Meet Johneri’O Scott: An Published Author, Talk Show Host, Media Correspondent, And HIV Advocate

“I’m not letting anything stop me from follow my dreams!”

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“I’m not letting anything stop me from follow my dreams!”

Who is Johneri’O Scott?
Johneri’O is a guy who wears many hats. He is a Talk Show Host, Media Correspondent, HIV Advocate (diagnosed in 2015), and newly Published Author who is ambitious and has big dreams in becoming an well-known, international/national televised talk show host and media mogul.

What inspired you to get into the media industry?
Wow. First what really inspired me was after finding out in 2015 that I had HIV and becoming HIV undetectable months later I was like “I’m going to live my life out the way I want to and follow my dreams because life is precious and I don’t want to waste it.” Quick education. Undetectable means your HIV numbers are so such small quantities that it can no
longer be detected by standard blood tests and it can’t be passed on to anyone. What inspired me to get into the industry was my time during undergrad. I fell in love with speaking on camera. I would sit in my broadcasting classes and just talk and report as if I was live, and did a great job at it. It felt like LIFE. It became my happy place, so I said to myself

“This is it.” Plus, I used to watch Oprah Winfrey Show, The Montel Williams Show, and 106 & Park daily imitating that I was them during every day after school. I always knew I wanted to be on camera and in the forefront but earlier as an actor. 

How did you get into the media industry. Tell us how you landed your first interview?
Now this is a long story (laughing). It was tough. I got into the media industry first and started my own talk show. I have my bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and master’s degree in New Media Journalism. It was hard finding and landing a media job straight out of college. I got fed up with applying and getting rejection letters from reporting jobs, news jobs
and companies knowing I had what it took to do well. I felt like I had the knowledge, personality, and the keys to being successful. So, I started my Talk Show in 2016. My purpose for creating my show really came from me wanting to inspire, empower and motivate others who felt trapped in a bubble because they grew up in a small town as I did in South Carolina where it’s not much there and where poverty levels are high. Starting I really jumped into it with FAITH because within two-week of me starting my show I relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina with only $300 in my pocket and no job secured. That’s when I knew it was real. The same day I moved to Charlotte, my homegirl who’s a former media personality (@Keepingupwithkellsonline), told me about an event that was happening a few hours later. I was only there for an hour and already I was given an opportunity to cover my very first interview with celebrities? Those were the words I was telling myself in amazement. So, I immediately found my cousin’s house, got dressed and was out looking for the venue of the
event. When I got to the event, I was told that Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child was there, and other very profound influencers in entertainment. I was so nervous not only because it was my first interview, but it was my first interview with a celebrity, and let’s not forget that
media outlets that have been doing this type of thing longer than I have. To fast forward details of that experience, it went well. I was told that I did very well from other media outlets, even though I was nervous the entire time interviewing Michelle Williams, along with other seasoned female influencers. It was only up from there. My next interview was with
David Banner and the list grew.

Wow what a amazing story. Can you tell our readers What all have you learned being in the media industry?
I’ve learned that everything takes time and that if you really want something you will work your butt off for it. It taught me how to survive!
What would you say separates you from others in the industry?
I would say my smile, the way I control my conversation (interview) and my personality makes me stand out.

So, you have a book out? Tell me about it.
Yes. I have a book out and I am very proud of the responses I have been receiving. Believe it or not, I wrote and published this book in two months. I wrote this book “Making It In Media” because I wanted to help someone. I’m always questioned about how I got into the industry, how do I pitch my show to getting talent and guests on, how to get collaborations, so I figure let me create a step-by-step guide with all the answers. I took knowledge from college and my experiences and created a masterpiece.

Making It In Media is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to completely prepare yourself for the journey of any industry for
your brand, whether it’s the media/entertainment industry, or fashion and beauty industry. It is helpful for those who want to work on pitching themselves or their brand to gain sponsorships, partnerships, or marketing tips. This 7 Chapter Guide touches on: How to Prepare for an Interview, 5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Media Kit, Lights, Camera, Red Carpets, One Stop Shop, Social Media Exposure, 6 Steps That Can Teach You Everything Your Need to Know On Media Marketing, Pitching, and NO = Next Opportunities.

How was the process?
The process wasn’t that hard. I knew what I wanted to write about, did my research and wrote for hours each day. The hardest thing was finding the right publishing company. I knew nothing about publishing and the process behind it. Luckily I found a great match for what I wanted to produce and voila magic.

Where can the book be purchased?
It can be purchased on or Barnes and Noble.

What’s next for you?
Right now, I am focusing on promoting my book, still conducting live interviews on Instagram, and rebranding myself and pitching myself to media outlets/companies. I plan to do Zoom classes and readings for anyone wanting to learn about media, blogging, vlogging and editing. Also more advocacy work. Advocating HIV and educating people about
knowing their status and to stop the stigma of HIV will be my big newest task and goal.

How can everyone find you on social media?
I am on Instagram @itsjohnerio, Facebook at Johnerio Scott, and my YouTube Channel at The Lets Talk Show or just type in my name Johnerio Scott.

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