5 Ways We Reflect Fear

Look your fear in the eye and chase it away.

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What is fear; a reality or just an illusion? Does it really exist? What creates it? Is it our mind or some uncontrollable factors in our surroundings? Are our phobias actually scary in reality, or is it just a hyped reaction to our own weaknesses? We all are afraid of something or the other in our lives. What is phobia to one person could be joke to another. We are different from each other and so are our fears.

People are scared of different objects, supernatural powers, stronger living creatures, or powerful beings around us. The concept behind fear is being afraid of the unknown consequences to an action, or the preconceived notions attached to it, our own past experiences, or any overly heard urban legend about a particular object, place or event. We are fearful of any entity that we think could harm us or have higher powers than us.

If we look our fear in the eye, we could chase it away. What is ordinary to one person could be alarming to another.

How Is Fear Reflected?

1) Our fears are reflected in our eyes, our body language and the non verbal body language.

2) Bullies and attackers attack only those, whom they consider to be weak.

3) If we imitate courage, we could actually pull it along and appear courageous.

4) Fear rules over us, if only we allow it to.

5) Facing our fears is the only way to get over them.

>>We are weak – only when we consider ourselves to be.

>>Fear is a state of mind – our mind works as we guide it to.

>> Once we conquer our fears – there is nothing left to be afraid of.

>> We should learn to look our fears in the eye – to bid it goodbye forever.

Fear is reflected by our body language; if we could control the reflection of fear we could actually trick the attackers, bullies and make them believe we are not afraid of them. Just by acting brave and we could actually pull off bravery to a certain extent.

The strange part is even animals understand the language of fear. I guess that is why we say – ‘Survival of the fittest in the jungle.’

>> Animals gauge our fear by our body language; same ways human beings figure it out too.

>> Animals do not need words to understand if we are afraid of them, same applies on humans beings.

>> Animals read the body language of power, they are afraid of a creature that seems powerful to them.

If only, we learn to look our fears in the eyes and smile, it scares the hell out of them. 

Our object of fear could be anything from living to dead. All we need to do is – look the object of our fear in the eye, and it would not trouble us back.

 Author – Preeti Singh (Homepage)

Her books are available on Amazon.

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Originally published at www.google.com (Vegan Beauty Babe Magazine) in a slightly altered form.

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