Mehndi’s Flowers In Bridal Waters!

How The Menhdi Artistry For Indian Brides Symbolizes Earth's Watery Painting, and the Healing Aura Of Feminine Beauty!

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One of the beauties of Indian culture are the stories told through the Indian bride. That sacred telling of water’s tales, and how they leave their markings of nature’s delight on women. Painting such a culture of women, in the way of ancient tapestries. Performing the artistry of countless stories passed down from generation to generation.

The culture of mehndi utilizes this aesthetics of interweaving feminine secrets of the old, into that of the new. One not being more valuable than the other. In fact, they are a system of balance in the sacred tradition of womanhood, for this particular culture. One of the beautiful aspects of mehndi is its painting of flowers on the feminine Being. A reminder into how she has personified the very land, which has birthed her. In these Indian lands, where the sacred, red paintings celebrate the sacred journeys of those red women, it is the traditions of mehndi, where the tales of this feminine aesthetics are showcased. They are visible and boisterous. Unashamed in their revelations in each woman’s path to the point of marriage.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The way in which mehndi is painted, resembles the very flow of water. It is smooth, delicate, attentive to detail. It’s sensitive to every part of a woman’s very Being. Precision is key! Every stroke must be in the way it has been designed. The movement of the mehndi artists reveals if she is in tune with the sacredness, and gentility, of her own femininity. In order for her to have painted that on another woman, she must have taken a journey into her own femininity. Acknowledging every secret, pain, pleasure, and desire from her womanhood. So, you see, there is a unique atmosphere, which occurs a day prior to the wedding of an Indian bride.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

If you have never been to that sacred day, it would not hurt for you to close your eyes, and imagine. What enchantment can be found in this special world? This intrinsic place, where a collective of Indian women gather together, in support of the bride. Watching her as she is painted, transformed into a Goddess-like Being. A feminine version of Universal mystique. Supporting her into this sacred time, in her transformative experiences of becoming a bride. Close your eyes and imagine. Just imagine red, glittering beauties inviting harmony, within that space. It is Divine. Sweet and a spacing for the comfort of this culture of womanhood.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

I envision healing blowing through, as women who do not know love’s wonders, receive a preview of what is to come for their own lives. These mehndi parties, where a bride is painted, while being fed delectables are not just for the bride. Of course, they are meant to center one particular woman. After all, she is the focal point in that period of time. Simultaneously, other women are being celebrated in their femininity. This, too, is a window into the power of India’s healing waters. Any anger, resentment, or jealousy, is meant to be squashed, or watered away. Happiness desires to be shared. The joy of an Indian bride, within these sacred rituals, in the hidden world of, woman, must be spread. Washing away wounds, pains, and heartache. A bride’s joy, within such tradition, should simplify more than one woman getting married.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

If we return to our Indian storybook fables of tales and fantasy, we can imagine a bride, as a symbolic replica of that beautiful, Indian maiden, who brings treasures and gifts to women. They may be material gifts, or they could be blessings. Regardless of the form, they are housed within the spiritual world. That mythical paradise, which comes to Earth in order to remind humanity, what true living actually resembles.

In the creation of such exquisite art, the virtue of patience is presented. Testing the culture of womanhood, in observing how accurate she is to feminine beauty and aesthetics, those mehndi artists must be keen, creative, and passionate in their efforts of making women beautiful; connecting that beauty to nature, while reminding women, that beauty is not for self idolation. Of course, as women, we want to be confident, desirable, while gaining love’s attraction. However, all of that is still connected to the secret mystery of nature, and how women contribute to Earth’s growth. And, since woman takes on a plural form, sharing holistic energy among the masses is necessary for one to experience sacred beauty.

It’s exciting to ponder upon this magical space of Indian women. Delighted that you have found oneness in your womanhood, and it being supported by other women. Sisters sharing this journey with you. Letting you know, that in their spaces, you are never in solitude. It’s precious. It’s sacred. It’s whole!

What if this ceremonial party of Indian brides, their bridesmaids, and other Sister supporters was done surrounded by Indian waters? Finding tranquility in that everflowing vibe of comfort and peace. Laying near India’s terrain as mehndi artists performed waters’ healing on our very Souls. Can you imagine such a joy? I dare you to yearn for such a delight.

The red women of India bring a closer gaze into the beauties of marriage. Pushing forward into a sacred union, which blooms to spread love. Yes. It’s a celebration of a spiritual connection in the coming together of two people. Two individuals, whose energies complement each other in the combining of a UniverSOUL intertwining. It is so powerful and magnetic, that it triggers desires for that very same love in other people. Announcing to the masses how they deserved to be loved, and that inherent need to attract their very own spiritual complement. Life is worth loving!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Some day I hope to partake in such an event. A party of healing, where women remind each other the goodness of their femininity. Never keeping it solely for themselves. Not at all. On the contrary, that love begins in that feminine domain. One of the myriad performances of water, where beauty is everywhere. Channeling it so that every woman, within her personal circle, can experience it. It’s floral! It’s Earthly. One of the sacred dances, in water’s performance, of a feminine love.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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