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The Wellness Of Seeing Greater Than The Everyday Talk! A Look At DOROTHY LOVE COATES, and Her Performance Of "That's Enough!"

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One of the most intriguing avenues, concerning the Gospel sound, from Black American gardens is how it moves into understanding the greater power. There is a greater Being, which watches over us. It is more powerful than the ignorance, gossip, and lies of other people. It is far greater than the abuses (emotional, spiritual, and physical) of other people. There is power in a name, and that name is Yeshuah Ha Maschiach! How blessed is such a name to call upon, during those times of trouble! How blessed is such a name to move through its energy, when one needs to be comforted, in the midst of storms. There is power and protection, in that name.

The Bible speaks about the dangers of gossip, and those using their words for the very harm of others. The energy behind falsehoods and untruths are lifeless. In fact, they are destructive and have the ability to cause harm to a person’s reputation and overall, livelihood. It’s why the Bible is very clear on the dangers of gossip. Keep in mind, there are intentions for why people use gossip. There are those persons, who knowingly (and intentionally) spread lies about another person. They are aware of its use. For, it is used as a method for stealing resources from a person, causing harm in familial (or intimate) relationships, or to prevent access to opportunities. There are those, who are well aware for their use of gossip, as a weapon against another human being.

One of the jewels of truth is that it can be performed through music; further amplifying its power. That’s one of the blessings of music. There is something about it, which is soothing and removes the toxicities, which have been directed its way. In addition, music is a vehicle in being able to have one’s story told. It is an outlet of release. There are was of moving through that. In a sense it is a form of well-being and healing. Music is a wellness of beauty for the restoration of the Soul. What is even more fascinating is how a greater power is able to soothe our Souls. Through it all, any toxic energies, having been directed towards us, are projected back, times four.

What is so phenomenal about our Biblical faith is how it affirms justice, when words have been used as sources of destruction. Prayer permits us to transform those words back to the very source, from which they have come from. Furthermore, we are granted the opportunity to speak about it. Prayer is one of the basis for our healing (and cleansing) process. Through prayer, we are able to become still; while doing the work of spiritual restoration. Afterall, when ugly words have been spoken against our Being, there are cuts (and bruises), which have been projected against our Spirit. It’s reminesce of a nagging hen, pecking at our necks. It’s more than discomforting!

In listening to the song, “That’s Enough,” by a late Gospel legend, we are more than reminded of that restorative energy, greater than ourselves. We understand that when we are in alignment with Universal justice, that a greater power is guiding (and protecting) us, along the way. What we have to come to understand is that gossip, and lies, are low-tier energies. Such energies lack spirirual vitamins and nutritIon. Furthermore, they come from persons, who are too lazy and toxic to do the work, for spiritual elevation. It’s very important for that to be expressed. In addition, it’s vital for others to know how these toxic energies (and persons) can be overcome. The first thing is speaking the truth about the situation. And, yes! You have the right to call out these individuals. That is also very important. Finally, one can express the very wellness in re-affirming your humanity. Such has been one of the exercises, in which Black American people have had to navigate, throughout different periods of time. We have done it, and have been successful, at such.

So, move in prayer. Remember, that when others purposefully (and maliciously) speak ill of your existence, they are operating on a low-energy frequency. Just remember, that through prayer and the written word, you have the power to overcome it. Never permit others to win, and disrespect the very artistry of words. “That’s Enough!” Well, nufsaid!

Dorothy Love Coates
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