Mujer Latina Mariachi and The Singing Of “Senor’s” Song!

The Mexican, All-women's Mariachi Band-MARIACHI MUJER LATINA-And Their Heavenly Healing, In the Song, "Gracias Mi Senor!"

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The world of mariachi bands and performance continues to bring in its feminine touch. The feminine presence of Mexico’s sound in this traditionally, male-dominated world continues to move through different domains in the sculptures of reality’s timing. There is a unique intricacy when women perform in the way of the mariachi. Of course, you may not always be able to explain it. Nevertheless, there are certain vocal dimensions, when it comes to moving through into that particular genre. Depending on the singers or musicians performing, listeners have the power to hear a certain texture, which is akin to the sensory of Mexican landscapes. Of course, the nation of Mexico is vast and rich. Furthermore, it moves in a manner of wellness and beauty. There is serenity and nourishment, when moving through the domains of Mexico’s natural tapestries. Different geographical designs and set-ups creates a phenomenal vibe into how the myriad forms and styles of Mexican music is crafted.

The beauty of mariachi music is that it represents different musical instruments. Trumpet. Violin. Vihuela. Guitar. Guitarron. Voice. Each of these instruments creates an intrinsic vibe in highlighting Mexican terrains. They have different timbers for that kind of music. When hearing them play, simultaneously, the feminine essence of Mexican lands comes to bring a certain taste to the performance of mariachi. It is intriguing. Furthermore, it moves within a certain level of harmony and fruition. When women sing their way into different components, there are certain dynamics and levels of versatility relating to how the feminine presence brings fruition to their nations. The rise of Mexican, mariachi women singers is intertwined in a way, where caresses of the feminine touch are coming to life. What makes such a mesmerizing aura is how the different terrains of Mexican landscapes are colored, through the way of the mariachi. Just close your eyes and imagine the Mexican countryside beginning to dance, from the very first moment, that the mariachi plays.

So, when we move through the world of all-women mariachi bands, we are experiencing the speaking of the re-birth of the feminine in Mexican terrain. With everything that is happening in the nation of Mexico, it is imperative that the feminine continue to speak her voice and proclaim it on behalf of Mexico. In fact, when pain and suffering is happening to the feminine presence in Mexico, its the all-women’s mariachi bands, who spread the blessings of love and kisses throughout the land. Its their music, which embraces wounds of the brokenhearted, and for those, whose lives have been lost. Its their music, which reaffirms the wellness of love and pain, for those who are dealing with grief. Just imagine a group of mariachi singers, walking gracefully, with instruments in hand. From the very moment they start to play, an invisible glow, lights up and surrounds the space. It is precious and surreal. The glow moves and dances to the way of the mariachi rhythm and beat. It is intimate and Divine, with a feminine touch. Once that invisible glow touches the people, there is a healing phase, within the atmosphere. And the Heavens sing great praise.

There is one particular mariachi, all-women’s band, which provides spiritual nourishment to a nation, called. . .Mexico. In addition to using the foundational instruments for mariachi bands, they also use instruments, such as the harp. From the looks of it, they are, 10! Then of course, they could be more. Wearing sombreros, sometimes. There is a level of intensity, when it concerns their ability to move throughout a myriad of terrains, and scenery. They serenade dance! They serenade an audience. Wherever they go, they are willing to serenade!

This group of mariachi dames, thriving within the landscapes of Mexican decor. This group is known as. . .

Mariachi Mujer Latina; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Sometimes they wear sombreros! Other times, they don’t. Nevertheless, when observing their performances, there is always a oneness with them. When they sing, it sounds they are one voice! As the instruments are performed, they move into one sound. One of the treasures in highlighting romance and beauties, performed within any of their songs, is their ability to bring charisma and elegance with their voices. For some reason, should you decide to close your eyes, you experience moving through the atmosphere of another vibe. How can this be explained? Its as if you are stopped from the moment you hear their voices. Once you come to a brief halt, you start to float. Shortly, after floating, you begin to. . .fly! That pretty much sums up that experience with that band of all-women. Women, who move in the way of the mariachi!

What is phenomenal about them is how different they are able to attract a certain amount of people. Crowds of people circle themselves around Mariachi Mujer Latina, just to gain a taste of that aura. If an all-women’s paradise was vigilant in the nation of Mexico, a person would be able to move through the tapestries for their delight. This particular mariachi band would be the space for spraying those Heavenly vibes throughout the land. Their very presence would create a level of serenity. Immediately, a rainbow of light, in Heaven’s domain, illuminates their presence. Its a blessing for musicians to present themselves in a manner, which is pleasing and comforting. In fact, its the very epitome and wellness of magic. For one to experience and explore that particular domain, is a miracle, in itself. Music, in its authentic and loving form, is a magical healer. Let’s not ever forget that!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is one particular video and song, which strikes out as an epitome of Heaven’s delight and aura. It is the song, “Gracias Mi Senor.” The video is even more enchanting. While outside, there is a cross, which stands in the background, during one of their stilled images. Even while warming up and tuning their instruments, a level of musicianship is illuminated. When it comes to stringed instruments, people often view the warm-up process as the preparation phase. For this instance, I observe it as a blessing. It comes through so many layers, energies, and vibes. Nevertheless, the tuning up and warming up phase, outside of the church, is the musical invitation that Heaven’s glory is welcome within that spacing. Particularly, there is one, which moves through the dynamics of wellness and love. The song may be about love for a man. Nevertheless, love is one of the greatest celebrations of the Divine.

For the video, “Gracias Mi Senor,” the members of Mariachi Mujer Latina walks into the Church; instruments are in hand, and sombreros are to the side. There is a greater purpose for the occasion. It is a great sign of respect, when entering such sacred spacing. It is a subtle gesture that music is aligned with the Divine. Therefore, it continues to re-instill the understanding in the very eloquence of music, being for a greater purpose. After that initial entry point, sombreros are worn, and the performance begins. Now, blessings within the inside of the Church has begun. This song is clearly a praise song. It is giving praise to the Messiah. This time, the women have the pleasure of bestowing that honor. This intrinsic performance of mariachi bands, is something unbeknownst to the writer of this article. I never knew that mariachi bands performed in church settings, and with sacred liturgy. It truly was an intrinsic observation to watch. It felt as if one was performing in Heaven’s domain. Literally, it felt as if a performance of Heaven’s delight and wonder was taking place. The presence of the harp further added to this particular level of Divine eloquence.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Let’s go there for a second! Yes! Let’s go deep. Take a mental stilled image of the women musicians in Mariachi Mujer Latina, for a second. Snap a stilled photograph of them, and imagine that it is right in front of you. What does this photograph tell you? Can you imagine it giving a story of this group of women performing in front of Heaven’s gates? Does it take you onto a journey of the artistry of Heaven’s musical haven? What does it mean for those welcomed Spirits to be in the comfort of Heaven’s angels? Its a fabulous image and tickles the imagination of performing in the holiness of Heaven’s delight. Another specific element is how musicians and singers have the capability of bringing Heaven’s realm of artistry onto Earth’s domain. Having the presentation to reflect what Heaven’s paradise is able to give for those believing in its goodness-its righteousness. The women of Mariachi Mujer Latina, establish a level of tenderness and power, when it comes to being able to finding sanctuary within Church domains. A person cannot deny this level of bliss when observing this group of legendary women in performance!

Another intriguing part of the video, for “Gracias Mi Senor,” is how this band of musicians lift their sombreros to the image of the Messiah, as a form of respect and honor. They are positioned in a semi-circle. It is worship, and the highest form of bringing celebration to the Universe. Its an intrinsic form of celebration and praise. In fact, the way in which they raise their sombreros, is akin to that of water’s ripples. One by one, the women take turns in displaying this watery effect. With yellow, white, and gold flowers in their hair, this group of women musicians places the alter back into the gardens. After all, gardens are spaces of knowledge and sectors of praise. With their presence in the Church, gardens and the Creator have become one. Music decorates the gardens, and there is a natural form of praise and worship. Gardens and Mother Earth do not have to be separated from the Creator. In fact, they are blessings and treasures from Heaven’s gaze. The fact that the women decorate themselves with nature’s delight highlights their connection to nature, and the natural elements, which are associated with praise!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The lights on the alter of the Church provide illusions of Heaven’s glittery approach! Its one thing for a group of men to sing praises to the Creator. That too is Heavenly and ordained. However, when it is done through the voices of the women, the very terrains of the Earth open up, in giving praise. It has solidified that a certain presence is welcome, within that particular spacing. Once an image has been solidified by the women, there is nothing else left to say. It is presented, and it is done. When the women give the song, the real celebration is created.

As the sound of Mariachi Mujer Latina continues, we are pressed to reflect on the beauty of their style and vibe. In addition, we become motivated into understanding how this precious world of musical healing is prevalent for all to experience. Yet, that is only if they decide they want to. If people choose to embrace music’s healing, in connection with the Earth, then they are able to experience its wonder.

Its phenomenal when certain spaces begin to change. For the world of the mariachi, the time of male domination, and the exclusion of women, has come to an end. Now, the feminine voice of Mexico’s gardens is making her presence known. Letting the world know how they have been there all along. Hidden. Nevertheless, they are there. As the floral accessories, worn by Mariachi Mujer Latina, Mexican-women mariachi bands are being showcased in full bloom. These musical gardens are growing even more. They are blooming even greater. More is desired to be experienced. Lastly, higher efforts are needed in depicting the traces of love’s design for the celebration of a greater power than our own. Music heals! When it is conveyed through the feminine, the Earth becomes open. Place it in connection to the Divine, and Heaven and Earth become one. Yet, for Mariachi Mujer Latina, mariachi IS Divine!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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