Marvel Marilyn Maxwell: Music’s Spotlight Of Wellness

MARVEL MARILYN MAXWELL'S Performance Of The Song, "One Girl and Two Boys," In The 1943 Film, Swing Fever,and The Beauty For A Young Woman To Dance Into Love's Delight!

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The practice of courtship is is an adventure, within its own right. For starters, there are certain mannerisms, behaviors, customs, and traditions that one is taught to follow. Of course, men are naturally programmed as the hunters. Women can be observant. After all, dating and courtship is a whole culture, in its own right. There are rules! Always rules. Simultaneously, when it comes to making decisions, regarding a person’s dating choices, sometimes having more than one option can bare its challenges. I mean, part of the adventure is getting to know different people, in the world of courtship. Much of the adventure is having the courage to navigate through one’s pickings, and assess who would be the most suitable quality. When it comes to women, its an intriguing observation to examine how confident women maneuver themselves through different selections in the dating game. Ah! The complexities never truly last, do they?

Its one thing for a woman to adhere to rules, when it comes to a man, and his courtship of more than one woman, at the time. However, concerning women, and engagement in holistic courtship-especially, with more than one suitor-it is an interesting dynamic. Quite honestly, it takes on an intriguing dynamic for a woman to assess the domains of love and life. Of course, a woman has different mechanisms for assessing the challenges in having more than one option. There is keeping the journal. Chatting with one’s gal pals is one option. Meditation. Listening to music. Getting into the artistic scene is significant, as well. And then, there is the good old fashion practice of simply, going out dancing! Dance is powerful! It has the momentum of shedding unnecessary energy, in order to make one’s footsteps (in this journey called, life), less heavy! Hmmm. . . I guess having that option of dancing, permits a woman to experience what it means to simply have fun, when it comes to those dating options. Dancing makes such an option possible. Dance traditions are forms of honesty. When a person is honest about love and life, the adventure becomes more pleasant. Hearts are not broken, and one gets the opportunity of simply enjoying, being a girl!

Certain songs address this complicated situation. Nevertheless, it is a scenario, which is immersed in enjoying one’s dating adventure. Especially, when you are too young to settle down, who says that you have to select only one. And so, we have a Hollywood dame-singer, actress, radio personality, and entertainer-who makes it clear that having a selection of two men doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, it can be part of life’s dating journey, and herstory. One of those many stories, in which a woman can look back and tell to one’s granddaughter. Its a particular element, regarding the ability to navigate through the boundaries of love and life, there is nothing better than putting it into the rhythm of a dance. Furthermore, it can also be an example for, lessons, learned! Why not? After all, dance can be part of the courtship phase. It creates a unique artistry in being able to navigate through life’s intriguing levels, of love. Her name was the one and only. . .

Marilyn Maxwell; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In addition to film, she also made her present on radio programs, and even singing on The Jimmy Durante Show. Ah! A singer she was, indeed! And, when it came to love, courtship, and being unable to choose between two possible suitors, there was one song, and film performance, which fits the bill. It certainly, did. That song is none other than, “One Girl and Two Boys,” from the 1943 classic, Swing Fever. She plays the character of “Ginger Gray.” In fact, her initial entrance onto the stage, begins with one word. . .”Undecided.” Hmm. Isn’t it interesting how a “decision” is not evident, even when recognizing that you have been “indecisive.” She wears a obsidian colored, form-fitting dress, while entertaining a crowed of sailors and their ladies, for the night. Behind her is the Big Band, Jazz band; another performance and depiction of one perfume, arising from Black America’s gardens.

Undecided, undecided That is a story of, one girl and two boys One girl and two boys She thought both were awfully cute The boy in the tux, and the boy in the khaki suit

One girl and two boys, One girl and two boys, Which one should she give a boot? The boy in the tux or the boy in the khaki suit

She asks her father and she asks her mother She asks her sister and she asks her brother They said you can’t sit away One of them must get the gate

So, its one girl and two boys One girl and two boys When they both came to propose The guy in the khaki suit is the one she chose

But, the boy in the tux felt blue So, he went and joined up, too And, now she’s wacky, cause’ their both in khakis Oh! What can a poor girl do?

She’s back where she stands, In a lonely ten-room flat Undecided, undecided

And that’s the story, The sad, sad story, Of one girl and two boys; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

As they say, “its a catchy, little number, isn’t?” Well, it didn’t end so smoothly for that “one girl.’ Nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned within the story. One of such lessons relates to the power of knowing what you a want, as a woman. Its having a keen perception in having an ideal mate. That’s for sure. Furthermore, there is another level of imagination, as it pertains to going by a man’s clothes. One has to wonder why a young woman preferred a man wearing khakis versus the one, who wore the tuxedo. What is it about khakis, anyhow? Could it be the laid back nature in wearing khaki and how it creates this natural vibe? Who knows? Yet, sometimes, being undecided does not serve the best interest of a young woman. We could say that it never does. Nevertheless, what is for certain, is that being honest with oneself is stronger than any indecision could ever bring.

The final scene of thins song brings in a dance. Yes, a physical performance of the song. Its a young woman, actually dancing, with two men on the dance floor. No hostilities. Jealous is void. Looking at both of her partners, the young woman (on the dance floor) has to make a decision. Of course, the viewers are not aware of which of the men the young woman has chosen-specifically, on the dance floor. Yet, the biggest lesson to be learned from this performance is this. KEEP DANCING! Dance the night away. Move in a realm of wellness and beauty. Kindly note that decisions don’t always have to happen, at that moment. In fact, just keep dancing. Soon, the right dance partner is soon to enter on the right night. And you can have many dances, with the right man, for LIFE!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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