Mexican Flight For Her Teachings Of Delight! Paula Froelich

How The Mexican Travels Of New Times Best-Selling Author, Traveler, and Former Editor-In-Chief Of Yahoo Travel-PAULA FROELICH-Present The Wonders Of Travel As A Fiction's Reality!

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(Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary)
(Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary)

There comes a time when you meet those sacred people. People whose energy as world travelers, allows them to take flight. When you come across them, you know who they are. For one, they are part of an arena of people, who are part of your travel family. Furthermore, they give that needed, safety net, in being able to lead a more holistic life in the world of travel. What is awesome about this particular group of travelers is that they have been to the places, where you have traveled. Perhaps, they have traveled there many times, prior; laying the foundation for your turn to venture into that particular region of the world.

There is something delightful about Mexico. For those who truly navigate its terrain, and her waters, the experience is a re-birth of great sorts. Its delightful, magical, fun-filled, and simply a way of being a child, again. Re-living your childhood through your adulthood is a fascinating wonder, is it not? You find curiosity in the things you would never pay attention to, in prior days. Mexico has that power and travel allure. For certain travelers, they venture there in order to learn lessons; lessons, which had been hidden from them, prior to. Travel has the power of doing that. It exposes us to things we have never thought about. There is a great part of experiencing such nourishment with others. Yet, when you do it by your own accord, there is something magical, taking shape.

For one traveling dame, New York Times Best-Selling Author, former Editor-In-Chief of Yahoo Travel, columnist for the New York Post, and a whole slate of other successes, the world of travel brings out limitless potentials of creativity, fun-filled adventures, and coming across beautiful people, with stories to tell. Taking a trip to Mexico means there is ample opportunity for self-rejuvenation. There are myriad opportunities for that natural and fun-filled world; a world secretly desired for many of us to be around. This time around, it is. . .

Paula Froelich

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

In her journey through Mexico, it is clear that she has returned to the natural world. A world before titles, prestige, competition, and whatever social statuses have rendered us within particular groupings. Pictures convey many meanings. Within these photographs, one examines their colors coming to life. Its fascinating, is it not? Just imagine running off to a distant world, of a closer land. All along a magical place is right next door.

Certain spaces, and areas, within the travel arena makes you feel alive. That larger than life fantasy becomes so real, in some of the simplest of pleasures. You appreciate them even more. Just imagine how euphoric it must be in discovering that there is truth in the world of fiction. Of course it will not be as obvious. That’s part of the travel work. A person has to immerse in reality, in order the repeat our nature’s delight.

Sometimes our travel journeys lead us to meeting those storytellers. Persons who seem so familiar, as if we had known them all along. We are destined to meet them once we walk onto our travel paths. And when we cross them on our way, there is a magnitude of respect and acknowledgement for their presence. In fact, a part of us feels as if we have found a missing part of ourselves. Moving in holistic paces with time is healing, indeed. There is something about it, which can’t be taken for granted. It is not experienced very often. So, when it comes, you must capture it in all its glory. Those moments do not always arrive in fancy realms. Sometimes, its just as natural as sitting next to a stranger; only to find that moment having a deeper purpose in your journey.

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark) Guandalajara, Mexico
(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark); With El Rojo Dragon In Mexico City

Our ventures to Mexico can also be spiritual reckonings. In fact, one must remember those sacred entities of honoring those who have come before. They have completed their life’s purpose, and therefore proceed onto their next assignment. If you have ever immersed yourself into Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos, then you will understand subtle meanings of that vibe. Its a nutritious way of ensuring that one does not stay in a space of immobility. A place of mourning, where one has forgotten that they have a responsibility to those, who have transitioned on. Its an auspicious way of keeping beautiful Spirits close to you, even when they have left the realm of the flesh.

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark); “Day Of The Dead” In Poaxaca, Mexico

Another fascinating lesson we are learning about Paula Froelich’s travels to Mexico is the very enchantment of movement, itself. When a person moves from one area to another, there is a healing regiment taking place. Time becomes an awakened memory. Whatever unhealed pains have been forgotten will be seen. You will be forced to acknowledge it, study it, and move through it all over again; until it is no longer present in your very psyche. When it no longer rattles you, or makes you feel a certain way, is when that pain has finally been laid to rest; never to be visited again, unless its for the teaching of another, in need of healing.

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark); Real de Catorce

There is a final lesson to be learned, and it deals with the realm of flight. Through travel, we are flying. I don’t simply mean getting on a plane, and flying to another place on Earth. What I am referring to, is our ability to feel the epitome of freedom-even if it is just for one moment, several days, or a couple of nights. It is meant to bridge you to that greater world, once known to humanity, before we became too busy to notice it. Once you connect with that feeling, there are physical materials, which gives you the opportunity to personify the Spirit of flight! Hypothetically speaking, they may show up spontaneously. Nevertheless, the way of your travel path guides you into such areas. The orchestration happened long before you even made that trip.

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

There are many precious memories meant to be partaken in the realm of travel. Yet, too often, the realm of healing is overlooked. You know what that means. That feel good, healing, where a person releases any heavy burdens they have had to carry. Easing restrictions and the mask they have had to wear in the “real world.” There is something about that, which makes travel a sacred place. A space, meant to be protected. Only those respecting it for its healing anecdote, and beauty of Universal delight, should be allowed to craft its words onto paper. Travel is a sacred art, and it must be cherished. It is too precious to allow anyone to catch its vocal remedy, with a pen. There are too many travelers, artists of movement and memory’s time, who have done the work of showing how holistic it can be. Their energy must be secured, as well.

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark); Mexico City
(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark); New Year’s 2016 in Mexico City

As we reflect upon the current year, there are still those teachings of travel. They have not stopped simply because the world has gone on pause. Like the very movement of travel, they keep going. They will always continue to move because that is life’s natural way. The fascinating thing about this art called travel, is that it is patient. It will keep moving, as it awaits the human experience. It will not stop for us. So, choosing to move with it, is our choice. However, in its movement, it gives us hints of its treasures. Enticing us with what we could also enjoy, should we decide to get up, and move.

These lessons of Paula Froelich’s interaction with Mexico’s terrain are wonders we could experience, within a so-called “distant” land. There are a number of activities and adventures awaiting our lives. For members of US soiling, some are right next door. They bring their stories. They bring their magic. They shape their waters! Many bring their life lessons for those, wishing to delve further into the mystique of love and gentility. So, travel in Mexican perfumes. Live to tell them well. Capture the memories around you, for sacred treasures it entails.

(Photograph Provided By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

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