Love’s Justice Monday: Lola Beltrán #Mexico

The Power Of Walking Away, In The Name Of Love! A Look At LOLA BELTRAN, and Her Performance Of "No Volvere!"

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One of the most powerful things for a woman to do, when she has been wronged is to leave! Sounds nice and sweet. However, it’s not always easy for some women. Nevertheless, for strong women, it’s the only option! Such is not to say that sorrow does not escape the very pain of leaving. One must cry the tears; cry them for as long as one can. Once all of that is over, there is the possibility that pain will linger. Yes. It will sting for a time. Yet, love will always come through, for those willing to wait.

There is one thing about the very act of leaving. And, let it not go, unnoticed. When a good woman states that she is leaving, “and never coming back,” rest assured, she will perform that truth. She will stay true to her very words. Furthermore, keep in mind the very role of her heart. The heart and truth go hand-in-hand. A person must never dishonor that very heart, with lies. And when a good woman tells you that she will not leave you, rest well in such truth.

So, what does it mean to manifest the very essence of truth, when a woman has refused to return? Well, for starters, there is a particular atmosphere, where a space is absent from nutritious, Spiritual energy. A man may play his games, and find humor in playing with a woman’s heart. However, all of such jokes will come back to haunt him, in the end.

Sometimes, distance has a way of hurting a woman. Actually, man times, it does. In many regards, distance has the power in quieting the mind. Distance can permit truth to reveal, itself. Sometimes, the truth is pretty ugly. It questions the status of the relationship, and if love is, or isn’t, in the picture. After all, people get together for different reasons. Unfortunately, many times those reasons have nothing to do with love, but for the comforts (and perks) of being married.

Cuando quieras que esta yo contigo

Then, you have the presence of strong women, who will stay with a man, forever how long he desires her. If he wants her to go, she will go. If he wants her to stay, well you can fill in the rest.

Te lo juro por Dios que me mira, I swear to God that he looks at me

Te lo digo llorando de rabia, I tell you crying with rage

Such a woman is so dedicated to her love, that she will fight to stay. She will not leave this love. Furthermore, her tears will grant one such reasons to stay. Her tears will be used as water’s for delight. Her tears will perform the devotion of one’s love. She will not leave, no matter what! If a relationship has not even been formed, she will remember to move in such a way, that soon he just has to notice her. Well, that’s what love is all about. Love, true love, works overtime, in ensuring a man notices, the right woman for him. Even if she is far away, even if they are apart, she will stand her ground, and stand it well. Furthermore, she will make sure to move through the most painful moments, painting them into beauty, until he recognizes her presence. No volvere! I will not go!

Lola Beltrán

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