When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie

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Photo by Danny Pittoors on Unsplash

Last week, a piece of moon rock was sold for over six hundred thousand dollars.

As a moon lover, I find seeing the moon reassuring, and a bit magical. Be it in its crescent form, a huge, round harvest moon guiding you home on a late summer’s night, or an Autumnal moon signifying the drawing of Winter, and the spooks and ghouls of Halloween, the moon is unquestionably iconic – and she knows a thing or two about branding!

A meditative summer moon, melts into the ocean, floating above sailing boats, and reflected onto the twinkling ocean beneath. It is undeniably romantic in its ethereal glow and wisdom.

And yet here was a piece of moonrock that resembled a glorified cow-pat.

The piece apparently fell to the Earth as a lunar meteorite, landing in Africa, and is one of the largest moon rocks ever to be found on our planet. And it’s brown and crusty (apparently due to searing by extreme heat, as it fell to earth.)

This got me thinking about gifts. Those of you who know me, know that I’m big on helping find clients gifts that have meaning.

Now, since moon bought back by astronauts belongs to the government, it’s extremely difficult to get a piece of the lunar pie. Given the moons mythical status in many cultures…that’s potentially one very special gift!

The undisclosed winning bidder for the piece of moon came from the Ha Nam Province in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Mid-Autumn festival is traditionally held under a full moon – representing the fullness and prosperity of life. Traditionally sticky, paste filled mooncakes are gifted and served in both Vietnam and China during this time. But what better gift than a slice of real moon! Or six – the recently auctioned lunar meteorite came in six fragments…

Still, I’d rather celebrate the full moon with a moon-faced necklace from Anthony Lent, or a twinkling waxing waning moon from Andrea Fohrman

How about you?

And if you need help with choosing the perfect gifts, get in touch!

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