Loneliness And Improper Care Can Be Life-Threatening For Aged People. Learn How To Help?

Loneliness can affect both mental and physical health of your aged parents. There are several ways with which you can beat their loneliness and provide them a healthy and happy living, topping the list is quality time. Your company is always irreplaceable.

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Aged People
Happy Aged People in elder care

As the news issued in August 2017 by India Today, Rituraj Sahni (an Indian resident who migrated to the US for employment) came back from the US to find the skeleton of her mother back in Mumbai, India. He failed to contact his mother as her phone was switched off. On returning it came into notice that his mother has committed suicide as she was tired of living alone. In her last call with son, she discussed her interest to shift to an old age home as it was difficult to survive the loneliness. Owing to several conjugal issues it took time for Rituraj to come back to his mother only to see her dead. 

Don’t be the second Rituraj Sahni! Free your aged parents from the shackles of loneliness.

Loneliness can strike at any age and this loneliness changes across your lifetime and have different impacts. As a teenager or as an adult, requiring “alone time” is quite evident. You have loved your loneliness to bits and never felt comfortable in a gathering. However, this is not the same in the case of elderly people. With decades and more that they have spent in nourishing you, it becomes difficult to part from you. 

Though they are immensely happy and proud of you to see you secure respectable employment in other countries and have a lavish life, a sense of loneliness and being away from you haunts them to bits.  

This loneliness can be a major cause of both physical and mental health deterioration. Needless to say, there are several organizations and institutions coming up to provide elder care for the well-being of the lonely aged people, but it holds high importance for children to be aware of. 

Hence, before you leave your parents alone back at home consider giving a thought on their well-being to balance your caregiving and career. There are several arrangements that you can make for your aged parents to help them combat the consequences of loneliness even when you are not around. 

Option 1. Daycare centres for elderly or old age homes:

Source: Pexels

Old age homes can be of much help as your parents will get several aged individuals to talk to share their feelings and thoughts. Besides, they will be fed on-time, have their daily chores being taken care of, on-time medication, etc. 

Option 2. Elderly care organizations

Source: Eldercare organization

There are several organizations that offer at-home elderly care to take care of your parents from their preferred environment. 

Which one you want to opt for your parents will depend on your preference and requirements. However, before making any decision consider the following steps – 

  • Step 1.             List down your requirements. Analyze how you want to take care of your aged parents and how much money you can afford.  
  • Step 2.             Sit down with your parents and discuss with them. Analyze what they will be comfortable in and if they have any specific requirements.  
  • Step 3.         Evaluate the organization you appoint for taking care of your parents based on their efficiency, charges, etc. Make sure they are aware of the important things personal caregivers should observe in elder care to keep you updated on their health condition. 
  • Step 4.        Look for an alternative option. As being far from your parents is a huge decision it is better that you look for other options and see if you can take them along.

Besides, before you leave consider spending quality time with your aged parents. The last laugh and dance with your parents will work as memorabilia to them. Allow them to cherish the last hours with you and cater to all their ‘teeny – weeny’ caprice. There is nothing better than your company and the same will always remain irreplaceable. 

Remember, the last moment you give them will act as a pillar which they will hold on to till you visit them again. 

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