Meditating In the Way Of Mermaids!

How The Spirit and Imagery Of Mermaids Permits Humanity To Enhance A Balanced Navigation Through Earth's Daily Challenges and Responsibilities!

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Those of us who took advantage of the frolic of mermaids’ tales and fantasy, were found to have been excited by such stories. These fables came through the stories of the “The Little Mermaid,” and those of us, who observed these enchanting wonders. We saw them in the world of fiction. Yet, how often did we apply them to our lives. Clearly, there were hidden messages being conveyed in this realm of fiction. There was great love and fascination for the magic and creativity, which came through the comforts of seeing mermaids. These creatures, who made the majesties of water, their natural paradise. Yet, why do we ever have to stop in fiction’s timing in order to experience the phenomenon of mermaids and the wellness, they could share with us?; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Mermaids are fearless in their exploration of water. Traveling to the very depths of the oceans, they immerse with time’s joy and wonder. There is something about them, which forces humanity to demonstrate how close, or not close, we are to the water. Have we made water our friend? Or has humanity treated her as our enemy?

The very painting, and concept, of mermaids is fascinating. Can you imagine these intrinsic creatures, who have the mystique of exploring water with each new day? Seeing water as a fluid adventure into the realm of self discovery. Mermaids gave us the opportunity for self reflection. Do we have any fears when it comes to water? Have we removed ourselves from the softened texture of water? Are we living our lives in the rhythm of water? These are thoughts to be asked and statements to be questioned.

One of the most vibrant aspects of mermaids is that how they dare us to intertwine our existence in water. Mermaids personify that playful nature of water.

When we think about the seas and oceans, there is a great fear, which arises in the very thought of being out in the midst of vast bodies of water. Yet, mermaids have mastered such havens in more ways than we can imagine. In many ways, there is a fear component and factor, within our mental psyche, where humanity is trained to imagine such fearful attributes of water. Oceans and seas are the living proof that water is to be respected. Water is to be cradled, and nourished. Tenderness and gentility should come from humanity, when we are intertwined with water.

Looking at paintings, films, and the very euphoria of mermaids, our Spirits have the ability to see water as the energy source and healer, we desire it to be. Mermaids reflect the endless journey and Spirit in understanding the mystery of water. Furthermore, there is a sense of abundance, when it comes to their movement, throughout it’s very nature. No limitations in experiencing these rhythms, which are connected to the Universal haven. The fact that the oceans are intertwined with the Moon, is the perfect evidence that Universal watering mirrors Earth’s oceans. It’s euphoric. Furthermore, it gives that intrinsic essence of being able to connect with the Universe in a way we could not imagine.

Another intrinsic factor is how mermaids highlight the feminine and masculine’s connection to water. There is an intimacy when it comes to the wonder in how they align the principles of water, with the human journey. Intertwining both worlds as a tool, in sending praises to the Divine. It is beautiful and euphoric. In painting these worlds of reality and fiction together, mermaids highlight the water realities, that humanity should be living. The consistent reflections makes it obvious, that our immersion with water, should be just as natural, as drinking it.

In our daily lives, and in these modern times, what is happening with the reality of humanity? Why are we removing ourselves from the softness of water? Water presents itself as the example in how humanity should move with the Earth. And yet, we are not moving in the way that we should. As opposed to allowing water to be our guide, we have removed ourselves from her very patterns; thereby falling to our very own demise. The aura and faux nature of this man-made source of rhythm, we have aligned ourselves to, is unhealthy to our matriculation on Earth. It gives us this illusion of using our movement patterns to having control over the Earth. After all, in far too many societies, humans are programmed to have rulership over the Earth. We truly think that when we travel her waters, we are controlling her. Dominating her. How arrogant of we! How interesting for us to actually think that we are the ones who control the rhythms and heartbeats of the oceans, rivers, and seas.

To a great extent, mermaids and mermaid tales, teach us the way to align with the waters. Literally, and figuratively, they have given us the blueprint in how we are to navigate throughout Earth’s domains. They have also provided the aura of being able to be open to a certain degree of vulnerability. It’s fascinating, indeed, as there is a unique atmosphere in how we can manage our existence with natural forces, greater than ourselves. In many ways, mermaids create a source of vulnerability. Whatever fears we are experiencing, when in water’s embrace, we are allowed to release them back into the very seas, we have stumbled upon. We are re-birthed, and baptized, all over again. A continuous watering of our very Being, mind, and Spirit.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

It’s a wonder how childhood’s realm permits us to those fantastical treasures, we deny ourselves once we reach the realm of adulthood. Our fascination, and appreciation, of mermaids is illuminated when we are within childhood’s stages. Then it is “expected” to disappear. The good news is that we can continue to keep that vivacious Spirit of mermaids within us. In fact, there is one particular culture (of the Yoruba, Nigerian persuasion), which does, exactly that. In fact, they have been doing it for long time. A very long time.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Mermaids are the gatekeepers to Earth’s treasures. They are gatekeepers to the waters. Their images are reminders into how we are able to use water’s fiction and realities, in moving through our daily lives. Bringing love and restoration, throughout each awakening. Restoring ourselves with water’s tracing. Allowing her presence, health, nurture, and meditation. . . to be our guide.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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