Mommy’s Waters In A Love Never Lost! ❤️❤️❤️

How the Courage Of Naya Rivera, and Mother's Love, Displays Victory, Through The Life Of Her Son! #NayaRivera

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Many times we equate water to the essence of life. We depend on water. Without her, we do not exists. Water brings comfort, and she grows life. Yet, sometimes, we see a not so glamorous side to her. A side showcasing, just how quickly she can take life away.

To a great extent, we can observe water, in a Motherly element. The life giver. Preserver. Willingness to share. Self-sacrificing. All of the qualities, highlighting those sacred traits, surrounding motherhood. Water sustains life and fights to protect it.

The loss of actress, and former Glee castmate is a shocker to the film industry and the fans, who adored her. On a personal level, the very circumstances of her death surprised me, even more. It’s crazy how life can be, sometimes. You begin to have this painful feeling for people you do not know. That pain was amplified even more, in knowing that the circumstances, surrounding it.

We know that a Mother’s Love is the greatest love, which can be felt. Mother’s sacrifice is even more powerful to bare. This time, it was water, which brought that sacrifice for the ending of Mother’s life.

In thinking about actress and model, Naya Rivera, I am compelled to ponder upon that moment. The quickness and surprise, in which her life was taken. Yet, even in that moment, she embodied the very presence of water. It is tragic. However, underneath the tragedy, there is a teaching moment. Several, in fact. Naya Rivera is a mother. I use “to be” in the present tense, as it signifies, that she is still someone’s mother. Furthermore, it amplifies the reality in her presence, and aura, being around. Her child still has a mother. Out of respect for that sacred bond, such must be acknowledged.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

In reading the news articles, and browsing the internet, her bravery, and performance of mother is highlighted. Using her last breath, and energy, she pushed her child to safety. In a very strange, and odd, way, Rivera became the force of water. At that particular moment, she personified many of its traits. That first trait was one of determination. The second was of strength. A third was the sacredness of life.

Media outlets state that Riviera used her last strength, and breath, to push her child out of harm’s way, before succumbing to the waters. From the very moment of the accident, she had determined that her child would live. Not only would her child live, but she would give of her own life, to make sure that happened. Again, “mother’s love has no fear,” even if it means the sacrifice of her own life. It’s another example in the power of greatness and power. It is the miracle of her love. The interesting fact, is that no woman will ever understand this level of power, unless she has to make that decision. A decision she hopes to never make. But, if she had to, if she had to, it would be done without hesitation. A decision once made is followed with a lingering silence. It is painful, but it must be done. Life must continue. Life will continue, and it will be re-birthed through her child. Son will carry mommy’s legacy.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

As Naya Rivera’s co-stars come together in raising a college fund, for her 4-year old son, mother is still doing the work-even if it means that she is not present. Even if it means that she is not there. Her labor continues even when she has transitioned on.

There is a silent shock, when it came to the death of actress and model Naya Rivera. Who would have thought that July 8, 2020 would have been her last day on Earth? When the lives of the rich and famous are cut short, a shock is swept throughout the land. We can’t believe it. Being the representatives of life, and life’s highest achievement. Vigilant. Recognizable. An image of respect and of being worthy. Worthy of happiness and the good life because you are on television. Such are the images we associate with the rich and famous. Yes, sometimes, it doesn’t always end that way. The truth of the matter is that Universal timing does not care. It does not care about our status, or privilege. When our time comes, we go. There is nothing else left to say. It’s why every day is sacred. Every day requires the watering of our very existence.

Rivera’s son saw Mommy go under. How does this translate in a child’s psyche? What goes on in their psyche in seeing Mommy being overcome by water? Seeing Mommy taken away. His Sherie and protector. How could she not have been strong enough to climb out of the water? Well, Darling, it’s because Mommy saved her Super Sheroe strength for you. Just for you. That’s why Mommy couldn’t climb out of the water. She gave away all of her super powers to you, so that you could climb out of the water. But, guess what little Darling, Mommy’s super powers live in you. Her final gift to you were her talent, and energies, to carry you through life’s harsh challenges. So, during those painful moments-from boyhood to man-you will have Mommy’s magic powers to guide you through. She was not able to pull herself out of the water, Sweetie, because she gave all her super powers to you. Mommy was not weak, Darling. In fact, she was strong enough to give you her powers. In this regard, water could not prevent her from doing so. In this way, Mommy had won. Mommy came out of the water, just in a different form.

This is a tale of water, and Mother’s Love. It’s a story of a mother’s super human strength and powers, in the water. Naya Rivera succumbed to the water, so that her magic could continue through her son. Through this interpretation, Mommy had won. Winning comes in different forms. Sometimes, we don’t see it. Sometimes, it’s the illusion of losing. Just remember how winning takes different forms. What we consider a loss, transforms itself, into a gain. Nothing, and no one, is ever truly gone. As long as we continue to hold them in memory, they are still near-even if in a different form.

As we continue to mourn the loss of Naya Rivera, let’s train our minds to observe her superpowers. Living on through Josey, we will live, that we may see, her. Watching how he develops into manhood, it will be an interesting sight to observe the super human powers, floating out from each, and every footprint, he takes. Witnessing glittery traces, in the scents of Mother’s release. Beautiful, loving, and feeling the very presence of Mommy’s magic powers, and seeing her, in the water.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark
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