Love’s Walk, Away From, You: Maria de Jesus Vasquez Vasquez 🇵🇪

Permitting A So-Called "Love" To Go, In Order To Restore! Focusing On The Late MARIA DE JESUS VAZQUEZ and Her Performance Of, "Enganada!" 🇵🇪

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When love walks away, not everyone will beg to make it stay. There are those individuals, who will not sacrifice their dignity. Furthermore, they have a way of permitting love to go when it decides, to go. They have their dignity Darlings, and they will not beg you to stay; not by a long shot. Sometimes, there are those moments when one understands the value of allowing a better love, to enter. And, for a greater love to enter, there must be a release of the old. One must release old (and outdated) imagery, in order to move into a higher ascension of, love.

Therefore, when it comes to the very heart of a woman, understand that the authenticity of a woman is to shoe you who she is. If you accept, you have her blessing. However, just be mindful that you chose to accept her, for how she is. Every woman shows you her character-even the ones, who think they are hiding, something. Sometime soon, they come to reflect their true persona. Sometime!

Moving through waters, while landing into a different part of the world, the theme is the same, and it will never change. The dignified women have their pride. If they have loved you enough, and have given you a significant portion of their love, trust and believe they will not beg you to stay. Not by a long shot.

Moving into South America, in the nation of Peru, we come across a song from one of the musical dames of this nation. It is called, “Enganada!” Do you need a translation? Sure. It means, “deceived.” And, yes my Darlings! Love can be very deceptive; especially, when not in the right hands. It has its way of deceiving us. Now, that leads to an imperative question. If “love” is deceptive, can it truly be called, love? No. It can’t. While some people may want to argue on the matter, there are those times when one has to take a stance on, truth. When love is real, deception is void. Sometimes, people have a way of revealing their true nature towards the end. It’s why those, who have given their all, (and know they have been true) will permit a so-called “love story” to fade away.

No creas que si tu te alejas, te voy a rogar

Do not think that if you walk away, I will beg you

tendre que buscar otro amor, pero que sepa amor

I will have to look for another love, but who knows love

Y aunque se que sufrire, por mucho tiempo, mas luego tu veras te lograre olvidar

And, although I know that I will suffer, for a long time, but then you will see I will forget you

It’s quite fascinating the power of time. Surely, it has a way of bringing things to a close. With time, there is a way of bringing things into a special perspective. Time occurs in cycles, and with cycles there is always, change! Change in work. Change in residential spaces. Change in love.

It’s not to say that the releasing of a love will be easy; not by a long shot. Behind the scenes, a woman may not show her mourning stage. Nevertheless, she can demonstrate the very process of resilience. Behind the scenes she may cry. It may take her months or years to get over the loss of a love. However, just know that things take time. Where there is time, there is a re-awakening into love’s tender state. There is also a special place of devoting love to oneself, prior to giving it to another. Sometimes, a new love takes time; more time than what we wish it to. Such is life. Yet, during the moving into a new phase, just know that love has a way of pushing, through.

Vuela mariposa del amor, juguete del Destino

Fly butterfly of love, play Destiny

hoy te toco reir a ti, manana a mi,

today, I have to laugh at you, tomorrow to me

Triunfa que eres muy hermosa, vives enganada

Triumph, that you are very beautiful, you lived deceived

no tienes corazon, tu amor no value nada,

You don’t have a heart, you’re love doesn’t value, anything

Triunfa que eres muy hermosa, vives enganada,

Triumph that you are very beautiful, you live deceived

no tienes corazon, tu amor no value nada

You have no heart, you’re love doesn’t value anything

It’s a major disappointment to be in love (and to have loved someone), who didn’t truly love you. Whatever the reason, they had an ulterior motive. So, yes! It’s best to let them go! Let them go and permit their essence to fade away, right along, with them. Smile Darlings, for a new love is coming, and it’s coming your way!

Maria de Jesus Vasquez Vasquez
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