Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets help with healthier eating habits and manage sugar addiction.

Anyone who has tried to watch their weight, protect their teeth or have been told that they are at risk of getting diabetes has probably tried a product made with an artificial sweetener. The idea of using sugar substitutes has been around for quite some time ever since a researcher at Johns Hopkins University accidentally […]

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Anyone who has tried to watch their weight, protect their teeth or have been told that they are at risk of getting diabetes has probably tried a product made with an artificial sweetener. The idea of using sugar substitutes has been around for quite some time ever since a researcher at Johns Hopkins University accidentally came across a product that would eventually be developed into the first sugar substitute. 

As more people worldwide have become more health-conscious, the use of products made with artificial sweeteners has increased because while they are trying to be more healthy, people are still naturally attracted to foods that taste sweet. Research has shown that sugar or even the taste of sugar can be very addictive. Even while limiting sugar intake may seem like a good trend, people are consuming more artificially sweetened products, which may not be beneficial in the long term. For as long as these products have been available, there has been controversy over any possible harmful side effects that they may pose. However, up until this moment, the FDA has not substantiated any claims of harmful effects from consumption. Even the European Food Safety Authority conducted a complete re-evaluation of aspartame by compiling an independent group of experts to review all available scientific research on aspartame and other sweeteners and their breakdown products. After the panel of experts was presented with evidence and over 200 comments, they concluded that artificial sweeteners were, in fact, safe for consumption at current levels of exposure. According to Alicia Mortensen, chair of EFSA’s panel on food additives and nutrients sources, the opinion represented one of the most comprehensive risk assessments ever undertaken. She also states that it was also a step to the future in “strengthening consumer confidence in the scientific underpinning of the EU food safety system and the regulation of food additives.” 

Along those same lines of trying to create products to educate the general public about being more health-conscious, Miraburst has developed their Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablet to help people enjoy healthy eating by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their daily eating habits. By using the miracle berry, which originated in Ghana, West Africa, and was used for its ability to make sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks sweet and enjoyable, people that consume Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablet were able to alter their taste buds without any added sugar or sweetener so they could enjoy healthy eating in minutes. 

Scientifically called Synsepalum dulcificum, the miracle berry has been used for centuries by local tribes to sweeten generally acidic diets. They are also known to contain active polyphenols that are beneficial to a healthy diet. While it has been known to Westerners since the 18th century, there was an attempt made in the 1970s to commercialize the fruit, which ended in failure when the FDA classified the berry as a “food additive.” So, to increase the convenience of incorporating the taste-modifying abilities of miracle berries into modern diets, Miraburst created their tablet that contains the same properties and polyphenols of miracle berries in a non-perishable, highly portable form. 

The miracle berry itself is highly perishable and must be kept frozen at all times. Still, Miraburst has converted it into a tablet to extend its shelf-life while preserving the taste modifying effects and health benefits. It has the same natural composition as the original miracle berry and has been produced from 100% pure miracle berry powder without any additives or preservatives. It is all-natural, non-GMO, high potency, and fast-dissolving and is also gluten and allergen-free. 

Scientifically, the composition of miracle berries became a revolutionary study in how people understand taste itself. It is considered a miracle due to the glycoprotein called miraculin that helps people understand the interaction between taste receptors and food molecules. Unlike most molecules that stimulate taste receptors, miraculin works by binding to sweet receptors inside taste buds and helps the brain perceive sour flavors as lovely even if it isn’t. When the berry is consumed, the charming receptor complex gets activated at a low pH and sends signals to the brain to perceive the sour or tart food or drink as sweet. Generally, for up to 60 minutes, all sour or acidic food will taste sweet until an enzyme deactivates the complex in the saliva. 

After CEO Dr. Emmanuel Asare was diagnosed with borderline diabetes, he was forced to change his diet by adding more fruits and vegetables and reducing his processed foods and sugar consumption. He founded Miraburst after watching a television program about the miracle berry. It resonated with him because it had come from Ghana, where he is from originally. 

“I remembered this fruit from my childhood years. Growing up in Ghana as a child decades ago, I remember rushing to a miracle berry tree every day after school. It was behind our school campus. My friends and I would go after school to look for a ripe berry to help us enjoy sour-tasting partially ripe oranges and pineapples at home.” 

– Dr. Asare, MD. 

After devoting his time and energy to create a product that could benefit himself, the world, and his home country, he is the perfect endorser for Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets. The company is on a mission to show the world how enjoyable healthy eating could be with the help of the unique superfruit. Over the past years that the company was initially formed, Dr. Asare’s blood sugar levels have improved significantly. They have normalized completely, and he has been able to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes with the help of the tablets. 

Driven by the fact that current products on the market have not solved the product of making healthy eating enjoyable and that natural sweeteners like Stevia and Monk Fruit usually tend to have problematic after tastes and do not have the capability to modify or remove the sort or bitter taste of healthy fruits and vegetables, Miraburst’s tablets is the only product on the market that helps with that, while also helping to manage sugar addiction. They enable to control the craving for sweets effectively while also reconditioning the taste buds for a healthier eating habit and to get used to less sugar. 

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