Mounira El Mahdeya Vocal Treasures and Artistic Jewels Of Egyptian Waters!

How The Vocal Remedies of Legendary, Egyptian Singer and Performer, MOUNIRA EL MAHDEYA, Stimulates Our Desire To Imitate the Artistry Of Water!

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There are particular singers, whose voices, alone, give imaginations of water’s vibration. They come from a foreign land. And, you may not know the language. Nevertheless, you feel passion, and the musical workings. The truth of the matter is that to understand their artistry, to see their artistry, you have to close your eyes. If you are a fellow vocalist or musician, and are foreign to the land, it would be in your best interest to do so. When a language is unfamiliar, and has not been mastered, accordingly, it would be better to close your eyes, as the vibrations take you on this hidden journey in time. The music 🎶🎶🎶🎶 provides one with perspective on space, how a visitor is to observe feminine movement, within a specific land.

In Egypt, there are certain singers, compelling us to tend to a certain place, where the musical riches of a land, may be. There is great versatility in their voice. Different tones and timbers of exploration await their audience. The diversity of their musicality is so rich, that their voices reminds us of water’s ecstasy and delight. The ongoing creativity of water 💦💦💦 is found within their voices. Therefore, when a person is finally able to hear that level of richness, one is left but to ask themselves one question. Where Is the Source Of their Vocal Waters? How were they nourished in Egyptian waters? Such is the mystery of music’s timing.

In the world of one legendary, Egyptian singer, there was a celebration of water’s magical alignment with music. There is celebration in how a singer can explore the richness in being associated with water. Having mirrored personal vocality in the way of water. Utilizing self artistry and aesthetics of moving through the land, while exploring emotions of the people. Such musical therapy and work requires depth. It demands having designed one’s voice to convey the diversity of Egyptian landscapes. There is a great opportunity for versatility and diversity, when clinging musical work to musical magic, and that liquid healer, called water. One such singer is none other than the late. . .

Mounira El Mahdeya; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Listening some of the older records, water’s magic is captured. On a greater scale, it is filled with different runs, high pitches, low pitches, and syncopation. There are countless vibrations within selected songs of her work. When you hear them, you feel as if there is a shake within the water. One feels vibrations within Egyptian waters; and the intertwining of those waters in emerald-colored harmonies, for a healing sound.

A person cannot stop listening to the vocal, and musical performance of Mounira El-Mahdeya. There are way too many stories to tell in the course of one song-in the course of a string of notes. Mounira El-Mahdeya brings animation and vitality to any song she performs. You are left to wonder the range of her performance. Of course she was also an actress, instrumentalist, and overall vaudeville entertainer in the Egyptian way. All of these other realms added to her concerts and recordings. Something about being a performer, enriches her song. And then, there is her birth city. . . ALEXANDRIA!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

She was born a woman of the waters, a woman of the sea. There is nothing greater than moving through water’s fulfillment. Having been born in its wild gentility could have something to do, with shaping the diversity of a singer. In fact, when venturing out into the Mediterranean Sea, there is a performance of its own. Watching the Mediterranean and the endless waves, as they climax to their greatest reach, is its own level of visual artistry. They become fluid sculptures, creating an oasis of imagination. Egyptians and visitors, alike, are granted access into experimenting with their own level of fluidity. Shaping oneself to water, just to see its very shaping and crafting of you. How do you look to water, and how does water look to you? When it comes to large bodies of water the experiment rises in grandeur!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the most eclectic pieces of listening to Mounira El Mahdeya are the moments when it feels as if she is pushing the magic out. That’s the journey, isn’t? If you want to get to the magic, you have to dig. Keep digging and dig even harder. Churning the elements of one’s movement and navigation in musical discovery, The Sultanat shows us how its done. Not only does she demonstrate, but there are periods in her musical discovery, when you wonder if she will ever stop. Of course not! A Sultanat never sleeps.

The purposes of this article does not focus on translation and the meaning of her Arabic songs in English. For the time being, it will be her sound, vocal remedy and rhythms, which awakens the audience’s interest in, the know. In order to truly understand an artist, you have to listen to their sound. You must craft, contextualize, and feel their very timber within your bones. All the way to the core of your Soul. If you need to close your eyes for the time Being, do so. Just remember, that sometimes we see better when in the dark. El Mahdeya’s vocal remedy is reminiscent of those waves of the Mediterranean Sea. I remember them all very well, during that special day of being photographed in their midst. Perhaps, I was being prepared to learn more about her. Perhaps, I was being prepared the the writing of this very piece. Her rift, rhythm, texture, and beat provide intricate details in the myriad movements within water. The different sculptures, waves, and other dynamics of water in revealing to humanity her persona. That water, too can imitate the songs and creativity of humankind. Its one of the most profound legacies, left by the “Sultanat Al-Tarab!”

What if we imagined that she was water herself? Coming in human form, so that the people of her land and nation understand the depths of water’s telling, within Egyptian, land sculptures. Understand that creativity never stops. Its intricate and formats itself for abundant’s fruition and delight. Maybe that it one of the things being revealed to us. For the meantime, we can continue to move through her voice. Closing our eyes, in order to feel that musical journey. Its alright to do so. If you do not speak her language, that’s alright, too. Just close your eyes. Everything can’t always be described with words. Some emotions and truths are affirmed through feeling. If that should suit you, by all means, go for it. The true magic of music lays when we propel ourselves to vulnerability. Being led in order to release. That’s beautiful, on another layer! It reminds humanity that we are no longer in control. That we are not always in control. That’s fine, too. Control is taxing. Its tiring. You want to be led sometimes. So, I’ll stop right here and listen. Closing my eyes to hear. So, that in water’s infinite artistry, we are guided in mastery. Its water’s musicality, for an Egyptian sound. And the hidden jewels are only seen with a musical touch! A musical taste of sound left endless in water’s invisible gems!

To stay up to date on the work of Mounira El Mahdeya, you may go to the following:


Also, you may check out the Foundation For Arab Music Archiving & Research.

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