Mindset & Results Coach, Patty Duque: The Embers of Negative Thinking and How To Get Rid of It

“Have you ever felt stuck, overwhelmed, lost, or do you feel like you’re slowly being consumed by your own negative thoughts? Don’t worry; Patty Duque is the right person to help you work through this .” Patty Duque is a certified results coach, best-selling author, and international speaker who helps purpose-driven women to live an […]

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“Have you ever felt stuck, overwhelmed, lost, or do you feel like you’re slowly being consumed by your own negative thoughts? Don’t worry; Patty Duque is the right person to help you work through this .”

Patty Duque is a certified results coach, best-selling author, and international speaker who helps purpose-driven women to live an authentic, healthy, and abundant life with clarity, certainty, and confidence. Her “Elevate Your Mindset” online programs (for adults and kids) provides tools and strategies that have helped many sharpen their focus on what truly drives them in life.

Patty’s life as a mindset and results coach exposes her to different types of people with multiple types of problems related to their mindset and thought-driven decisions. She tackles these matters and uses practical techniques and exceptional skills to help people in dire need of a shift towards living a happier life from within. 

She engages with her clients through analogies to help make the point relatable and much easier to comprehend for most people and even young adults. Most of her clients deal with struggles such as wanting more out of life, having clarity on their next step, achieving things but not really knowing where it is taking them, building their confidence, and much more. In addition, they face problems that affect their way of perceiving their world, which unconsciously induce a negative way of thinking that can have dire implications for their decision-making. 

Regardless of how strong a person’s mind is, it is still susceptible to having negative thoughts directed to themselves that will slowly eat them up. Patty used the analogy of an ember lighting up a house carpet. The explanation goes:

“What would you do when you see a small spark or fire starting in your room?

Would you stomp on it or just let it be?

You would do everything to extinguish it, right?

You’d stop the tiny fire before it becomes big and dangerous. That tiny ember of fire is like your negative thoughts, which start a fire in your mind. And if it’s left unchecked, it will eventually become a blazing fire that will engulf you in an instant impacting your self-esteem and self-worth.”

“We need to be the best gatekeepers of our own minds,”Patty says. She continued, “Nobody knows what each other is thinking about; no one can read minds. Only you can understand what’s happening inside your head, the voices you are hearing, and the nature of the thoughts, whether good or bad. That’s why we have the power to turn our negative thoughts into positive ones.“ 

She also speaks about the importance of mind feeding. Patty explained, “Every day, we choose how we nourish our mind with the information that we consume. This can be junk or healthy, which is not different to the way we choose to eat.” This is why her services also include nourishing the body with wholefood, as there’s no dispute that one’s nutrition has a direct impact on one’s mindset as studies have proven the interconnection between gut-health and mental health. Whatever you’re consuming will affect not only your mind but also your body and vice versa.“

Patty’s programs also incorporate the opportunity to improve not only one’s mindset but also one’s health. As an ambassador to the Health Hub, she is able to offer people the opportunity to close their nutritional gap between what they are eating and what they should be eating with the possibility of welcoming a ‘rainbow of nutrients’ to nourish their body allowing everyone to be healthier from the inside out both in mind and body.

As an expert in building healthy habits and a growth mindset, Patty aims to spread her words to people who need them. She loves working with action takers who can help and ethical influencers such as corporate leaders, business owners, parents, teachers, and fellow coaches to ensure that her strategies and tools reach further. She believes that influential people, like the ones aforementioned, are key to spreading the word about positive thinking to the majority. 

Her proven track record has changed hundreds of lives, one which had said, “With three very young kids, a few changes in the home base country and the pressure and rush to start all over again each time, it becomes very easy to live your life by inertia and forget about yourself in the process. That was me until one random day; I had a conversation with Patty. It all started with a very simple question: ‘Why,’ and it has developed into a life-changing opportunity that I am embracing every day. With easy techniques, strategies, and most of all honesty, Patty’s coaching sessions will, without any hesitation, change your life for good. Regardless of the reason I started the coaching, it has had a multiplying effect in many other areas that I was not even exploring. I began by digging deep into my issues, beliefs, values, and as a result of the different sessions, I know who I am, I know what drives me, I know how to use it to achieve better results in all I do, I also know my weaknesses and have developed strategies to tackle them. My relationship with my husband has improved substantially (not that it was bad – but it’s certainly much better ), and I am a much better and happier mum to my three boys. My boys and I now are also benefiting from the wholefoood, so, all in all, I could not be happier to have undergone the coaching sessions with Patty. She is an incredible person and the best coach one could ever have. I am very grateful for every minute she devoted and continues to devote to me.”

She has transformed lives and molded people into a better version of themselves. Her ways and methods are influential, and she is passionate about abolishing the negatives of a person’s mind and focusing on eliminating them among the majority. Patty Duque’s impact on the lives of different people has been evident. The clients she had helped make sure to thank her for her inspiring words and uplifting aura that they found helpful in changing their outlooks in life to a positive perspective.

Want to know more? Visit Patty Duque’s website now, book your discovery call, and stay updated on her social media pages: FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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