More Life. One Life

All we have is today.

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All we have is one life. All we have is today. Why do we complain and stress about the past, the future when all we have is now. We concentrate on other people’s happiness when we really should be focusing on our own.

In order to even make others genuinely happy we must be happy with ourselves. When you wake up in the morning to start your day, are your habits, the life you lead , are you taking the right steps to reach your true potential, your true destiny?

Be honest with yourself.

Since I moved back to Lagos, I have found myself in company of those much older than me. Women and Men in their mid 40s-50s, those from work, those from the street, even my local barber and bartender. When we talk about the state of our nation, the rise of kidnappings and the social innovation of the youth. All these individuals wish they had done this or that. Wished they pursued their dreams regardless of the pressure from their family to pursue medicine or law. Wished they married who they wanted regardless of their tribe, wished they could explore the world etc

Through these individuals I learned the importance of NOW.

Those in their 20s like me, THIS IS IT! Learn,Earn,Save that’s the theme for this years Global Money Week and I think it should be our theme for our 20s. I turn 25 this year and all I think about is the five-year window for me to aggressively pursue the life I want to achieve. Its a time to experience the world, fall in love,fall out of love, vigorously get to know yourself, MEDITATE,network hard, with no major life commitments, there’s no better chance than now to take risks on the life you want.

Its never to late to pursue the life you want. Whether you’re in your 30s,40s,50s and even 60s. Retired doesn’t mean you stop evolving.

One day we are all going to die. Why not spend each day making yourself happy. We have this procrastination attitude towards life, we think we have all the time in the world.

Wake up, the only time you and I have, is now.

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