Maintain your Position

As we journey the uncharted grounds towards success, It's more important to remember who we are and why we are, even if sometimes we don't exactly know where...we...are.

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The Road Less Traveled

As we journey the uncharted grounds towards success, It’s more important to remember who we are and why we are,  even if sometimes we don’t exactly know where…we…are.

Success should be an adventurous journey, waiting for its path to be traveled by those who dare to dream and Blah, blah,blah,etc.  

Okay,  so we’ve heard the success lingo spoken over a million ways by hundreds of people,  who work SO HARD to paint their picture of successful living. Minus the makeup to hide the cracks in their faces or the bags under their eyes from countless hours (even days) without rest. I sometimes have my moments when I question the genuineness of the million dollar smile that some of us are accustomed to give during a live performance,  but I dare not judge nor will I fathom the idea of questioning the authenticity of their profession. Underneath the makeup and behind those million dollar smiles, we all share one common interest : The Road

The journey towards success is rewarding, but we often fail to mention the journey along the way, which can be long, hard and cold. But, if I told you THAT in the beginning of every speech,  would you still be motivated ? 

Sure there were sleepless nights filled with questions and days when everything I’d planned perfectly in the beginning,  turned out to be a disaster in the end. Many of times, I’ve often asked myself ” Why?”, as I’m certain  we all have at some point or another. But, that’s normal. 

In all truth, there are and will always be things which make you question and feel uncomfortable along your journey.  Cracks and potholes in the road to slow you down, detours to turn you all the way around to the point where you’ll end up on someplace where there’s not a sign, nor streetlight in sight. On the outter surface, one might consider these obstacles when they appear as signs of defeat. And because of such misleading projections,  many have turned around and headed home for the familiar grounds of the”Same Ol’ Thing”, right when they were just on the brink of a breakthrough. (Sighs) 

It doesn’t matter how dark times may get, or how many potholes or detours you may run into along the way, you’ll never know  the full purpose of  WHY you went thru it all, until you FINISH the journey. It’s only when you finish , that things begin to make  sense. Every successful person has their own unique story about how they started on their journey, but the one fact which binds them all together in agreement is, they-all-finished. Finishing is the basis for which all theories of success are credible.  

Okay, so here’s the skinny mate (in my Awful attempt to sound Australian),

Potholes and detours are just situations  along our journey, which may cause us sometime to wonder were we are, or if we’re still on the right path. And when this occurs,  it’s always good to look in the rear view mirror every once in a while,  as a reminder of why we are and who we are, as we see that familiar land of “Same Ol’ Thing” become smaller  behind us.  Now,  we confidently apply a little more pressure to the gas pedal , roll the windows down to feel the breeze of new beginnings as we head forward towards the land of Destiny. 

Stay your position, Stay on Course.

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