Monday Spotlight: Majek Fashek

Nigerian, Reggae Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist-MAJEK FASHEK-and Rain's Joyful Sound!

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One of the most delightful intrigues concerning rainfall is that it reminds us of Heaven’s grace. It’s a blessing from the Divine, as it is symbolic of a cleansing, and healing anecdote. It cleanses the Earth, and it cleanses our minds. Rain is akin to teardrops. Both are essential, and a necessity, in ensuring that toxicity is removed-whether it be within the environment, or our internal bodies. However, it happens, water always has a way of cleansing her creation.

It’s funny, you know. When we hear about rainy days, it is often described with traces of sorrow. Rarely is rain spoken of, or performed, with vibes of excitement, youthfulness, and through a jubilant nature. So many have performed rain-themed songs, which have negated the rain. Rainy days are painted with gloom. Yet, have we ever stopped to question why we see rain in such a way? What is a rainy day? It’s one of the many ways that the Earth beautifies herself. So, what is wrong with that? Who ever taught us that rainy days are painful days? Whoever stated that rainy days are to be met with despair, depression, while sitting inside with facial expressions for past longings?

Of course, there is the world of writing and rainy days, which makes the writing world very comforting. Sitting inside, while cuddling up with a great book, on a rainy day carries on feelings of eloquence. And then, there’s that song! You have a special singer and musician, who understands what it means to appreciate Earth’s watering process. They understand the very power of moving through it. In fact, rain is a form of music. If people spent more time listening to it, than reflecting their own insecurities upon it, its beauty would be highlighted even more, for all to see. There would be a greater awakening for people to see just how happy rainfall, can be. It takes a special Spirit to understand that. It requires a certain musician and singer to master that level of quietness. Hush! Listen. Do you hear it? Do you hear the patterns, the beats, and the rhythms of-the rain? Do you hear how rain is performing its own artistry? Crafting and creating an invisible painting! Pit pat! Pit pat! One hears the painting of versatility. The only thing is that you cannot see it. Therefore, you are forced to imagine it! That’s it!

And again, we are back to Nigerian landscapes. A world, and song, where the spirit of Reggae has entered the mix! The song is one of youthfulness. It is one of praise! “Send down the rain. Send down the rain.” It’s a natural invitation-one where problems are solved. It forces the audience to embrace the cleansing process. Just envision it as a Universal baptismal. People of a certain area simultaneously receive blessings. All the while they are wrapped up in Earthly, cleansing rituals, simultaneously! It’s one of the most passionate things to be done, for a community of people become intertwined just for that moment. For that moment, they are permitted to experience nurture together. Their energies are aligned, together. Rainy days call for a celebration, for when human beings are blessed, they become more in tuned to the sensory of each other.

For this spotlight, our singer, songwriter, and guitarist was known for his praise of the rain for his hit single, “Send Down The Rain.” It made its home and place in the album, Prisoner of Conscience! He carried the Spirit of Reggae with him. From Benin City, he had spread his sound in Nigeria, while also making his mark in the United States of America. Of course, we can analyze this rainy. Let’s save that for another day. For this moment, and at this time, let’s permit one artist to perform for us, the festivities of, the rain!

MAJEK FASHEK; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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