Mark Bastorous Burgerim – Seven Skills to Look For In Business Development Professionals

Do you want to hire a professional business developer to successfully establish and run your company? Here are the seven skills or factors to consider!

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Business development professionals play a crucial role in helping people establish a sophisticated company and streamline its operations to perform well in the market. Mark Bastorous Burgerim states that the purpose is to reach the target audience, encourage prospective customers through engaging content, and turn them into loyal customers.

That way, your company can generate higher returns on investments and achieve your profitability goals. If you want to streamline your company’s bottom line, make sure you hire a business developer.

The question is: how to hire business development professionals and what factors to consider? Here are the seven skills to consider when hiring a business developer. Read on! 

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are core skills of a professional business developer. The purpose is to collect data and information about the market your company will operate in, review it, and analyze it to gain insights.

SWOT analysis is crucial when launching a new product or service. It ensures reaching your target audience and promoting your product. A business developer checks and reviews their sources and uses various tools to ensure the accuracy, validity, and appropriateness of data required for your business development.

Project Management

It is impossible to run a successful company if you don’t have project management skills. Remember, everything you do in your company is a part of a project. Therefore, managing your project is crucial.

A business developer with many years of experience can help you achieve your goals, targets, budgets, costs, and deadlines. For instance, Mark Bastorous Burgerim is a professional business developer who has helped many companies achieve their goals.

Burgerim follows a step-by-step approach to develop a solid framework for your project and ensure your teams use the right tools to carry out tasks in an organized, efficient, and controlled manner.

Communication Skills

Communication skills can streamline your business development strategy, such as active listening, interacting, and answering questions. Precise and efficient communication with stakeholders is one of the primary duties of a business developer. The purpose is to build a solid foundation for your business and ensure all stakeholders perform their tasks adequately.

Therefore, perform thorough research, look for online reviews to see what other companies say about the business developer, and ensure the professional you want to hire has strong communication skills.

Negotiation Skills

The ultimate goal of any company is to generate higher revenues by convincing their prospective customers to buy their products or services. However, encouraging consumers to purchase your products is a daunting task, especially if you lack negotiation skills.

Besides, you may also need more investments for launching or marketing a new product or service. A business developer has excellent communications skills to convince stakeholders to invest in your company.

Therefore, make sure you choose a business developer who has the right negotiation skills to convince stakeholders and interact with your target customers. Or hire a professional who can develop a robust negotiation framework for your teams.

Moreover, find out whether the business developer has experience working with different departments and teams of different mindsets. Determine whether the business development professional can adapt and react to harsh situations. Does the professional have improvisation skills?

Problem-Solving and Decision Making

Every project involves easy and challenging tasks. A business developer with excellent problem-solving skills can analyze issues and come with sophisticated solutions. Burgerim has helped hundreds of companies resolve critical business, marketing, client relationship, and revenue problems.

Burgerim uses his problem-solving skills, experience, and powerful tools to make informed decisions, leading to streamlined company operations and higher profitability. Anyway, it is wise to hire a business developer who can analyze diverse problems accurately.

Likewise, the professional must have the skills to review those problems from different perspectives to give you an optimal and consistent solution. Hire a business developer who can find new opportunities for your business development, growth, marketing, and sales.

Time Management

Time is money! Completing your projects on time makes a business developer an essential asset for your company. The professional ensure your teams from different departments collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal.

Look for a business developer who has a track record of meeting stakeholders, completing projects, and working in your company’s best interest while finishing each task on time. Burgerim uses different tools and apps to organize his day-to-day tasks.

Familiar with Latest Tools

A reputable business development professional is familiar with the latest technology tools, software, and applications to handle different projects. Therefore, Mark Bawstorous Burgerim recommends hiring a business developer who can operate customer relationship management software, Microsoft Office, or any dedicated tool required for business development.

Burgerim uses a wide range of tools and knows their technical features. These tools include mobile marketing, email software, social media management apps, time management apps, content management systems, etc.

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