Mid-Trip Crisis Is Real

What causes it and how to deal with it

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Are you on your dream holiday trip in vast planes of Australia, the rich lush historical buildings of Europe or some majestic outings in the heart of Asia? As unwanted as it is, mid-trip crisis is something that just happens out of nowhere and can have devastating effects on your holiday.

When you dig deep into the matter, it is easy to see the different reasons that can become the building blocks of a mid-trip crisis. Any holiday goer would definitely want to avoid it and take the full enjoyment of their holiday as it happens.

The very definition of mid-trip crisis explains it to be caused by failed plans and many other small things that combine to have a big impact. When on a holiday, people are likely to have planned their whole trip and when caused by any factors, these plans don’t come together, your mid-trip crisis tends to occur.

This also doesn’t necessarily have to be cause by a wrong plane ticket purchased or a wrong turn that you took that lead you to the middle of nowhere. Mental fatigue that may have been accumulated by a set of different reasons can cause a crisis as well. Here is a deeper dive into mid-trip crisis, its reasons and how to deal with them:

Causes of Mid-Trip Crisis and How Best You Can Avoid Them

Ill-Planned Trip

One of the major causes of any mid-trip crisis is always a badly planned trip. Planning for a trip usually happens right when you are booking it and it is not yet underway. Sometimes when in the planning stage, people tend to over-expect from their trip. Doing a search on Google Maps or any other interactive service might not be a real world experience and can produce results that are not realistic at all. Big cities are always easy to plan when looking at these online services but other holiday locations that might not even be perfectly, are not.

How to Counter It?

Well, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure your trip doesn’t get planned badly. These include:

  • Don’t plan the trip too early. Leave planning for when you are actually there. You can plan the main locations, hotel bookings and a few major spots prior to reaching there but all other tourist locations should be planned only after you have local opinion
  • Don’t rely on online maps and opinions from your trip advisors 100%. Doing a bit of research of yourself can get you out of this problem efficiently. Read online reviews about tourist locations, dive deeper in maps to get real-life opinions from people who have been there and also consider opinions from the locals when making that trip.

Bringing the Wrong Equipment and Clothing

Another major reasons why people have mid-trip crisis is bringing wrong stuff with them. This includes not only clothing but also equipment as well. If you have a trip in Australia for example and you leave when the country has gorgeous sunshine and summer vibes, taking winter clothing that you will be using in your own country can make your luggage practically useless. The reverse weather conditions should have been considered for Australia and then the actual locations you’d want to travel to will also contribute a lot. Even when most of Australia is basking in warm sunshine, some hilltop locations can yet be cold. Similarly, if you bring your Smartphones and iPads or even Laptops with you and don’t care much about a power bank, you’d not be able to use these devices when on a long road trip. All the more reasons for a mid-trip crisis again.

How to Counter It?

  • First of all, you’d definitely want to explore all weather conditions of your location deeply. All locations that you want to travel to, should be considered and you should pack clothing according to the conditions of each. Landing in Mumbai in India and then travelling to Goa will have different climates, pack your clothing wisely to get the best out of your trips
  • Always make sure you carry the right equipment. As soon as you land at your destination holiday location, getting a local calling number of having your roaming activated will help. Take power banks, spare batteries for cameras or other equipment with you that have even the slightest chance of becoming useful at any stage of the trip.

Taking Your Worries with You

Of course we all have a lot to worry about in our daily lives. Work issues or daily life problems are as common as anything for most people. Taking them with you can cause mental fatigue from over-thinking that is never a good sign when you are midway on your holiday. You will be thinking too much about all the troubles and worries and not actually having a good time on your holiday.

How to Counter It?

This one has a solution that involves the right mental approach:

  • Train your mind to not think about any of your worries while on that lovely holiday. This will take some doing but will be fruitful once you master it
  • Get a personal phone that doesn’t have any of your business emails, texts and other contacts setup at all to avoid work stresses from getting to you.

Travel Problems

Another big reason that can cause high levels of mid-trip crisis and stress is having problems traveling. If you are on a holiday in your own same country, you can easily take the car that you own even if it has a few problems. Having a car or travel vehicle breaking down mid-trip is something none of us prefers to deal with. This can really cause unwanted delays and even making the whole trip sore for everyone travelling with you and yourself at the same time.

How to Counter It?

  • First of all try to take a car or vehicle that has no problems doing the journey you want it to do. Have it checked deeply for any problems and if it does have any problems at all, maybe sell it for good Cash for Cars deals and buy another one that will not have any problems
  • When changing your car or vehicle is not an affordable option, having it repaired might be the perfect solution. Always make sure to carry a spare tyre (more than one if possible) in your car along with tyre changing kits as well to fix any punctures etc.
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