Marvel Marilyn Maxwell: Music’s Spotlight Of Blue Wellness!

The Performance Of "Little Girl Blue," By Singer, Actress, and Entertainer, MARVEL MARILYN MAXWELL, and The Lessons Of Time, Sorrow, and Meditation!

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It’s a paradox in the way that the color, BLUE, is often described and shaped! Blue is the color of water! Its also the color of the sky, and the necessary air, needed for human survival! Then, when it comes to the realm of sorrow, it is the apparent that the color, BLUE, has been given the task of performing its behavior. Emotionally, we see blue as a hue, for the sad times. It’s for those times when people do not really know what to do, where to turn, and are facing those extreme hardships, within their lives. Yet, in its representation of other Earthly elements, it truly embodies the very elixirs of life. Ironic, indeed!

Songs have been written about the color, blue! There is just something about this primary color, which is attractive. The color, blue, appears to give humanity permission to cry, and go into a deeper harmony with our emotions. There is an intriguing awakening, indeed! Just as there is life’s essentials, there is also the emotional freedom, which is necessary in purging pain. When humanity moves into the adult world, there are certain expectations-expectations in how we should, behave! It’s the “proper behavior” complex. Whether its at work (within our respectable careers, and professions) or in the greater public, emotionally, we are expected to behave in a certain manner. Of course, there are those individuals, who bring those exceptions into the atmosphere. For a moment in time, you are permitted to explore the complications of your humanity. And, if you should cry like a baby, with them, its alright. Yet, there appears to be this silent consensus when it comes to openly expressing our emotions, for the grander public. In a terse amount of words, children, cry! Adults don’t. Of course, there are those extreme cases-including the loss of a loved one and others-where adults are granted that permission to allow one’s tears to be seen in public. However, when it comes to stress, fatigue, personal challenges, or one’s own unhappiness, it has been presented that, “no one really cares.” It’s unfortunate! Nevertheless, it is that reality! On a grander scale, things come to move in ways that we could least expect it. Life can hit us fast and hard! When things come hard, you better buckle up and get ready.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is something about children, which makes sorrow, that more humane. Something about their tears, which reminds us of our own inner child. When we observe their tears, we, too, are compelled to cry! We are compelled to navigate through certain trajectories and wellness factors. Any lingering pains arise within. Any traces of sorrow are wake-up calls, in the need for us to return to that inner child. Hold them. Cradle them. Rub them and caress them. Letting them know that everything is sure to be, alright! At least, that is what we are told. After all, it’s in the end, when we observe how things are alright. If it’s not alright, then it’s not, the end. What is sacred about children is their ability to remind us that our sensitivities are, alright!

So, we are back with the Beloved, Marilyn Maxwell! Another tune awaits our interest. This time, we are presented with the wearing of blue for little girls. Its an iconic tune, and it’s known as, “Little Girl Blue.” The recording took place in 1944. Time, and periods of time, have a different way of shaping a song; making it conducive to the realities, at hand. Time has a way of working through human emotion, and connecting it with the feelings of the day. It’s interesting for that matter. Nevertheless, we are back in hearing the sorrow of a little girl-a little girl, and her, Blue!

The lyrics of the song are telling, and intriguing, as they relate to the use of time, and counting. Counting to pass time, and in counting one can, count their sorrows, away! The performance of the song is vocalized with a gentle nature. Listening to that Jazz sound of Black American cultural spaces and gardens, for the use of the song, the nurturing effect takes place. Likewise, there is a paradox taking place; in the same manner as the color, Blue! The lyrics of the song present this notion of crying being useless. And yet, the very texture of Marvel Marilyn Maxwell’s voice guides the little girl, to do it, anyhow. There are questions for why she is crying. After all, what is the point of counting one’s fingers if they seem to do on, no good? What is the point?

The adults truly don’t understand the point, if we are going to be honest. What could they understand about a little girl counting her fingers? What does counting do, besides waste time? Such frivolous and childish things, we would say! However, it is within this particular time when sorrow fades away. Let’s look a little deeper. Let’s ponder on this for some time. Counting fingers gives one a sense of control over certain matters. In some way, we are able to gain control over our circumstances. Yes! Even when it comes to something as “frivolous,” as “counting fingers,” there is a sense of power. Within the subconscious of this little girl, perhaps, this is why she does it. What is interesting is how Marvel Marilyn Maxwell, seems to perform the role of those adults passing, her by. They pass her by, with questions or puzzlement. They don’t understand why she does it! Why does she do it? Why does this “little girl” seem so focused on, counting her fingers? Its because she has some control in this movement of time’s allure! She has some control in this journey of passing time by, in order to continue into a healing phase! That’s why a little girl, decides to count her, Blue! There are certain methods and notions of navigating into the wonders of time! And yet, its fascinating for this very basic concept to be understood by children!

Perhaps, it’s time, just time, for adults to understand the power and magic of moving through time’s elixir; ridding our sorrows away, and entering into another bluish texture, for time’s healing phase!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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