Morning Of Spring, For A Wellness Day: Blossom Dearie

Addressing The Treasures and Swift Nature Of Spring's Wellness Work! A Look At BLOSSOM DEARIE, and Her Performance Of The Song, "A Fine Spring Morning!"

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One of the most enchanting beauties, regarding Spring, is that it illuminates nature’s creativity! It makes you ecstatic about the winter season, and what is being crafted (and created) when the Earth is sleeping. That’s just how majestic it truly is! Spring is a reflection of the work that was done in winter. And when Spring comes, we are just as busy, busy, as ever. Are we not?

Spring seems to be the season of haste and swift work. For starters, there are the bumble bees; their eagerness to acquire pollen. Watching them float from flower to flower can be adventurous, in its own right! Well, that’s if you are not afraid, or intimidated, by bees! Now, isn’t that a wonder? Then, we have the blossoming and blooming of flowers, and their vibrant array of design and decor. The Bible talks about the grand demeanor of flowers. In fact, they are quoted as being more rich and noble, than that of a king! (Luke 12:27). The vastness and elegant persona of flowers illuminates the richness of Earth’s creative sector. Not only is such wealth abundant, and everlasting, but it teaches various lessons. For one, there is the blessing of addressing attention to detail! What we may view as the same, actually proves to be different! Flowers have their own meticulous nature, indeed!

During the course of Spring, as nature continues to get busy, we gain a perception of moving through the bounties of Spring’s fruition, in order to dance, sing, and play through her auspicious decor! That’s the very glamour of her delight. Honey. Buzzing. Nurture. Adventure. The wellness of thriving, and experiencing one facet of life’s hype is highly abundant in the course of Springtime! That’s just how cherishing such a time can be! What’s even more intriguing is the hype, and fun-filled energy, which shapes such a season! There are different walks and passions, surrounding such a blessing. A song dedicated towards Spring, is truly a blessed thing! And that’s where the very poetry of Jazz comes along!

People from other cultures have entered into this Black American art form; an art form birthed, crafted, and created in peculiar gardens! So, it’s interesting to observe how such persons perform in the culture of Black America’s gardens! What is their take on one of the perfumes, known as Jazz? It is an intriguing scent in Black America’s haven, nevertheless! So, how is it presented, within the context of Spring? Now, such is a peculiar question, indeed! Nevertheless, how does it provide different interpretations for Springtime, in its most silken (and elixir) way? What is it about Jazz music, which brings out a certain essence in the music of Jazz? It is a healing anecdote, in the musical persuasion!

One of the pleasures for a song entitled, “A Fine Spring Morning,” is that it highlights that slow awakening of Spring, in the early morning rising! Yes, we are used to the fast-paced adventures of Spring. Yet, isn’t it significant to hear its slow, and delicate, nature? Isn’t it precious, in that regard? There is a meditation factor, when the early mornings of Spring, arise! In fact, Spring is an encouragement to be our very best selves! Spring establishes a renewal, and a re-birth, at hand! Yep! That’s it! One of the very workings of, Spring! That’s simply how it is made to be! Like the very blossoming of Spring, we are encouraged to present our most beautiful hue to the world! In addition, we are also meant to present our best, as it relates to diversity, and the colorful designs (and patterns) of Spring! It’s just that holistic! In fact, the very majesty of Spring, is how it is a pattern for different presentations of abundance!

After all, it takes a certain elegant voice (and timber), in conveying that gentility! Sensitive and smooth to the very timing, it takes such a voice to convey the meditation, of Spring!

Blossom Dearie

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