia expression of learning to love yourself in all aspects. She’s also a model, writer, and healer.

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Khafeeon Love
Khafeeon Love

She believes the answer to most of the world’s problems comes down to love, something that’s often lacking. She reminds people that love is an action as much as a feeling. How we treat others, opening our hearts and minds, along with expressing our true selves all comes down to love. 

One of the ways that she differentiates herself as an artist is through leaning into her vulnerability. Sharing who she is on a deep level allows her to be open and honest. Everything she creates is focused on love, and how that expression comes out she accepts. She feels that many people hold themselves back or worry about oversharing, but we connect with others when we find them relatable and understand that we all go through similar emotions. 

While others may be uncomfortable with your truth, it doesn’t make your truth any less relevant, and you have a right to get your message out there. Love is accepting life as it is all around you, and using that energy to express not only who you are, but how you see the world.

She looks forward to seeing where the future takes her and is open to all things. As for her degree, she’s working toward becoming a sexologist, which she feels is the perfect fit with her last name being Love. But it’s more than that. She wants to shout from rooftops how important it is to be comfortable with yourself, and self-love. That means both emotionally and physically. In relationships, you can’t truly be happy until you are happy with yourself, both emotionally and sexually. 

Khafeeon reminds everybody it’s okay to be human. It’s okay to be who you are. It’s okay to simply learn and grow. Her message of love is one that she embraces fully.

She caught herself in a situation that left her questioning her motives at one point, and said that therapy and truly understanding what she was doing helped her redirect her life and goals. Now, she focuses fully on bringing her message of love to as many as she can through multimedia platforms. She doesn’t limit how the expression comes out and hopes those who need to hear it, get to.

Another aspect of this artist’s life is a collaboration she’s involved in. Her next steps are in working with a couture designer, Alex Yarally, and choreographer/creative director Crea Terr. While she can’t go into details just yet, she’s excited to share this exciting project with the world when she’s able. To stay current and get the latest news about Khafeeon.

She named her business “A Bitch in Healing” – BITCH standing for Black Girl in the Cosmic Hues. Be sure to check her out and learn more about Khafeeon Love today, while spreading your own message of love. Remember, love is an action, not merely a feeling, and the more we can show that in every aspect of our lives, the healthier the world becomes.

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