Mercy Edirisinghe’s Fairy Floating Performance, For Sri Lankan Eyes!

How Legendary Sri Lankan Singer, Actress, and Performer-MERCY EDIRINSINGHE-Creates Imaginations Of the Fairy Tale Essence, For The Painting Of Sri Lankan Beauty, In Her Song, "Made Lagina Tharawan!"

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Acting and singing go hand in hand! In fact, the performance of a song requires more than singing it. It is the responsibility of a singer and vocalist to move oneself forward into the character of the song. Whatever the story may be, it must be conveyed as if one were acting. After all, songs are meant to convey those magical tales, that we wish to be part of. That’s the very purpose and point of the ART, of song!

So, what does a singer use for the creative expressions of her performance? Sometimes, it is the presence of props. Then, there is one’s own acting, and theatrical, performance. How does one bring the world of acting, in order to convey those profound details, and story line, within a particular song? There is something beautiful and passionate about the way a song is performed and crafted. How a singer moves on stage, using whatever accessories to come her way, can be iconic! There are different avenues, pertaining to this level of euphoria. For the most part, a person is granted the serenity of navigating through these myriad decorations of performance. If a person is granted the serenity of such bliss, then one’s eyes are consistently reflected on the performer. Once a singer has lured you into their performance, your eyes are captured. You can’t stop in your observation. There becomes a desire to see and hear. I don’t simply mean, seeing an image, moving across the stage. What I truly means is become enchanted with the character, and how it intertwines with the song.

Of course, we have the world of dance and song! There are those singers, who have been blessed with the capability of acrobatic and powerful moves, as dancers. Secondly, you have those, who are able to navigate the momentum, with a few simple paces, and synchronicity with the beats, at hand. One of the intriguing atmospheres, relating to this arenas is the movement of wellness and beauty. How a singer or performer moves across the stage is telling. The way and direction, in which they direct their bodies and motions is part of their method in which they guide us into the musical experience. There is something precious and intrinsic in which a particular performance method, captures the audience. Sometimes, its not even boisterous, or as elaborate, as we have traditionally observed certain dances, or performances, to be. Quite honestly, there are times when all that is needed, are a few steps. A simple step, and playing around with the pace of the movements, allows the story to unfold. Its holistic and slowly guides the viewer into the story.

There is always that performance, and performer, within any nation, who highlights this. For such persons, we have decided to travel to the nation of Sri Lanka. A place that one personally has yet to venture to. Nevertheless, the very name incites a special place of wonder. What is the authentic meaning of the name, “Sri Lanka?” What are the images, scents, tastes, and feelings wrapped around the very nation, itself? Now, that is something to envision. As usual, within any particular nation, or culture, there are always the Mother and Maiden images. There are certain features, and traces of the sensory, which permits any foreign eye and ear, to inquire into these desires? For, in every sense of the word, they are treasures, which should be sought, within any nation. They are precious jewels, and they are worthy of love and abundance.

We already mentioned the artistry and nurture of those particular vocalists, performers, and entertainers, who are able to capture the attention of their audience members. Yet, the manner in which they are able to do it is with a subtle nature. It is discrete, gentle, harmonious, yet, oh so feathery, at the same time! In fact, such a singer and performer, feels that they are floating. Floating, onstage, and never breaking character. That’s what is truly amazing. What is also intrinsic is the ability to pretend,a s if one is navigating through different domains. Its simply the pace and rhythm of their body, which titillates the very thought of our imagination, and psyche. Fascinating, isn’t? From the landscapes of Sri Lankan gardens, one such Maiden and Mother image, is none other than Mercy Edirisinghe! Its beautiful and euphoric, for the most part. Nevertheless, it is filled with the intensity and mystical nature of a woman’s playful and eloquent nature. Such a person is none other than Sri Lanka’s own. . .

Mercy Edirisinghe; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a unique performance of this legendary, Sri Lankan Dame, which is radiant, and the very definition of those specific performances, which have been described. The name of the song is entitled, “Made Lagina Tharawan.” It is a unique ceremony, and intrinsic song, when it comes to the use of props, and the subtle rhythm of feet and speed. In fact, she is able to navigate her space onstage, in such a way, that her character reminds you of a human-sized fairy, in a fictional tale. Of course, she is the Sri Lankan version of those mythical folk creatures. Elegant, flirty, friendly, and in character for the perfect story. Even if you don’t know the language, you can’t help, but to inquire into what she is saying. Where is she guiding us to? What is the journey that she is taking us to? Where is she going? These are important things to address. And, that my Dear friends, is where the journey of imagination comes to life. There are intense domains and beauties, which are highlighted, through a simple walk.

She carries her umbrella around, so elegantly and daintily. Her womanhood and femininity is carried with quick grace. It is a very cutesy network of footprints. Speeding them up, and bringing them down, they are nourishing and vibrant. The tiny movements of her feet, makes you want to travel onto that colorful world. You even wish to imitate the very same footprints, that she is partaking in. They seem so cute and animated. You desire to go onto this very same journey, as Mercy Edirisinghe, The story she is painting, you wish to jump in and journey, within. You desire and wish to navigate with Edirsinghe. There are things, intricacies, and patterns about her, which creates the mystique and mystery for the audience. Your eyes follow her. In your desire to know where she is going, you stay attentive into where she is moving. That’s one of the most enchanting auras, regarding this particular performance. In the tiny movements of her feet, you desire to know where she is going. How does she move and navigate such spacing? These becomes essential forms of aesthetics and specific details, when understanding the deeper lining to her very story. Its one of the most intrinsic avenues, surrounding her performance artistry. In time, you begin to wonder. Who is it, that she is talking to? Where is she going? This turn. That way. This spacing. That direction.

With her umbrella in hand, Mercy Edirinsghe creates a special world, which follows her wherever she goes. It is the epitome of imagination and creating fantasy, in the realm of fiction. Such is the nutritious nature of her being. She innovates an inviting and special case for the realm of love and abundance. It is holistic! It is a form of renewal and restoration! For the most part, people have come to analyze the role of wellness and ritual for the abundance of love and care. It is intriguing and nourishing in how a person is able to awaken the minds of an audience with a few, simple steps and hand gestures. In fact, its one of those subtle forms, in which magic operates. There are different vibes and fruits, associated with the carrying of the umbrella. It creates a unique and glittery type of vibe, which continues to peak the imagination. The story lays awakened and unfolds. On a greater note, the performance consistently moves to keep the audience immersed and engaged with the hidden elements, surrounding the performance.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

A floating fairy of Sri Lanka’s paradise! What a precious wonder to see! The way in which she twirls the umbrella, creates a girl-like and cutesy vibe, with the audience. Mercy Edirisinghe gives the impression in a Sri Lankan woman being aware of her land, landscapes, and those invisible flowers, which surrounds her. Even if you have never traveled to the nation of Sri Lanka, your imagination becomes titillated in navigating through the land. The nation of Sri Lanka becomes a fairy tale. Forget about the political or economic sectors. It is the aesthetics of the nation of Sri Lanka, which is presented. Furthermore, there are certain beauties connected to the miracle of moving throughout land, in a way that is eloquent and intrinsic. Suddenly, the land becomes alive. You can imagine those imaginary patterns, designs, and styles, running vigorously throughout the land. The flowers blossom and bloom, and begin to sing. Its a precious nature. Its an auspicious nature. Whatever disconnections, which may have been held, in one’s connection to nature, suddenly become dismantled. Intertwining with nature becomes just as natural, as breathing through this intrinsic performance with Mercy Edirisinghe. She doesn’t have to use a powerful force or grand movements, in order to make these natural changes for her countrymen and countrywomen. In fact, the only thing she has to do is to. . .move! With tiny, graceful, and quick witted footsteps, she graces through different spaces on the performance floor. Ah, the fairy, continues! She maneuvers herself into different dimensions, and navigates the surrounding atmospheres. Who would ever know that such simplicity could lead to such power? Its a naturally intrinsic experience and promotes the nurture of healing a nation; reminding a nation that they are beautiful, regardless of any hardships. That’s the blessed power of music and performance!

Navigating away from the song, we proceed to hear our Sri Lankan fairy, from, afar! She moves as daintily as only a fairy, can. Graceful, filled with beauty, and eloquence. There is even a brief period in her having a timid nature. That’s even more profound in her ability to bless the surrounding spacing. There is a great level of understanding and comprehension for the overall performance, and display of the production. Its simply sweet. That’s more than sure. If you have never believed in fairy tales, then you will, when listening to the voice and timber of Mercy Edirisinghe. And, of course, its through her very tenderness and nature, when moving through those particular planes. That’s what brings that silent fierceness into the mix. Its eloquence. Color. Its design. Just remember! Fairies float in their own masterful, WAY!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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