Louis Armstrong’s Wonder In Colorful Worlds! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

How Famed Musician and Vocalist-LOUIS ARMSTRONG-Reminds The World Of Life's Simplest Pleasures, In the Performance Of His Song-"A Wonderful World!" #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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Waking up is a blessing! Getting out of bed each morning, is a treasure. What is an even greater gem 💎💎💎 is the ability to observe the sun, sky, trees, and any other form of nature from the very morning dawn. You hear the birds chirping. Smelling the freshness of dew, and the scent of what it means to be, alive! Observing actions of love and life is a way of seeing how a person is moving through our emotional terrain. Its an example of pushing through the decor of one’s awakening, and appreciation for being alive, even if things are not necessarily going well. Seeing acts of love and kindness between strangers, loved ones, and friends, makes life worth living. It gives meaning to continuing our lives, and finding joy in them, even when things don’t seem right.

Life is funny, isn’t it? Our perception of life is interesting, don’t you think? So often we live in a world, where society tells us how to think and how to feel. News and a lot of media have that way, as well. Too many times, the television has programmed us to feel a certain way, based on the politics, economics, and international movements of the day. There are different pathways of love and nurture. Furthermore, one of the most beautiful, and delightful impacts of addressing happiness is to address it, in those very moments. It is phenomenal and refreshing. Moving through the day, its imperative to highlight the beauties and riches of the day. There is something about beauty, and the realm of beauty, which fades away reality’s sorrow.

Certain songs have a way of reminding us just how precious life should be. Its as simple as smelling a rose, and hearing the chirping of birds. Furthermore, its also a wake up call for those, who think there is nothing to be grateful, or celebratory for. If the birds can chirp their little hearts out, then why can’t humanity find and appreciate beauty in every moment of time-no matter how the times may be.

Many legends have come through in their celebration of life, and the every day joys of life. And he, there are certain classic songs, which stay married with time. One of those is none other than “A Wonderful World,” by none other than the one and only. . .

Louis Armstrong

https://www.jazzwise.com/features/article/the-10-most-memorable-louis-armstrong-moments-on-youtube; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What a better way to arise in the morning, than to hear the fragrance of Louis Armstrong? What a better way in this wonderful world! The opening segment of violins, and that orchestral vibe places one directly into imagination’s of a new morning sway. If nature could sway to a particular tune, to the dawning of a new beat, and a new allure, “A Wonderful World,” would be one of them. The elegance and eloquence of the song incites rich imaginations for the joys of life, even if one has forgotten. It is a sweet reminder for how a people can thrive and find beauty in the world; even if one doesn’t think it is around. Even if a person no longer believes in the riches and joys of life’s essentials. A simple song, as sweet as the one above, brings a calming nectar into the Spirit for the downtrodden of hearts. In fact, it does wonders, for the human Spirit! That’s the very beauty of moving through the sweetness of sound. Through another lens, there is also the atmosphere of propelling oneself through another dynamic. That pertains to the ability of overcoming hardships and the daily frustrations of this thing called, life!

The poetry to the lyrics of this song makes it clear of there always being something to be grateful for. What is even more humane, is that many of the sensorial images within the song are priceless! Its true! You don’t have to pay to hear the songs of birds, unless you venture to a zoo. Saying “hello,” and asking about the days’ news is priceless. A person doesn’t have to pay to be cordial. It is further proof that things are free. Humanity is free. Everything else we have to pay for. However, the best practices of interacting with other human beings has no pricetag. Not at all. In fact, there is a deeper message, at hand. Nature gives herself, freely. In fact, humanity is meant to enjoy her; as long as we remember to return the love, back to her.

I see trees of green Red roses, too I see them bloom For me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful world

I see skies of blue And clouds of white The bright blessed day The dark sacred night And I think to myself What a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow 🌈 So pretty in the sky Are also on the faces Of people going by I see friends shaking hands Saying, “How do you do?” They’re really saying ‘I love you’

I hear babies cry I watch them grow They’ll learn much more Than I’ll never know And I think to myself What a wonderful world

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006swg; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Notice how each coloring of nature is in complement, and harmony with each other. One cannot help, but to observe how the presence of one does not negate the other. I see skies of blue, and clouds of white; the bright, blessed day, the dark, sacred night. . .” What makes this particular phrasing very auspicious is how it beautifies both day and night. Too often, the night time is portrayed as a haven of wickedness. Yet, for this song, the sacredness of the night allows for its beauty and truth to be revealed. In fact, the wonders of the night means that humanity is able to experience the aesthetics of Universal divinity. In fact, it is during the nighttime when creation receives the most nourishment for growth. Daylight has the task of reflecting that growth. Together, day and night form the complements of a team. Its refreshing to understand just how comforting they must be. Phenomenal? Yes, indeed!

Let’s not forget about the color of rainbows, and how they paint the sky. There are different colors, crafting the phrasing. Not only is it energetic, but a person can feel as if they are part of the creative process, themselves. That’s what makes it so serene and calming. Through other terms and phrasing, readers gain the power of feeling as if they are floating through time. Its one of the most endearing, and intrinsic dynamics we can ever imagine; especially, as it pertains to the fluidity of a song. Friends shaking hands, babies crying. Ah! The innocence of infancy. Its all part of that miracle for re-birth. If only humanity, through the hectic nature of the day, could stop and appreciate something as simple, as a baby crying. These loving reminders on childhood innocence, and the preciousness of experiencing this world as a baby. Babies! We have so much to learn from them. They are angels, who somehow are still connected to the Heavenly realm; creating this special connection between Earth and the Divine. That same level of innocence gives adults a chance to question the life, they are currently living. Are they moving in an aura of peace? Or is it simply one of hectic tenacity, where the on-the-go vibe keeps a great portion of humanity, moving in the way of robotic machines? For the great majority of humanity, it seems to be the latter. Perhaps, such is the aim of this song. Slow down, people! Slow down! It whispers.

https://www.legacy.com/news/celebrity-deaths/10-things-to-know-about-louis-armstrong/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In these current times, for these present moments, a person has the ability to do what we should have been doing all along. . .slowing down! Then again, who ever said that slowing down had to be an unpleasant process? Taking things slow can be enjoyable, indeed! Its a memory in that initial feeling of awaking from a wonderful slumber. From that very moment of opening one’s eyes, and feeling as if the world is a delectable buffet. Coffee is in hand, and you walk over to enjoy the chirping of birds. Those precious songs, they serenade to us because even in their environment, they enjoy performing their beauties in life. Its one of the most enjoyable moments, we could ever experience. The problem with so many people is that we are so used to doctrine, which positions us as “ruling over” the world, that we are ignorant of its power, in entertaining us. I don’t mean “man-made” forms of entertainment. On the contrary, a more cherished form of entertainment, relates to the every day sounds of nature. That’s it! In fact, some of the greatest and most talented musicians, have purposefully performed, and created, in nature. Making it short and sweet, nature is our wellness remedy.

Proceeding forward into these current times, there are many natural delights and wonders being directed our way. In fact, they have always been there. We just failed to pay attention. However, nature is gracious. Its not as if her songs will stop, simply because we have not listened. Not at all. Earth’s paradises are more patient than what we could imagine. Perhaps, they have been a little too patient, given the despicable attitudes that humanity has projected on Earth’s riches. We really don’t deserve her. And through it all, she continues to give us grace, in her nourishment of of our humanity, along with life’s riches. Right now there are questions into how those fast-paced, busy bodies, have been hurrying ourselves through our humanity. Slowing down and forcing us to smell the roses, while listening to the sounds of birds chirping, early in the morning. For many people, it has become a morning ritual. They are vitamins to our Spirits. And that is beautiful, as well.

So, early in the morning when the morning is quiet, grant ourselves time to move into those sacred songs. Those songs ever reminding us just how beautiful and precious, life truly is. There is everlasting meaning to it all. They make you feel gratitude for waking up in the morning; gratitude in having another opportunity to appreciate what life truly means. That’s one of the blessed remedies of moving through life’s daily circles. Should we lose meaning for this adventure, there is some precious Spirit singing their heart out reminding us why we do. So, smell the roses. Sing with the birds. Watch the colors glowing and hear the babies, crying Paint a plethora of rainbows, and make them heard, for you and I!

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1188641; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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