Meet Ayna Babayeva, A Female Empowering The Road To E-Commerce

This week we had chance to get to talk to one of female’s serial entrepreneur of the internet, Ayna Babayeva. If you haven’t heard of her yet, now is the time to learn some stuff from her. By the end of this article that will be a blast from the past… Ayna Babayeva known for the […]

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This week we had chance to get to talk to one of female’s serial entrepreneur of the internet, Ayna BabayevaIf you haven’t heard of her yet, now is the time to learn some stuff from her. By the end of this article that will be a blast from the past…

Ayna Babayeva known for the Instagram and the internet as @aynashaz  is a Serial Female Entrepreneur & Multiple Brand Founder. She started her own career when she discover she had a passion about Internet & eCommerce, this helped her a lot to discover the internet and the owing a brand online more and have more knowledge for social media. This week we had the opportunity to get in a interview with her, know more about her successes and how she was able to achieve this.

Ayna The world really wants to know, who are you, and what exactly is it that you really do?:

My name is Ayna Babayeva, I m 22 Years Old and I’m a serial entrepreneur, self-taught dropshipper. For the moment I created 6 brands that are operating Worldwide. I was always passionate about sales and since I was a student of business school, I decided to open my first online shop 2 years ago. It wasn’t successful, because I was too young for handling competition without any knowledge in e-commerce. After my first failure, I decided to learn what is e-commerce and how game goes. I have been practicing my gotten knowledge by creating new shops in Instagram and trough Shopify.

I discovered first Shopify where I stared few stores in the start but they wasn’t successful at the beginning but I knew one day I would do something big and I never stopped. 

As my motivation I used to see my financial free bright future and was continuing to discover new stuff on the internet. My business is mainly focused on E-commerce & Brands. 

How exactly did you get started?

I found out for E-Commerce from mostly Youtube videos, after watching all of them I just saw that I wasn’t doing anything and I really wanted to start my own brand. That’s when I finally said is time to learn everything by my self and that’s what I did. Started few brands they were not going as I wanted. After many failed tried I finally cracked the code and I knew is the time to go worldwide and only do brand and run Branded Dropshipping.

By the time we are talking I also have a few Instagram account that I’m working on them, such as funny content and travel content, they was all with a big follower base, such as from 100K to 1 Million followers, and they helped first to understand everything and help grow in my other businesses.

As I can see you’ve been able to accomplish quite a lot in your career so far, what’s the most challenging stuff that u had to deal with?

There have been a lot of good and bad moments while I was doing everything, as I always say we just need to change our mindset for good and that’s it, that’s how we can overcome our stuff or let’s say better our bad days. I here everyday people saying that there are bad days and good days, I don’t think like this, the term “Good and Bad days” it’s created by us the “People”, we have put in our mindset that there are good and bad days but there aren’t actually anything like that we are just giving our self the idea of this and we are putting this in our minds. 

So we need to change out mindset for good and the other stuff come with time, so the most challenging stuff that I had to deal with it was when I tried to give up. There was long nights I was working in projects and they didn’t turn out how I wanted to be, and I said to my self I think i’m going to quit. But I didn’t do that I just said what if I quit? Will it do a difference, definitely not and I continued working until I saw and was satisfied with that. So to anyone who is reading this I would give a quick advice Never say Never and Never Give up

If there is something you love to do then never give up try until you reach the point you want to achieve in life.

Do you teach people on how to create these successful brands?

Yes so when I first stared doing all of these stuff I never tough I would give advice’s to anyone now, but after seeing the success I was getting for my self I said why not help other achieve the freedom on their life. So last year in 2019, January I started my personal brand over Instagram and I started working with people, till now I worked with over hundreds of people to help them get their freedom on live, such as being able to start their Online Business and have the ability of traveling in world. So yes I do learn the people how to achieve almost the same stuff in life such as I did…

Emotions are a key part of a brand. Of course, along with them, there is a constructive proposal to the buyer, because the buying process that a brand provides is a business transaction, the completion of which must be logically justified. But this is already the result of the decision, at the very first stage the brand tries to express its emotionality in order to evoke the emotions of the buyer.

In addition, emotional content through the visual appearance of the brand occurs in the process of making packaging, creating advertising and promotional materials, and even creating a corporate calendar and design of a brochure for partners. Another component of a brand is a specific consumer message. In advertising, this is called a Unique Selling Proposition – a term introduced in the distant 50’s,  but has not lost its relevance today. The meaning of a unique offer: buy this particular product and get the advantages or benefits that it provides and that competitors do not have. If you know how to provide these two, then you will succeed in any field.

How important is a brand in today’s world?

A brand is a set of associations transferred to a product or service that form and maintain relationships with consumers by providing them with a specific benefit.

Brands play a big role in the consumer environment.

Branding created the protection consumers demanded. The brand name signified a level of quality and consistency that consumers could trust.

Brands are effective only when the product provides a consistent level of quality from product to product.

For example, McDonald’s delivers the same level of quality regardless of location or time of visit. The consumer may choose not to dine there, but that decision is not a rejection of branding. Rather, it is a conscious decision not to use the expected level of food quality and service in a particular case.

From the point of view of consumers, the positive role of a brand is determined by the fact that, by pointing out specific consumer properties of products and services, it greatly facilitates the process of their choice. Once having tried and memorized the brand of the product he liked, the consumer gets the opportunity not to resort to a complex search procedure in the future. Simplifying the search procedure saves the consumer money and time. In addition, the need to maintain the popularity and reputation of the brand on the part of the manufacturer guarantees the consumer a guarantee of control and product quality.

Ayna, Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me, wish you all the success.

Thanks for taking the time to also have a interview with me and hear out my story, my pleasure. Till the next time, Warm Regards.

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