Lowina Blackman’s Incredible Journey Into Becoming One of the Best Conscious Money Coaches in Australia

“As earth’s energy is shifting to the 5D world, we’re in the transitional phase in the Great Reset. A small window of a new wealth transfer opportunity appears right now for us to position ourselves at the receiving end of the crisis. It is important because the financial choice you make today will greatly impact […]

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“As earth’s energy is shifting to the 5D world, we’re in the transitional phase in the Great Reset. A small window of a new wealth transfer opportunity appears right now for us to position ourselves at the receiving end of the crisis.

It is important because the financial choice you make today will greatly impact your future lifestyle” – Lowina Blackman.

With that in mind, now is the right time to start working on achieving one’s financial freedom. And the best way to do that is to seek someone who has a proven track record and a keen perspective about the financial journey itself.

That is why Lowina Blackman is the best person for the job; she helps people achieve their lifelong financial goals without breaking a sweat. Witness how she became one of the best in her industry; make sure to read it until the end. 

From an average-income fashion designer to a millionaire in less than ten years, Lowina’s journey into climbing the ladder of life proves that passion does not get in the way of achieving success. Today, Lowina is a multi-award-winning and highly sought-after crypto.currency coach that helps people overcome financial barriers and generate passive income through crypto.currencies and other investments. Although her life journey is not the cliché story of passion vs. practicality, she broke her way through life’s barricades and ended up victorious.

Lowina graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the prestigious University of Central England. Despite growing up in a poor family – with her mother being a stay-at-home meditator, and her father worked as a taxi driver – Lowina chose to pursue her passion for fashion designing, which led to her acquiring a job in the fashion industry for over a decade. Although her journey seemed easy, the things that she had sacrificed for her to pursue her dreams are enough to prove how persevering she is as a person. For Lowina to work on her passion, she knew she must invest money to make passive income. “When I was in school, I wanted to be a landlady; I set a goal to have 4-5 properties when I grow up. While my Uni friends spent their money partying, buying flashy gadgets, dresses, designer bags, and cars, I lived frugally to make my goals happen,” Lowina recalled. As a result, she worked multiple part-time jobs and saved 30% of her salary in her first full-time job. 

Fashion designing was not the only thing that Lowina took an interest in. She also was passionate about investing. While still in her twenties, she already invested in Real Estate, Stocks & Shares, and other traditional financial instruments such as Mutual Funds and Precious Metals. As time passed, she decided to take on life with a new interest. She left fashion designing and decided to pursue investing. At that point in her life, everything took a turn for the better.

She discovered crypto back in 2015 and quickly became fascinated with this blockchain space. In only about three years of working in the crypto industry, she had already bought a city apartment with everything she earned. Her life as an investor proved to be better than what she gained from the decade-long fashion industry job. Although her life was going well in terms of her financial stability, there were still some instances where things took a turn for the worst.

“During those years, I have made heaps of mistakes that were costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars, stress, self-doubt, constantly glued to the computer screen staring at charts. The worse lesson was, I could have bought that city apartment outright with cash, but I didn’t know what I was doing; I ended up selling all my coins to get a mortgage and paid high tax. That was my wake-up call. I told myself that I couldn’t do this alone!” said Lowina. 

So she hired a crypto mentor to really understand this industry and learn from the experts in the field. She went on to learn the fundamentals, cycles, patterns, and macroeconomic trends and relied on her investing expertise and intuition, as well as Feng Shui and how quantum energy works, to construct a comprehensive investment plan.

As of now, she has already founded a thriving organization that has helped many people overcome their financial blockages and achieve financial freedom, backed by her more than a decade of investing expertise and certification as a financial expert in the industry. She became a millionaire in just five years as a consequence of her dedication and hard work.

Despite working as a woman in an industry stacked with a predominantly male presence, she only rose to the top due to her pure skill and proficiency in investing. Her clients also adore her relatability which only helped in making her strategies in coaching even more effective. “The fact that I was born poor and worked at a soul-sucking job for over a decade, I know the pain that my clients have,” Lowina articulated.

She assists executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in holistically achieving their financial goals as a Conscious Money Coach. Along with her skill, she also encourages her clients to follow a 3-step method to achieve long-term financial success. These steps include:

“Define if Crypto investing is a right fit for you.

Figure out what type of investor you are.

For example, are you any of the following:

A. I’m curious about crypto:

Happy to throw a small amount for fun.
Not bothering to do any research and learn how to play this game.

B. I just want to make a quick few bucks:

Happy to throw money into any coins that my friends told me.
Not interested in knowing what I’m buying.

C. I don’t have a lot of money yet; 

I’ll just buy some crypto and forget about it.

D. I’m a growth investor:

I will invest in my mindset and education first to make a powerful, informed decision so that I can create life-changing wealth safely and strategically. 

Map out an action plan for your investment strategy.

Once you’ve chosen what type of investor you are, you can plan your investment strategy accordingly.
Map out your action plan based on your risk tolerance, fund allocation, time frame, and tools, etc.” 

Lowina implying these steps had already tremendously helped her clients with a house deposit, university budget, removing mortgages, and making them invest their passion in earning money by doing what they are willing to spend their time on.

Being the expert that she is, Lowina also has some precautions for those who are thinking of investing in crypto.currency for the first time. She says that cyber security is a huge topic in her mastermind program. Thus, looking for a coach as capable as her is vital in investing in Crypto. Tackling the risks together with the help of a professional is a necessity once a client starts spending time on investing.

Some major risks she identified are scams and misuse of money.
“Auto-traders are 99% vehicles for scamming you out of your wealth. Turning $250 into millions is not based on reality. No matter what anyone says. Just RUN!” Lowina advised. 

It’s easy to make money on crypto, but it’s even easier to lose it.
Lowina guides her clients in making risky but feasible decisions that won’t affect her clients’ investment portfolios in the long run. She added, “For example, most people lose money when they FOMO in when the price is high, and panic sell when the price dropped, repeat until they are broke. I’ve seen it too many times, which can be handled by education. There is a proven strategy to make money in this space.”

Lowina’s achievements demonstrate that it is never too late to take that first step toward realizing one’s ambitions. They can uncover potentials they never realized they possessed and have the confidence to achieve their life goals through hard work and perseverance.

“If you want to learn how to become a knowledgeable and well-informed investor, and if you want to work with a coach who will guide you through every stage of the crypto.currency journey, then visit Lowina’s website and book a complimentary money mindset alignment zoom call. Also, follow her on her social media pages like Instagram and Facebook to get more updates.”

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