Loretta Bates: Zumba Education Specialist

' Increased confidence, self worth, comfortability in their own skin...all from a fitness class! Who knew!?'

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Loretta Bates: Zumba® Education Specialist with Zumba® Fitness.

Loretta Bates is a worldly recognised Zumba Education Specialist. She is a perfect candidate for my articles on Creative Influencers. Loretta is a talented and humble woman with heart and soul – who knows the real meaning of self worth and self care. I am thrilled to be interviewing her.  

Hi Loretta, let’s start off with a general introduction about who you are, and if you could describe yourself in one word. What would that magical word be?

My name is Loretta Bates and I am a Zumba® Education Specialist with Zumba® Fitness. If I had to describe myself in word, it would probably be “authentic.” I try to stay true to myself at all times, and pretty much what you see is what you get.

What inspired you to enter into the world of Zumba – and how did this eventually lead you on to becoming a worldly recognised Zumba Education Specialist (ZES).

I walked into a Zumba® class 10 years ago, and immediately fell in love! I never in a million years thought that I should teach, but one day my instructor walked up to me after class, and said “You should be an instructor!’ “What, me?” 

From there the rest is history, I attended a training and started teaching classes, and loved every minute of it! After teaching for two and half years, Zumba began a program for kids known as Zumbatomic, and they needed Zumba Education Specialists for the new program, so I applied and much to my surprise got the job.

What is it about Zumba that fills you with such positive love and light?

I love how Zumba helps people to be healthy and feel good on the outside, but the part that really touches me is how it affects people on the inside. Increased confidence, self worth, comfortability in their own skin…all from a fitness class! Who knew!?

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a ZES, and what tricks could you give anyone suffering from fatigue and exhaustion in the physical world of fitness, coaching and dance?

The most challenging aspect of being a ZES is balancing family and work. With a travel schedule as hectic as mine, I pretty much just stay at home and do family when I am not working. For instructors, I would encourage them to think about LONGEVITY. Stretch, drink water, eat a well balanced diet, get enough rest…all of these things are crucial in order to be able to give your all for your students. 

Can you tell us what it’s like to have Mr. Zumbabeto as your boss?

Having Beto as a boss is the best. He is very skilled at knowing who will be good at what, and has what to me seems to be the perfect balance of challenging me to grow and become better, yet at the same time, walking the path with me so I don’t get overwhelmed or feel alone.

What are your biggest life goals — and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

One of my biggest life goals is to continue to spread the love, joy and security that I found from being a part of the Zumba family. I want every single person to realize their own beauty, gifting and talents and feel a sense of fulfillment as they walk those out. 

What have been the stepping stones towards your success as a ZES?

Stepping stones to success as a ZES: caring about others and not having a goal to be “famous” or “well-known”…just being myself. People can relate to that, flaws and all. No one can relate to perfection.

Many will agree that you are an influential and inspiring role model for men, women and children; this is evident as you have a massive entourage of followers in the world of social media. Why do you think this is?

As I mentioned before, just because I’m crazy enough to say exactly what I’m feeling or going through which is relatable for most people, because we all fall prey to this thing called the human condition.

What would you tell all those little girls out there, who have dreams as big as you did, and how do you use your talent, passion, creativity and influence to give back to others and the communities around you.

I would tell all the little girls out there that they are beautiful and specially gifted. Not like anyone else, so don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others, it will only cause you to lose track of the ways you are uniquely gifted.

Travelling is a massive part of your job title. Can you tell us your most memorable experience about travelling as a ZES, and how the people you have met whilst travelling have impacted on your success and life in general?

Every single trip that I go on is special to me, every meal every person, every moment is a reminder of what a big and wonderful world we live in! The two places that stuck out to me the most were Brazil and Cuba.

You are a superhero to many of your fans around the world. Who is your superhero and why do they move, influence and inspire you?

My Superheros are ZIN members all over the world. I am continuously blown away by the generosity, sacrifice, love and passion they bring to every class, every person, every moment, and it inspires me greatly. I count it an honor to be named amongst such a fabulous group of people.

Finally Loretta, where can people learn more about you and your adventures online?

 Instagram: @lorettabates

Facebook: Loretta Bates Zumba Education Specialist

Twitter: @rettabates

Loretta Bates
Zumba® Education Specialist
Phone: 281.309.8880
Fax: 919.650.3583
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