Marysia Trembecka: “Love Your Creativity & Make Money”

The support you can give others I believe has to start from understanding you are in the space to heal the space. This is part of my Buddhist practice, the idea that you are in the room, having that conversation, performing that show, meeting that person to make the world a better place, to make […]

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The support you can give others I believe has to start from understanding you are in the space to heal the space. This is part of my Buddhist practice, the idea that you are in the room, having that conversation, performing that show, meeting that person to make the world a better place, to make them leave in a better head space. You may have inspired them, given them a resource that will be useful, or just simply made them smile. Understanding that you can make a real difference to someone is also about checking yourself before you make a call to ensure you are asking about them and supporting them, not just calling to whine. So before you do any of the below steps, just remind yourself you are also doing the best you can and call with hope and love in your heart.

As a part of my series about the things we can do to remain hopeful and support each other during anxious times, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marysia Trembecka.

Marysia Trembecka is an actress and comic, creating and performing sell-out shows internationally including her ‘The Singing Psychic’ comedy alter ego who has ‘read’ the songs in her audiences’ hearts, from sell out Edinburgh Fringe shows to Australia

As an ex City bond dealer who left the trading floor for the stage, Marysia’s belief that artists have a voice and must use it has led to her 23 episode ‘Songs Of Brexit’ on the pros and cons of the EU referendum in 2016 using actual facts with song and her Arts Council Award funded Queen Of The F*cking World cabaret tour de force based on her interviews with those at the sharp end of gender politics.

Marysia is a Tedx speaker, who has appeared in a number of award winning films and performed on stages from the Brit Awards Afterparty at the 02 to debating live on BBC2 as well as having two podcasts Love Your Creativity And Make Money and The Singing Psychic Radio Show.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you share with us the backstory about what brought you to your specific career path?

I was always super creative, creating clothes I could not walk in and ‘looks’ including drawing roses on my face in eyeliner pencils to go out as a 14 year old teen. I loved going to see live bands and sang and played various instruments.

However I had won a full scholarship to an amazing English girls school, so I ended up going down a very academic pathway. I chose to go to a university in London for a BSc (studying Systems Science, finance and management) just so I could see bands play and from that (see my significant book choice below) I ended up accidentally working as a government bond dealer in the City for HSBC for 5 years.

It was a lot of fun on the upwards curve of learning and I thrived in that adrenalin-fuelled environment til I could no longer avoid the fact that there was no creativity in my life. I was going to evening acting classes three times a week and though my City trajectory was only on the up, I saw how my colleagues all had got trapped in their very expensive lifestyles.

I ended up leaving the banking world to become a full time actor and creative. I retrained but then was just yet another tall blonde actress in the pile of many. I also became somewhat of a socialite spending lots of my past earnings on flying around the globe having fun. I lived in Los Angeles, studied in NYC, skied in Aspen, partied in Ibiza and Monaco Grand Prix, and in London I would end up going out to what seemed like the opening of an envelope — every new restaurant and cool bar. I had a lot of fun, but needed to work and create.

So I started hosting and producing cabaret shows with guests from opera singers to poets, all with me singing and MCing. This led to me then training as a jazz musician (bass player and vocalist) and doing film acting work as well as making an album, and cabaret solo shows with a full band.

I did a stand up comedy course in 2005 as people kept saying they loved my chat bits far more than my singing (I am a much better singer now ;)). That led to the start of my solo shows which blend comedy, music and often looking at the world we live in. As I have my business background and a certain amount of unwillingness to wait for someone to ‘pick me’ I knew not to depend on someone ‘discovering me’ but to get out there, market, get better, understand the budgets and logistics of shows and touring. My shows have toured the world and I have done amazing sell out gigs now far more because of the actions I have taken, rather than being ‘talented’.

Nina Simone famously said that if you are an artist you have a voice and you need to use it. So I have always looked at the world from how I can use my art and my educated brain to entertain, inspire and educate, for example creating and producing my 23 episode webseries SONGS OF BREXIT in 2016 where I took two months out to research on the pros and cons of the UK being in the EU. From immigration to farming, I did research on the actual facts and figures not just people’s sound bites. I did it through my Singing Psychic character so I even had a pound coin singing ‘Let’s Stay Together’ to a Euro. I got a lot of press for this just as The Singing Psychic character was going up to Edinburgh Fringe for the first time which no doubt helped as it sold out and had rave reviews.

This led to me then developing and touring my sexual politics piece Queen Of the F*cking World which married historical research, interviews, guitar playing and a full story arc to discuss how we are all judged by our sexuality and how we use it with the exception of white straight men.

I started a podcast back in 2013 ‘Love Your Creativity’ on the processes on making work from motivation and interviews to best practices. However I got so involved in my own work, acting, touring my shows and working on my craft that I just let it drop. So in 2020 I started a new version of the podcast ‘Love Your Creativity & Make Money’ as I do have a career as an artiste and felt all my business skills and mental processes should be shared at such a difficult time. I have produced five webseries as well, I have always believed artists need to learn to use whatever tools necessary to minimize their costs and maximize their creativity and outreach.

I also decided in lockdown to really learn how to DJ properly as I wanted to extend my Singing Psychic new show — I have the ‘coming of age’ story and the Game Show version but always you need to get bigger and better. I have previously even taught myself to shoot and edit on green screen so another tech challenge is just that, a fun challenge to get annoyed over, learn and then master.

So my Singing Psychic Radio Show podcast is out now each Sunday, as a way for me to keep having to improve my art, but it also keeps me creating which during lockdown is vital as well as keeping the joy of The Singing Psychic brand going. I was gigging in Adelaide last year and my two biggest memories were of the amazing sea and how every night someone was laughing so hard on my stage that they could barely breathe. If I don’t keep the characters moving forward they die and I will not let that happen.

I do voice over work, acting and singing as well as my own shows but having my own self created work with all the production and creative focus needed and indeed allowing myself to create my own life, not just waiting for people to ‘choose me’ suits me.

Whilst most of the time I am a full time creative, maybe once every two years, I will cherry pick and use my very project driven brain to get involved in other people’s often non ‘creative’ businesses to help build their business and sort their systems out so they can focus on getting their dreams realised. It actually is good for my brain and motivation as I go in, sort things out, win and then leave the project finished to carry my creativity forward. I like to win and get things done and it propels me forward to the next step of my art and keeps me abreast of productivity and systems hacks.

Is there a particular book that made a significant impact on you? Can you share a story or explain why it resonated with you so much?

I am a voracious reader and read at least one non-fiction book a week so this could be a very long list. I have picked ‘The 100 Highest Paid Jobs In The City’, no idea who by, but it had a real impact on both my life for the next 8 years in terms of work but also teaching me about the incredible possibilities we can all bring to life, even when we don’t even understand the pathway to get there initially and are not even sure we have the talents to pull it off.

I had gone to City University in London, only as I wanted to see bands play and be at the centre of the creative hub. This ‘The 100 Highest Paid Jobs In The City’ book was circulating in the student accommodation and the job with the highest salary ‘Bond Dealer’ had a scary description of being super mathematical, brilliant under high stress, needing to be highly analytical and fast. I still remember in that first term at university thinking I was so not that.

It must have stayed in my brain though as four years later, that is the job I ended up doing through some effort and a large amount of luck. I still am not sure I fit the description but being in the City surrounded by so many large male egos meant I had to be better, quicker and prove to myself I really am (to quote RuPaul) ‘fierce’.

After five years of being in the City, the fun and adrenalin had worn off and the lack of creativity was making me unhappy so I left that career to retrain as an actress. The decisive moment was when I was headhunted by an American bank and I knew if I moved banks, I would be committing to even longer hours and yes more money, but my creative dreams would never happen.

However that first career is pivotal to who I am now. Being on a trading floor is not so dissimilar to standing on a stage in front of a late night Edinburgh Fringe comedy audience or coming up with weird concepts for shows and not knowing if they have any worth. However that book, the fact I had looked at the one with the largest salary and thought wow, that looks impossible, I had largely forgotten it during the fun time at university but somehow it manifested.

So now I have a real belief that I can pull anything off if I work smart and hard enough and I have the right team around me. My blind faith in my work is integral to pulling it off. I am always aware that I have so much work to do to get better and there are always new concepts. However I trust myself that if I have the idea then if I do the work and have some luck, then I can create magic.

When I first had the idea for my Singing Psychic character back over a decade ago I did little things with it but it was not til 2014 I finally committed to developing it into the first full one hour show premiered in February 2015 along with a ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer video. Since then as her, I have toured the world, made thousands of people laugh, created a Game Show version and performed at incredible events.

I even reclaimed the phrase ‘Fortune-telling’ back to its origins of ‘four-tunes’ and have created my own tarot deck of pop songs but it all started with ‘that looks fun, it could be amazing but it seems impossible’ that the The 100 Highest Paid Jobs In The City’ book started.

Further books on my list include

Getting things done by David Allen, Buddha In The Rearview Mirror by Woody Hochswender and The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

Ok, thank you for all that. Now let’s move to the main focus of our interview. Many people have become anxious from the dramatic jolts of the news cycle. The fears related to the coronavirus pandemic have heightened a sense of uncertainty, fear, and loneliness. From your perspective can you help our readers to see the “Light at the End of the Tunnel”? Can you share your “5 Reasons To Be Hopeful During this Corona Crisis”? If you can, please share a story or example for each.

Whilst I am writing this as myself, Marysia Trembecka, and not as my comedy character The Singing Psychic, inevitably songs popped into my head so my five reasons to be hopeful all have a song attached so do have a listen to them all to remind yourself of how fabulous and inspiring they are.

I have sung professionally in over 20 different languages from the Royal Festival Hall to stages in Montreal to Prague and I know the magic, hope and joy music brings to audiences everywhere. So maybe have a listen to each song and pick one to use as a motivator each week.

My The Singing Psychic weekly podcast actually starts each week with the #TuneOfTheWeek for the week ahead for my listeners, it is meant as a comedy but also inspiration as music works to help us all feeling hopeful and happy.

  1. Maybe This Time — Cabaret, Liza Minelli

You are still here, yes it is messy and muddy and definitely not the way you planned 2020, but you still are here on this planet and that means you have hope. You can still call your family and friends and say I love you, you can still dream of a better world.

You have a heart that can love, a voice that can create peace and a body that can still (I hope) at least go for a walk and appreciate the morning sunshine. There will be a point in all our lives when that will not be possible, so the preciousness of your life and your loved ones is for me centre stage. I am still here and I have a lot to be grateful for.

The exercise of stating to yourself three things you are grateful for each night when you go to bed (choose different things each night) has been proven to uplift spirits. There is a lot to be depressed about right now so focusing on what is right in your world helps.

A close friend was in a Covid coma for 8 weeks, the doctors did not think he would make it, my dad had Covid badly as well, but they are both still here and for that I am very grateful.

When Liza Minelli sings that maybe this time the love affair will last, that her career will last, it’s that hope that you know even if it does not, she may fall but she will get up to keep on burning and hoping. Liza herself had a magnificent and difficult life, she is legendary for both, so embrace your inner cabaret diva, lip sync along and know that comedy and tragedy is always part of life but right here, right now you are still here.

2. Tell Me What You Want — ‘Wannabe’ — The Spice Girls

The complete shift in working practices for everyone: from furlough to home-schooling, the hours gifted back from travel time, being pushed out of normal routines has made us all look at what we would like our life to be like. So many people have loved spending more time with their loved ones, had the chance for daily exercise, cooked up a storm; looking at the eventual return to work has made many question their lives and their consumption patterns.

Everyone’s budgets have been impacted whether it is saving money on travel to losing work so for me this is the world asking us all ‘what do we really really want?’ For our own lives, for the environment, for our kids, where and how do we want to live? If we choose, we can make this a turning point in our lives.

This does not take the pain away of losing one’s livelihood or income but all we can ever do is take a look at where we are at now and make adjustments. As I write, this very week last year I was doing a Tedx talk both as myself and The Singing Psychic, a Queen gig as part of the feminist strand of the Glasgow World of Film Festival plus gigging five times a week. I have not had a live gig since March 2020, everything has been cancelled from festivals to some film acting work. I am normally on a plane every month, I have not left the ground since being in Miami in January.

However it has made me look at what works for me and what I choose. I have had many friends leave London, I am not going anywhere. I am going to create no matter what, hence my weekly DJ Singing Psychic radio Show.

Exercise idea: I suggest you write a X Y graph and on the bottom X axis write 0 to 1 year, up to 5 years, 5 to 10 years, 10 to 20 years +.

On the Y vertical axis write finance goals, partnership/family goals, career goals, property goals, lifestyle goals.

Fill in what you want for your life over the next 20 years and start thinking what you need to do to get those goals achieved, what specific action can you take today?

3. ‘I Want To Break Free’ — Queen

This sudden working from home has caused a real understanding of the disparity between the work in the home itself vs the outside ‘paid’ work.

Many women across the world have reported realising how hard the extra work they take on every day is, they are not only working from home during lockdown, but also having to cook and clean even more plus take care of kids’ home schooling.

I believe this is a real opportunity for discussion on how one divides the household tasks up especially when everyone is at home more. The first step in changing anything is realising there is an issue and clear communication on these issues is really the only way forward. I have also seen as a real positive, many male friends standing up to help look after their parents including doing their shopping which they never had done before.

The reason why women tend to have lower pensions than men is not just that they earn on average a lower hourly wage but also they tend to take the bulk of the care of the kids and elderly relatives so less ‘paid’ hours outside the home are worked.

Suddenly now we are all at home and so this is a time we all can re-assess what we need to do to help our loved ones including how we look after our homes and division of labour there, no matter what your gender is or how it has worked in the past.

4 . I Will Survive — Gloria Gaynor. Using anger to move forward

In Buddhism there is the concept of the ten worlds, hell, anger, rapture (my favourite) but they have a positive as well as negative side to them. Anger is not always a bad thing, anger as passion can be used in a positive way to change the world. It gives us all energy to fight, to come out of a low level life state of what’s the point?

We can all see how everyone is suffering right now, the politics in many countries including the US and the UK at present are very worrying, in August 2020 the last untouched ice sheet in Canada had a 43% chunk of it, larger than Manhattan, breaking off.

We can all think back to a previous time when life seemed so difficult and we look back now and say that was impossible but somehow I made it through. Job uncertainty, worry for others even if your own family economics are OK, and the mental health issues of not seeing an end to this lockdown are making us all both fearful and angry. However the time we all suddenly have on our hands, can be used to start campaigning and educating ourselves on what we want to see in the wider world.

When we take action, even one small step a day to make the world a better place, then we feel better and galvanise others. So decide this is not going to be the end of your dreams but start getting angry in healthy ways and make changes, start educating yourself where you need to and start standing up for the world from #BlackLivesMatter to the environment and your local politics.

5. You’ll Never Walk Alone — Carousel /Stand By Me Ben E King

I once had the incredible opportunity to be one of four sopranos at the Royal Festival Hall to accompany Bryn Terfel singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and to this day I feel the power of his voice and the words, we are walking through a storm but let’s not be afraid.

Appreciation for each other and those in the community who have helped others has been a real beacon of hope for many. The healthcare workers who have fought long hard battles to do what they can, the local communities that have suddenly come together to support each other. Neighbours who never knew each other, have shopped for each other and helped out.

We have all opened our hearts a little bit, extended a helping hand more than what we would normally. The community local whats app groups have been a life saver for many as well as someone to say hello to.

Though your dreams be ‘tossed and turned’, the way we win is by working together, head held high and with hope in our heart. Our humanity transcends all divisions and through compassion and open-hearted dialogue we can all find a better way of respecting and supporting each other.

When we have hope we have grit and that persistence to somehow keep fighting forward is how to ensure that we do all come out of this bruised but more honed, both for yourself and your community.

From your experience or research what are five steps that each of us can take to effectively offer support to those around us who are feeling anxious? Can you explain?

The support you can give others I believe has to start from understanding you are in the space to heal the space

This is part of my Buddhist practice, the idea that you are in the room, having that conversation, performing that show, meeting that person to make the world a better place, to make them leave in a better head space. You may have inspired them, given them a resource that will be useful, or just simply made them smile.

Understanding that you can make a real difference to someone is also about checking yourself before you make a call to ensure you are asking about them and supporting them, not just calling to whine. So before you do any of the below steps, just remind yourself you are also doing the best you can and call with hope and love in your heart.

1. Treasure the person in front of you.

We all have our own struggles but reminding others of how fabulous they are, their wins in life, their abilities will encourage them to keep on going. Even if the person in front of you is not someone you particularly like or know, then always remember that they are doing the best they can from where they are now. So speak from a place of acknowledging they are fabulous in their own unique way and deserve respect and being heard.

This could also include sending them a cheery letter or a small gift, whatever treasuring them means to you.

2. Inspire them by following your own dreams.

When I first started doing cabaret shows 20 years ago, even though my singing and comedy was dubious at times, I always had a large following who would rave on how I inspired them. It is entirely possible that I inspired them as I was just doing it, no matter my then relative lack of ability. That made people think if she is doing it so can I.

I have found the more I dream up ideas and do the work to get it from concept to finished work, be it an album, a show, a podcast or even a webseries, people watching me do the work, it then make themselves do the work they needed for their own projects. So follow your own dreams and get to making them happen no matter what.

3. Get them to check their thoughts.

I did a podcast episode on my Love Your Creativity And Make Money Podcast on #JunkOrJoy which is my current 100 day challenge to myself where I am looking at my thoughts, habits and actions and deciding in the moment if I choosing to live from a place of negativity or indeed I choose joy.

I literally ask myself ‘ Is this Junk or is this joy’ when negative thoughts pop up or I find myself overindulging in too much Netflix as opposed to working on my creative projects. The aim of this is to transform your life at this difficult time in our lives. When obstacles hit us sometimes the only thing we can do is change how we are reacting to them so this podcast looks at how I am looking at everything and asking Is this Junk or Is this Joy, and then from there choosing to come from a wiser place.

It allows you not to get sucked into a spiral of negativity, but to be able to stop and say ‘yes this is awful but let me focus on something else’ whether that is planning your next life steps or indeed calling your bank manager.

Podcast link

4. Helping them

Are there ways you can help them build a support system that helps them be less fearful and more hopeful? Can you set up some tech so they can video call their family. Is there a free course you can find online on an area they are wanting to do more training?

Find a concrete way to help them move their lives forward. Maybe suggest a monthly call between a few fellow professionals where you can all talk about your goals and how you all are moving forward.


Get them to try game-ification — using the very psychology and tricks that game manufacturers from Candy Crush to Call of Duty use to keep you fixated and playing, to game-ify your life and art.

I studied what makes playing such games so fun and addictive. Why can you spend hours playing a game without thinking, yet can’t drag yourself to get working on your next creative project or what you need to do to move your life forward?

Personally I love such games but I have to be careful as I get obsessed. I did a podcast about the following tricks the game manufacturers from Xbox to Nintendo use, to get you that obsessed and excited about getting your own creative projects and more important challenges over line.

Game-ify yourself 😉

1) Set short winnable challenges, not so hard or unfocused that they are un-winnable, but bite size pieces, so get to the end of this chapter, get this one issue fixed. Short so you can clearly see the specific task ahead, winnable so not impossible, but challenging as our brains love to be challenged.

2) Set novel challenges. Each stage in a game you have often different rules, new characters, a new battle, maybe new items to use, the rules are slightly different which stimulates you to have a go. Too easy it’s boring, too hard you give up

3) Tell yourself the story of what you are doing. In games you have a cool avatar, fighting to collect points to decorate a garden (Gardenscape) or extra power for the next level. You have a mission, yep even if you are playing Candy Crush — you will win something by getting to the next stage. Games will start flooding the screen with flowers and glittery stars. So tell yourself clearly the story ‘why are you doing this?’

For me I am currently developing the next show in the world of my Singing Psychic character and I was hitting lots of new tech problems on the set up as I explore the world of the DJ Singing Psychic. But I can see the joy of the audience — and me — next summer in a field with me DJing, reading the songs in the audience’s heart and probably playing some of my Singing Psychic Game Show games and everyone dancing and laughing. I can see it, my story and it is totally inspiring me every time to fight forward.

I still am not sure of all the steps but by the time that summer 2021 rolls around I will have spent a year developing it as part of my weekly podcasts.

NB I also whimsically suggest you dress up as your favourite superhero, Wakanda style (RIP the amazing Chadwick Boseman) or Wonder Woman whilst tackling these challenges.. I have not tried this yet myself , but I will report back on it 😉

Podcast link gameify

What are the best resources you would suggest to a person who is feeling anxious?

I actually did a four part series on ending overwhelm and finding joy again as a creative but many of them are applicable to everyone. Some of my ideas are below but first other peoples.

Find some podcasts of people you like listening to, if you can’t sleep there are some great sleep meditations online. Headspace has a few free meditations for those feeling vey anxious.

Getting outside and moving your body even on a walk will help.

If it gets very difficult reach out for help including professional help if you feel you need more support than you have right now.

Never forget you are precious, so loved and the world needs your spark.

Some of my exercises:

– Take a singular step forward towards your dream. Every day. That might be practising

your guitar or applying for two jobs a day.

  • Get in Touch. Reconnect and speak to 3 people each week that you have not seen or spoken to in a while.
  • Go for a walk daily for at least 7 days.
  • Go to a second hand bookshop and buy and read a book on something you think is bonkers, or outside your normal comfort zone.
  • Define your own superpower. We all have a super power. Write about what is yours.
  • Give yourself the gift of hope, joy and respecting your dream by creating a routine.
  • Become a whirling dervish. Dance in your kitchen. Traditionally this term refers to a 12th century Sufi spiritual practice where they whirled, twirled and howled in ecstasy. Bacchnalian rites involved sex, dancing, orgies and yes mind bending substances all to reach enlightenment, The modern day version is when we go clubbing or to a festival where a mass of people celebrates life, dancing, drinking, flirting together. In lockdown, dancing with random strangers in the same space, is something I have missed so I suggest you start dancing in your kitchen. Pick some fabulous tunes and have a 15 minute boogie in your flat or cook with a dance radio station, it can be any kind of music but you need to be able to dance to it, and fall into it. Or you could listen to my weekly DJ Singing Psychic radio show where alongside my ‘four-tunes’ telling readings and ‘Song Of The Week’ I always make sure to put tunes in that get you get to your soul energy part of that whirling dervish space, being in the moment and grooving, forgetting the outside world.
  • Chanting or meditation. We all have different spiritual practices that work for us all but commit to daily practise of sone form of meditation you are happy with.. It works, all the science proves it so do it. They have tested brain waves patterns and you can see an absolute difference in what is happening in the brain.
  • Tackle one hard thing one small bite at a time. Do you have a real life problem you are hiding from? Or you have tried to deal with and yet it is not easily solvable? The only way to win — first spiritually, then emotionally, then in reality is to look at the problem straight on and ask what is the next singular step I can take?

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Do you have a story about how that was relevant in your life?

‘Faith is realising where you are and triumphing over reality’ by Daisaku Ikeda (SGI Buddhist leader)

This applies to the faith I have and must have in my own life.

Four years ago I decided to develop a new character idea that had first emerged when I was working on the Singing Psychic first show. I was then awarded Arts Council funds for the R&D development on my show on sexual politics in 2016. I interviewed a wide section of women and those in the LGBT community, from the Mama Biashara charity set up to help Kenyan sex workers by providing them with new businesses, to sex workers and those who specialize in LGBT rights, plus did a huge amount of literary and historical research.

I learnt so much but I then just had a bunch of ideas, show dates looming and was trying to write songs and a story arc for the new show and character (Queen Of The F*cking World) plus developing the next show — The Singing Psychic Game Show. I was overwhelmed with all I had taken on.

I was also regularly gigging and doing acting roleplay. I was so busy and trying to work out this Queen story and show seemed impossible with what else I had going on. I knew my Singing Psychic new show the Game Show version — would probably work, given how much people loved the original but I was devising games such as psychic bingo and psychic jenga, and had a bigger venue to fill with much more pressure. Also I knew I was coming off a triumphant first show as The Singing Psychic — it was a Best Show Funny Women Finalist so both new shows had to be good.

I realised I had to triumph over reality, I listed where I was at, what needed to get done and focused in like never before, deciding to triumph over reality.

I had booked a month run in 2017 at Edinburgh Fringe performing both shows each day and an American couple and their probably mid 20s daughter came to along on what was a quiet Tuesday night to see Queen. The father then saw me about an hour later, heading to my second gig, and he stopped me to thank me for performing the show like it was sold out, how his daughter who was an art historian, had been shamed by most of their family for her sexuality. She was so happy and inspired, he said from my show. She felt educated about LGBT and female struggles and how the world had suppressed both, much that she was unaware of. She was also angry about why what I had spoken about in the Queen show on stage, was not taught in schools and how she completely felt beautiful and right. All because of my one hour show on sexual power and us all needing to embrace all of ourselves and become Queens’ of our own world. All that work I had done and all my struggles to make a show that worked were completely worth it.

Even now I have tears of rightness knowing that for her, and those who have seen the show, they leave fiercer and more educated. I took the Queen show to Australia in 2019 along with my Singing Psychic Game Show and again there were absolute triumphs — so much laughter and conversations generated- and real lows (being on my own for 7 weeks and getting heatstroke) but again it was about having hope in my heart, seeing what I needed to do and triumphing over reality.

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

Understanding you are in the space to heal the space.

Every time you leave someone they should feel happier, listened to and maybe even a smile on their face. Think Maya Angelou — ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

Every time before I get on stage I chant to uplift the audience and make them happier, full of joy and inspired. It is the same before I record every podcast or every morning as I rise. We all have such incredible power to change our own lives, our close community and then the world. It takes one’s ego out of the way and puts the focus on the person in front of you, how can you help them whether it is the bus driver driving worrying about their hours and Covid, or your friend struggling with a job loss. I take it further on stage but we all have this power and it starts with love and respect for who is standing in front of you.

Every conversation or debate can start with a sense of we are both worthy humans and have viewpoints that we may disagree with but it is only through you coming along with an open heart, willing to have a dialogue, willing to see the other person as equal and both walking away having had clear respectful communication. I am not going to talk about the first Presidential Debate but ..

I started again my Love Your Creativity and Make Money podcast just to inspire people to keep on going during lockdown and my own The Singing Psychic podcast not only is fun but it gives me joy as I dance around the kitchen on a Saturday morning planning the tunes. I might not be able to do live gigs now but I can certainly influence and uplift people in whatever way I can from and we all have ways to impact the world positively

What is the best way for our readers to follow you online?

I do unique customised events as The Singing Psychic including divorce readings and the Game Show, my Queen show can be booked for feminist and LGBT conversations. I also talk about making art and making it financially work. There is a book coming for Christmas 😉

Podcasts are both here

Instagram /Twitter @MarysiaT


YouTube The Singing Psychic

YouTube Marysia Trembecka

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