Monday’s Musical Spotlight: Huda Sultan!

The Nourishing Effect Of Wedding Dancing Girls and the Blessing Of Sisterhood In Famed Egyptian Singer, Actress, and Dancer-HUDA SULTAN'S Role In the 1959 Song, "Naemet Mokhtar!"

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Weddings are a sacred scene, indeed. Coming together, we observe two principles of the masculine and feminine being merged together in a way that is pleasing to the Heavens. We have the bride, who enters into the spacing, with her pearl-colored dress. She is symbolic of that particular transition into another stage of womanhood. A move where we enter into another stage, in creating a family of her own.

Weddings are a magical occasion, where we contemplate just what it means to experience a spiritual union. Not only is it the merging of a couple, but it is the celebration of two families coming together. You have your support team, and those loved ones, who have come to wish you well. Of course, that is what we all hope for. Then, of course, there are those certain elements of feminine blessings. What does that mean? Feminine blessings? Well, for one, it correlates to a level of Sisterhood. That special blessing of women, who affirm your marriage through dance or song. What better way to celebrate the artistry of womanhood, than through the performance of the arts? What is even more invigorating is when women come together to dance. The power of joy and womanhood is even more invigorating. There is a celebration of each other; a celebration of comfort, love, and restoration. There are festivities in having affirmed each other-recognizing the beauty within each other. One of the greatest forms of love for women, is to have nurtured the existence of another. Forget about competition, jealousy, ego, or vanity. The very essence for women engage each other, in the Spirit of dance, should be as natural as, drinking water! It should be as precious and holistic, as eating and breathing. A shift is coming as it pertains to women’s engagement with each other. Quite honestly, this natural way of being together is an archaic memory; forgotten by too many women. Nevertheless, it is becoming memorable, again!

So, when observing the role of the wedding, we return back to, the Bride! Of course, the primary objective is to ensure that the Bride is safely coupled with the man of her dreams. Nevertheless, let us never forget about the feminine dames, and that feminine energy, which moves to sustain the bride. Whether it be fellow bridesmaids, or women entertainers, a woman’s connection to feminine nurture and blessings is very important. For one, it affirms the union. People often think that a weddings affirmation takes place through the context of wedding vows, and the exchanging of rings. Of course, those are important. However, what should never be overlooked is the blessing of Sisterhood, and what comes with such sacred teachings. If a woman is blessed to have holistic, trustworthy, sacred, and loving feminine energy in her midst, she has reached a blessed thing.

And so, we come to the world of one Egyptian dame, who made it a priority to highlight just how beautiful and sacred, such teachings truly are. For throughout the very expansion of her career, this magical dame portrayed numerous characters and essences, surrounding the very Spirit of Egyptian womanhood. Certain movies and films relayed those sacred stories, which somehow notated the different personas and eloquence of Egyptian femininity. And, of course, there is the story of, The Bride! The Bride and the blessings from those women, who dance!

Such a dame is none other than the legendary actress, singer, and dancer. . .

Huda Sultan; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Certain pieces are legendary. Certain songs that an artist portrays are legendary. Once those pieces are brought into fruition, there is a level of comfort and wellness as it correlates to how women utilize the very essence of dance, in order to bring blessings to the space. In fact, it is rather euphoric, and matches the rhythm of dance to the Universal Heavens and Earth. When you couple this with the very persona of a wedding, different images come to arise. Nevertheless, one of them is that healing power of bridesmaids and the dancers. Their magical energy has that nutritious power of circling laughter and nourishment throughout any placing. Furthermore, they have the power to create the fantasy, which is needed for those sacred, wedding tales.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Let’s face it. Weddings can be stressful. Furthermore, weddings can also create those butterflies and nervous factors of regret. Those, what ifs. What if? What if I’m not marrying the right man? What if I want to change? What if things do not go as planned? Hmm. The butterflies continue to roll through. And, the bride seems lost. Seems very lost, confused, and all the negative attributes that we associate with weddings, right? Well, that’s until our dancing dames show up. Once they arise, Darling, there is nothing really to fear.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The video for the 1959 song, “Naemet Mokhtar,” highlights HUDA SULTAN as being part of those blessed ensemble of belly dancers. Many may view them as simple entertainers; those women, who are paid to be there. Yet, should we connect with their humanity, we will see just how sacred they are. And, its not in the way, that a person may experience it. Those, who have not seeped into the very Soul of a woman, may interpret dance as only a tool for using enticing a set of individuals, or frivolous play. Yet, those, who truly understand the very master of dance, know that it is designed to reconnect women to the existence of each other. Sealing any fragments of being broken, in order that the pains of separation will be no more. Whomever is feeling hurt or afraid in their midst-especially, if she is a fellow dame-will come to embrace the very essence of her womanhood. Of course, that is only if she has decided to engage in it, correctly. It is only if she has decided to create a system of kindness and wellness, where she has embraced the beauty of her own individuality, that she will come to embrace the nourishment of others. It is from there, where jealousy and envy are eradicated. Women soon come to understand their responsibility to each other, and why we were made to be within each other’s presence. At the very least, that is how we should be.

Within this specific performance, HUDA SULTAN serves as the central dame for this dance ensemble. She prances through, while being surrounded by the other belly dancers. Twirling around, they navigate the space. Of course, those non-Arabic speakers will not understand the translation of her words. Nevertheless, it is the dance, which paints a story.

Of course, we can imagine. What if we paint the story of the Bride finding a sense of calm upon their entry? What if we painted the story of their healing energy, providing her with the confirmation, in that she has indeed selected the right man? What if after the taking of wedding vows, the nervous bride finally received her blessing, that she would live her fairy tale, after all? Now, isn’t that a beautiful tale of belly dancers and blessed weddings?

Moving through the song, there is so much more to be examined. Of course, that will come for a later time. Yet, what is more enchanting is this. To dance among women, while in the comfort of women, is truly a blessed thing-even for a BRIDE!

To listen to more on the works of Huda Sultan, you can click on the following link:

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