Money Is Your Biggest Mirror

When you consider that everything playing out in your life right now is a reflection of your inner child it tells you much about why your life with money is the way it is.  For over 20 years now I have been on an insightful, interesting, eye opening, eventful journey of self discovery. The person […]

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When you consider that everything playing out in your life right now is a reflection of your inner child it tells you much about why your life with money is the way it is. 

For over 20 years now I have been on an insightful, interesting, eye opening, eventful journey of self discovery. The person that I was when I started has now completely gone, she is a distant memory and this whole journey has been one thus far of profound lessons. Back then I was full of opinions, anger was my way of dealing with many things and I had no idea that I was 100% responsible for everything in my life! Fast forward 20 years and when I look in the mirror a very different woman is looking back at me.

When I look in the mirror at the woman I am today, money is no longer what it used to be in my life. I was once totally driven by money and well, it was simply all that mattered. I have had times where it has been flowing abundantly and then there have been times when it was so very scarce that I experienced the many levels that rock bottom can have. In those dark moments I felt lost and broken. I felt insignificant and poor in more ways than I can describe. It took all of these events and experiences for me to step back and see money for what it really was. Simply a part of my life that I had total control of, one that would play out exactly how I was internally feeling and show me externally what I needed to heal on the inside. 

Now when I write I really do choose my words very specifically. Maybe you did or didn’t note that I used the word heal and not “fix.” Essentially, healing us from all of our traumas is the key to us living a long, abundant and wealthy life in every way. Wealth isn’t all about money, it’s about so much more. Yet it all comes down to one thing……


We live in a world that is partly driven by opinions. This, that, the other. What is right, wrong, bad, good and everything else. When we break life down to its simplest form there a only a hand full of basic human needs. Love, food and water. We can actually survive with these simple things. The question then is Who wants to survive? Don’t you want to thrive? I’m sure for many people the answer to that question is YES! Yet, again……what is thriving? In a world of over 7 billion people, that means there are over 7 billion different DNA’s which in turn means that we all have our very own version of thrive doesn’t it? 

Well, actually NO! 

Therein lies the real question. How many people here are unconscious sheep? Never read that in an article before have you 😉 So what the heck am I talking about? Sheep tend to follow the flock, they do what all the others do and there are 100,000’s of people, maybe millions who do this. Why? They have no idea what their idea of thrive is because they haven’t allowed time to get into their own flow. So you might be thinking well what the hell has all of this got to do with money Clare? I’m coming to that part now….

Have you ever actually really allowed the nothing time to muse, ponder, visualise, decide, allow, accept, become who you really landed here to be in this life? I know for years I didn’t do that and I ended up bouncing from one thing to another and finding this and learning that. Now when I connect those dots looking backwards I am so unbelievably grateful for all of the happiness, sadness, stress, birth, death, debt, re-birth, trauma, pain, experience, joy, paralysis and many other experiences and day to day life stuff that has happened for me. 

What did it all teach me?

Simply that money is a byproduct of life that has been marketed in the total wrong way since it was created. Again, bet you never read that before! Market money?? Yes it is marketed every single day. Some bright spark one day decided that marketing to people’s pain was the way to sell all their stuff and do you know what, it worked. Yet in a world that has millions of fundamentally broken people due to the experiences that they have had, it’s a model that is fundamentally flawed. The reason it is flawed is that what is being marketed to is the desperation that humans feel as they are lost in life. It markets an idea life that is genrally not what the person wants, yet because they have never actually taken that step of deciding what they want their life to look like they think  it’s what is being shown to them in this promo and 99% of the time, their idea life is nothing like it. 

WHy does this hold us in a place of stuck? 

That one is really very simple! It’s because it’s impersonal, generic and makes the assumption that everyone wants to be a millionaire! The real~ality is so many people have no clue what it means to have that much money and following this type of guidance, never will! Now I don’t use the word never lighlty. It’s one of those words that you should use in context with what you are discussing. It can be seen that it has no place at all as we all have a chance to do everything, yet if you go with this analogy you will see it can never happen…..Here goes. 

Building houses – When we build new houses we start with working out what the foundation looks like and how stable it is. To build any kind of sustainable structure we need to make sure the base of it is sufficient to carry the load of the building. We choose places and build places based on our specific need so that our life can be simpler and easier to live as we have designed a space that fits those personal requirements. So for example, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, a garage, a south facing garden etc. Again what we get is usually down to the buget we have so money plays a huge role in this. With all of this in mind, when did you design the criteria of your life and the money that it requires to live and thrive that life? I bet again 99% of people reading this have not done that in huge detail? Why, well it’s not the sort of thing we are taught at school is it? There they say, get an education, to allow you to get a job and to then live a life that you just live because that’s all life is about! 

Off the mark!

Life can be about anything you make it and it can be “Designed on Purpose!” Why is it that we thinks it’s all good to have a criteria for our new car etc yet not for our life and especially how money plays a part in that! Money is also called currency, currency flows and money is described as being in circulation, so that means that as currency is energy and we humans are made up of energy, the flow is there for all of us. So why do 1% of the population hold 95% of the worlds wealth? Well that comes down to how much you go with your flow. Yes there are many broken, unhappy and challenged rich people. There are also the ones that are truly content and happy. The thing is you need to ask you WHY? Why do you want all of this and why is your life the way it is right now? That is a question that can be answered by taking time to muse and respond to the following points:

  1. When you think about what you do in life, does it make you feel amazing accomplished and happy? 
  2. Why do you do this? Was it a childhood dream or did you just end up there because you didn’t know what else to do or family said you had to?
  3. What is the most amount of money you have ever had in your bank account and how did you feel when it was there? 
  4. Ask yourself this question, “What does money really mean to me?” The first thing that pops in your head is your truest emotion. Then go into your body and see where you feel the strongest, that will tell you where healing is needed.
  5. How has your life been ruled by Money? 
  6. Do you really know who you are?
  7. If you didn’t exist, why would you need to be created? What would you do for this world and human race?
  8. What would it mean to you if you were asked one question that would change your life, what would that mean to you?

If you actually take time to answer these questions a few things could happen. 

  1. You could end up taking massive inspired action and turning your life upside down, inside out and be~ing who you truly came here to be.
  2. You could end up totally owning that your life is “da bomb” and that you have achieved your own version of YOUtopia
  3. You could end up not even asking you the questions, brushing over them and saying “mehhh” don’t have time for that! Which is head talk for “I’m too fucking broken to even go to that place, I don’t have time, I’m not about to make time and really! Who the hell do you think you are lady, like your life is so perfect!” Underneath this noise, your heart is quietly saying, I really want to answer these questions if you’d let me have a little space please! Will you?
  4. You didn’t get this far in the article the first time you read it, it then popped up again and the space you were in on that day meant you read it!

Life Lessons and Hacks….

So over all when we feel money, we can feel a myriad of emotions, when we think money, we can do exactly the same. The former is 20,000 times more powerful than the later. So it begs the question why so many people are banging on about fixing your “Mindset” when your heart is the golden key, the sliver lining, the cloud nine, that you have been looking outside for all along, totally forgetting/missing that all along it was right inside of you! 

So I started this article saying that our inner child is our truest reflection of who we are showing up as in life when we consider our finances, how loved and heard is yours?

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