Tuesday Morning Soul: Loleatta Holloway #BlackAmericanHer/History360

Listening To The Song, "Cry To Me," and The Treasures Of Emotional Release-By LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY!

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Crying is one of the most holistic nectar we can ever experience within the course of our humanity. When it comes to love, there is nothing like a good cry to release the heart brokenness in losing the one you love. Nothin’ like it. The agony of separation feels as if the Soul is being torn apart. There is nothing so painful and agonizing as feeling that level of fragmentation. Having been connected to a person. Your Spirits have been interlocked. And yet, you go through that level of agony, when a separation takes place. Yes! It’s very painful, indeed! So, what do you do? What’s the next step?

Imagine a woman waking up, only to see that the man she loves no longer desires the love. Questions linger. Reflections take place. A person comes to ask themselves, where did it all go wrong? What happened? Where was the breaking point? Was there a miscommunication, taking place? That is often the issue, isnt? Miscommunication. If only time was ready to take the words; all the while using them for restoration. If only the words could be used to mend the very brokenness of love. What if such were to happen? What if all it took were three, little words? Now, that’s a wonder in its own right. After all, words have the power to rebuild or destroy. They can create, anew, or bridge forth a new level of connection. It all depends on how we decide to use them. How do we desire the manifestation of our love-with the one that we love?

There are different ways for this to take place. We can write a letter. We can speak it. And then, we can cry it out! There is nothing like a good cry. There is nothing like having a shoulder to lean on, during the crying process. Men are often told that they are not supposed to cry. Yet, when it comes to love, why should there be any barriers? Who determines if such a love is worth crying over? And, when you cry, is that not a form of fighting? Surely it is. There is nothing left to say, after that.

One of the most sacred attributes of womanhood is her ability to nurture. Through her guidance, man is presented with that validation for moving through his humanity. Releasing any barriers and emotional limitations, he can find safety in her arms; emotional safety, at that! So, what are these three magical words? Cry to me! Yes! Cry to me. A simple command, and yet they are that healing and comforting. An emotional wellness of release! For they give that green light for that emotional healing! That level of emotional wellness, for the delightful performance of love’s comfort. And yes! It feels so good. It feels just right!

The song “Cry To Me,” is one of the Soulful treasures, by a legendary Soul singer! Not only is it a musical treasure, but it nourishes the very serenity of what it means in holding onto love! Yes! That’s exactly what it means. Imagine a more powerful way in holding onto that very love, than to cry; inviting a man to cry in the midst of one’s feminine essence. Maybe, just maybe, that’s all it takes! Just maybe! Perhaps, that may be the medicine for healthy communication. In fact, could it also be that one, simple act in saving a relationship? Causing him to change his mind? And, it all comes through the very guise, of water! That’s the healing ointment of it all! Water is that magical secret! So, cry to me! That’s what it is truly about!

It takes the right singer to perform such a song! And, it can’t be any sound. The right one must exist! That’s the very premises for the saving of love! For a woman to move through this song, a passion (and truth-telling) must occur! And, it has to come from the very depths, of the Soul! It has to be so Soulfully delightful, that it moves through a higher love! Through this higher love, the vibrance of love is attractive! Not only is it attractive, but it permits a man to re-consider what he is walking away from. Yes! Reconsider. Reconsider, LOVE! How delightful to sing such a plea, and to perform it, well! Now, that’s when you know when a love is worth, saving! So, just cry, and keep crying, until a love has been, restored!

Loleatta Holloway

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