Luck Does Not Attract Us,We Do

Luck is an opportunity waiting to happen

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Are we lucky

Is Luck a real thing? Does it have a hand in how you look at the quality of your life? I dare ask the questions, but I dare not shout out an answer. What I am about to share is an insight into what will remain a big question mark, at least for me.  It is, however, exciting to stir still waters and leave the rest to you. Why luck? Because it has a huge impact on how we perceive our lives, our surroundings, our experiences, and our fortunes and misfortunes.

Let me walk you down my train of thought when someone either boasts his exceptional luck, or another mourns his/her tough luck. —Is each of us born with a fixed amount of luck that runs out at one point? Is luck, for some, a dysfunctional hourglass that, instead of flowing a regular stream of luck into their lives, only drips every now and then? What does it mean to run out of luck? We hear stories of people who run out of luck, but we never really know what luck is or how one can run out of it, or even if it is rechargeable. And that always takes me back to the question of the reality of luck.

I have met people here and there shaken by the fear of falling under the unlucky category; convinced that regardless of how wide their arms are open to life’s opportunities, it would still frown at them. While I remain skeptical of what luck really is,I can’t blame them. That level of fear and desperation doesn’t surface out of nowhere; that is a deep level of hurt that only grows bigger over the years. Having to live with this feeling, and that image of yourself, could have very dangerous repercussions. Who would we become if we lost all hope? —if we gave up completely? — Would we still be able to call ourselves living or just alive ?!

While I know the world could be unfair at times, I wouldn’t rush to pin it on one’s luck. It’s not because I claim to have figured it all out. On the contrary, I’m, like I said before, as skeptical as many out there. Nevertheless, I know that our brains are magnets; they attract the negative and the positive alike, and if you and I turned probability into reality, then most probably, our brains would believe it, too, and only then, we would summon our worst demons.

We have no control over when certain feelings visit us, but we have every bit of it deciding what we allow to stay. Perhaps some people are born luckier than others, and it could be just a part of a predestined journey that each of us experiences with its good moments and hard ones, or maybe we CAN create our own luck. No matter what the idea of luck might turn out to be, what we truly need is more control over our subconscious; how it chooses to perceive our life experiences, and our ups and downs. With this new light, I choose not to think, not to wonder, nor imagine. I choose to accept that there is no magic key, no one has life all sorted out, and no one gets it all, and what you or I choose to see as someone’s strike of luck, could in reality be his/her curse. Instead of crossing our fingers, hoping luck would knock on our doors, we might want to direct that energy into building ourselves, bettering our odds, and healing our bodies and minds. Maybe, then, we are able to create our own luck when an opportunity comes along.

We are humans, and as humans, we are entitled to mourn our losses and disappointments. It’s even considered healthy to fully get in touch with our deepest feelings, but we have to stay fully conscious of the fact that life is a game, and like it is with any game, we lose some, we win some, and sometimes we win the Ace of Spades.

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