Margaret Rogers Van Coops: “Be a dreamer and enjoy the journey”

Every Individual person is very special to everyone they come in contact with. The interesting point here is that many are considered violent, bad, and awful individuals, but without their conduct and way of existence, we who seek enlightenment, would not know there must be something better for us all. I just published a new […]

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Every Individual person is very special to everyone they come in contact with. The interesting point here is that many are considered violent, bad, and awful individuals, but without their conduct and way of existence, we who seek enlightenment, would not know there must be something better for us all. I just published a new book: The Light Side Of The Oneness that explains how we must all ascend and descend in order to have controversy, energy shifts and so much more that aligns us with universal love and consciousness. In this time now, we have many ascended spirit incarnated with a multitude of talents to make this a better world to live in.

As a part of our series about Inspirational Women of the Speaking Circuit, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops.

From a very early age, Dr Margaret, as she likes to be called, was born during a German bombing raid over London. A VI bomb narrowly missed the hospital, falling across the road, killing many living in several apartment blocks there. Her early years were spent healing people by hugging and sitting on laps to ease their pains and worries as well as their war-wounds. Today, she is still enjoying her pioneering nature and wisdom by focusing on teaching the younger parents and their children to assist in the growth of a new Aquarian Age.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us the story of how you grew up?

It was not easy in those days. Everywhere we went, there were buildings, rubble and miserable people about. I remember having shoes passed down from other children, thanks to the local cobbler who re-soled and heal shoes, polishing them to look like new. I could literally see my face in them. There were many long lines for food and mother had a food coupon book, that the grocer, butcher, baker and fish-monger cut out tiny centimeter square which he put into a tin. I was told he would give them to the government for money to buy us more food. We literally got one candy a month. Unfortunately, in those days, people were segregated by religion and history. I was a rebel. I wanted to talk to everyone, and I did no matter their status in life. I often got into trouble because of my ‘wayward’ behavior, having stepped out of my class structure. Oh, how I hated those days!

Can you share a story with us about what brought you to this specific career path?

The truth is I was not brought up to do what I do. It was by choice that my spirit incarnated to become a teacher, and even though I was only three years old, I already knew a great deal about people and yes, even aliens too. Being a pioneer, I was often told I had a vivid imagination. ‘The moon was full of cheese,’ and I knew it was a lie because I saw how barren it was in my out-of-body trips to see for myself. When the moon was later studied, it confirmed my childhood visions. I think all my spiritual experiences, and the way people responded to me, formed the foundations and directions that I chose to follow. I wrote about my experiences and my life story. My book: : My Journey Into The Oneness, will explain better.

Can you tell us the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

I have to go back in time for this answer. Between 10–15 years of age, my English language teacher was very hard on me. She drew great ‘S’s all over my homework all the time and told me I would never be a writer. Today I have 17 books published. I thank my Spirit Guides for making me become a writer and overcome that cruel Mistress words. Doing many Conferences and Expos led to my writing my first book, that went into East Berlin, when ‘The Wall’ came down. Apparently 12,000 copies were sold there. The book was aptly named then: The Way To Oneness. A few years ago, I re-did it now under the name of Journey Into An Unknown =World: The Way To Oneness Revisited. It is the very foundation upon which I evolved and I hope may will study it long after I am gone.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

I was tricked to give messages at a Spiritualist church. When I stood up to give a message, I was shaking so badly that my knees were banging together and my bangles on my arms were clinking as my hands trembled. I wanted to hide. But my Spirit Guides took over and I gave many accurate messages that night. That was the beginning of my career as a Medium and public figure in UK. I never looked back. I had a great time with the manifestations of Spiritual presents called apports that would land in my living room. It was also frustrating when I was sewing and when reaching for my scissors, find them gone. Then I would go hunting for another pair that were also missing, only to return to my chair to find not only the missing pair, but the ones I was trying to replace them with. Spirit Guides, and what I call Earthbound Spirit can play tricks to teach us patience too.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

One of the mother’s of my children opened a door for me to work part-time in the publishing world, which I knew nothing about. I learned very quickly to become an advertising manager of a magazine called ‘Yoga Today” that was new to many in UK and Europe. It was not selling well when I took on the job, and as a result of my work there and the things that followed, I learned great deal about the value of all life, including my own when I died as a result of an experimental drug for depression. During that time, the paranormal and metaphysical ways were arising, and I was pushed forward along my pathway to meet many renowned people including John Denver, Princess Margaret, just to mention two people who I can now talk about. Counseling and assisting people is a very private thing and public work often too much of exposure of bad facts. I like to be honest and open when helping people. Often the truth hurts. Sometimes things seem too direct: but that is when you learn the best!

What drives you to get up everyday and give your talks? What is the main empowering message that you aim to share with the world?

Every Individual person is very special to everyone they come in contact with. The interesting point here is that many are considered violent, bad, and awful individuals, but without their conduct and way of existence, we who seek enlightenment, would not know there must be something better for us all. I just published a new book: The Light Side Of The Oneness that explains how we must all ascend and descend in order to have controversy, energy shifts and so much more that aligns us with universal love and consciousness. In this time now, we have many ascended spirit incarnated with a multitude of talents to make this a better world to live in.

Can you share with our readers a few of your most important tips about how to be an effective and empowering speaker? Can you please share some examples or stories?

No one likes to be lectured to! I learned that from my dad who went on and on and on about ancestry and pride etc., However, for all that nagging, amidst it were great stories of the things they had done. We had smugglers and princes and kings and clansman and so much more. That part was enthralling, while the class structure was appalling to me. So I learned to do the following:

1: Know your audience and entertain them with stories relative to topic.

2: Give both sides of the picture, some sad, some happy and bring them to center of self.

3: Be entertaining and light hearted with questioners, even in serious topics.

4: Involve the audience in short exercises that leave a helpful impression

5: Give support, advice, and encouragement, and a contact number for assistance.

A woman came to my class with a pre-decided idea about what I was supposed to teach her. The topic was Marriage. As I began the opening address, she started to huff and puff. You could say, psychically her aura was like a porcupine. I was generally setting up the types of relationships, when she got up and announced to the class that this was a lousy class and that she was leaving. As she got to the doorway, I asked her “What are you afraid of?” She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around to begin to accuse me of being a fake teacher, teared up and began to sob, all because she had heard me say, we judge and thing ourselves in command. In that moment she lost control. She went on, in time, to become one of my best students and is today is teaching herself.

As you know, many people are terrified of speaking in public. Can you give some of your advice about how to overcome this fear?

As I explained above, I too was terrified, but as time passes with practice, confidence builds until one becomes so lost in the gift of speech, that every talk is a wonderful opportunity to share all that you are. When I was only 21 years old, my first public address was absolute ‘hell’. People told me it was a very special talk. All I could say was thank you. When I got home I cried. I felt I was a failure. I could not remember a thing I had said! The one thing I learned from that was that too much preparation about what I wanted to say led to my forgetting my notes. Adlibbing proved to be the best thing that could happen. Imagination, facts and stories bring life to a lecture when given spontaneously.. Demonstrations, making mistakes is being human. Being human makes the teacher loved by students. In Unity we all learn and enjoy life.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

1: Be a dreamer and enjoy the journey

2: Explore life from any angle to find yourself a pathway that is enjoyable.

3: Be ready to adapt and move over to something better and more challenging.

4: Never forget your roots; They are your foundation stone upon which to build

5: Remember you are never alone; You have bonded with The Oneness and angels watch over you all the time.

World War II taught me to be afraid of people, places, and things. Everyone would dish out warnings to be careful and sensible. I was often afraid to explore when left to my own resources. Eventually, I learned I had to stand on my own two feet and try! Never give up. Today, I struggle with the computer, but here I am writing still, when that teacher of mine, so long ago, said I was hopeless. Never be hopeless, always expect the best for yourself as you mature. The Oneness provides for us all when we slow down and listen.

You have such impressive work. What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now? Where do you see yourself heading from here?

When I was 25 years old, I dreamed an invasion story all night, over and over again. So much so, that ten years later, I actually wrote the story in manuscript form. Because I was in the publishing business at that time, the book was to be published. There I was about to sign the contract when my Spirit Guide, said “No! Do not sign it, there is more to this story!” So I walked away. I just published it this week. It is called Regenesis: Part I The Invasion. James Cameron wanted to make the movie in 1994, but as you know bad things happened in L.A. and he called to say he could not make the film. Now years later, I have brought it out and Book II is long ago mostly written, so I am encouraged now to finish that since my Spirit Guides say it is time: Yes, I had to wait that long for something given me at 25 years old over fifty years ago. In The Oneness there is no time! So I wait with expectation to see what will happen now with it. I have channeled other screenplays too that have been entered into competitions and highly admired… so Oneness I am ready!

Can you share with our readers any self-care routines, practices or treatments that you do to help your body, mind or heart to thrive? Please share a story for each one if you can.

The setup of my life from day one was always to bring something new into my life that would teach me to question my existence on a daily basis. Every day is a story in itself. I have had marriages that were both good and bad, as well as an upbringing of anger and insecurity. These foundation relationships caused me to look within. Why was I so alone and so different. My conversations with my Archangels, aliens, spirit guides and people in general taught me to go within and find my true essence and the purpose of my existence. I learned to meditate, go into trance, and have conversations with anyone who would talk to me, including many souls lost in the dark side of The Oneness. I learned that we are all both of the dark and light and as such can be extremely spiritual and sweet, and a raving lunatic and monster all at once. This raging battle is there in all of use. I studied psychology and psychiatry of the day. I saw terrible things being done to those who were mentally distraught. As a result of all that, I became the healer of mind, body and spirt and love my life and the work I do. I am constantly leaning something new. New experiences stimulate us to regrow new cells throughout our body. Regeneration and a long life is possible for everyone, however few appreciate the beauty of the bio-energetic form. Subsequently we brought to Earth:

Crystal Acupuncture, Teragram Therapy, TrinityStone Therapy, Beauty Crystal Acupuncture, Spiritual Crystal Acupuncture, Sensory Touch Therapy, Marconics (The mixture of sound and electrical impulses made by friction to rejuvenate the aura) that I gave freely to the world in lectures. Today, there are many people now doing these therapies in their own styles. I have published many books about these therapies and have more coming soon. I frequently treat myself, making sure i deprogram and negativity I have created and learned from as my life unfolds.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

I began my book: Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View with Einstein’s Quote:

“If you can’t explain it simply, You don’t understand it well enough.”

I have made it my life’s purpose to keep learning, so that I can teach all that I learn to my students.

You are a person of huge influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be?

We have been secular for the Past 3,500 years under The Great Piscean Age, entering in a downward spiral in the inner Piscean Age of 350 years, where we have been exposed to war, famine, slavery, and the list goes on. We have experienced the Dark Side of Mankind. Now we have just entered the Great Aquarian Age, entering another 3200 years approximately, while in the 250 years of inner cycle of The Gemini Age. History show us we have focused on the inner astrological cycle from Pisces, Aries, Taurus and are now coming into a new state of existence between spiritual and physical awareness of the dark and light in this inner Gemini Age. You could say we are just one day into The Great Aquarian Age. I would encourage the world under this influence to sit back and learn to listen, understand and see all facts before jumping to conclusions. The new Age is about sharing and learning to integrate our species. We are one Human bio-genetically engineered species with variety in all that we are. Talents are vital to our spirit and soul’s progress. Hence the fact that so many young ones are born talented today.

Is there a person in the world whom you would love to have lunch with, and why? Maybe we can tag them and see what happens!

I have always believed and fully know that The Oneness makes our paths cross to meet when we can do the very best! When Star Wars was being made with no money, many of the people involved in UK came to me for advice whether to stay or go. I gave them all the same advice: stick with it and take a royalty and you will be rich. Time has proved my right. Likewise in many countries I have met the rich, famous, and infamous, the down-trodden and lost and always they are in some way apart of the worlds growth and my own. When The Beatles, were practicing with Brian in London, John asked me if they would be famous. Paul said “Are you Serious?” Well, time has shown you the answer I gave them. We were all about 16 years old then. So, here we are in the now, and as always I am open to new ideas, people and plans to build a University of Metaphysical education that will prepare and graduate future teachers for generations to come.

Are you on social media? How can our readers follow you online?

Yes, Just search my name Margaret Rogers Van Coops and you will find my radio shows, videos and so forth. My websites are being redone to suit the times now. We will be teaching online at nominal fees that everyone can afford. I and my team are planning to do a lot more now that we have the internet with video and can reach students seeking education around the world. With this in mind, we are looking for people who share the same dream. Education, help and advice, ways and means of living and alternative health practices that cost nothing or next to nothing and support for talents and skills in the sciences all stemming for an interest in the paranormal. The Oneness has all that we need. We just have to tap into it.,

This was so informative, thank you so much! We wish you continued success!

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