Monday Musical 🎵🎶🎵 Spotlight: Blossom Dearie

Bringing Blossoms For The Drinking Of Two! A Look At BLOSSOM DEARIE And Her Song, "Tea For Two!"

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The number 2 holds a sacred serenity, for maintaining stability; while maintaining peace of mind. There is always balance, through the number 2. Even more serene is the factor of pleasure and tenderness, which is associated with this eloquent number. For one, there is a particular manner, which carries the virtue of bringing introspection. It nurtures the persona of being intertwined with another individual. The number 2 grants the ability for a person to view themselves, within another. It’s a masterful meet up. You can witness the dynamics of the number 2, through different forms. It comes through walks in the park. Having dinner with another individual has its place, as well. There are times when it manifests as something simple, as a cup of coffee. What is even more passionate is how the number symbolizes, that a person is not alone. There is always someone accommodating someone on the journey. By connecting with another person, there is also the opportunity for self-reflection. It is the chance to use the reflection of another, in order to dig deeper into the reigns, of self. That’s always key!

Culinary definitely has a way of moving into a state of balance. For starters, it brings up the themes and vibes of nourishment. A cup of coffee or a cup of tea have those treasured capabilities of moving into another dynamic. For example, one taste the sensory of the Earth, when drinking natural tea and coffee. In addition, drinking coffee has a euphoric way of navigating through time. It seems to slow down the time, to where you experience, nature’s time. During these drinking rituals, one is granted the opportunity to remove oneself from the chaotic challenges of life, a time to understand the movements of being still. It’s why such drinks are precious. They permit us to slow down as we need to; that we may feel what true livin’ is all about!

And so, we are back to the Black American art form of Jazz. Within this form and timber, we have different opportunities for experiencing the meaning of slowing down, and laying in the comfort of time. It brings in a glittering sparkle. It pushes through those sacred trends and teachings, which yearn to come through. It revives the audacity of baance. Of course, when you have a song about it, such is an additional reward.

And so we enter into the life story of one US singer and pianist, who visited Black America’s gardens. Tasting the sound and polishing the timber, in order to suit her own voice, she made lifelong visitations to these gardens. And, what a splendid visit, that it was! She came from Scottish, Irish, and Norwegian descent. An interesting story of musical migration, should we be clear. Nevertheless, there is a certain song, which brings a unique correlation between balance and coffee. Such a tune is none other than, “Tea For Two,” by the late. . .

Blossom Dearie;Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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