Lola Beltran and the Singing Of Marigolds’ Dances With Mexican Winds! #DiaDeLosMuertos

How Famed Mexican, Singer, Actress, and Television Presenter-LOLA BELTRAN Performed The Wellness Of Mexican Winds and Dances Of Marigolds! #DiaDeLosMuertos

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The time has come for the celebration of those, who have gone on before us. Our loved ones-some old and others young. When they have spiritually transitioned, their passing becomes aligned. Many will go on to say how they are watching over us. Its true! Heaven’s artistry grants us with the serenity of knowing, that our loved ones taken from us, still manage to surround us. Their Spirit finds a way to comfort us. That alone is a sacred arena, in its own right, for it redefines our perception of death. Too many people seem to negate the losing of loved ones, that they negate the presence of life, through a different form. That’s the Spiritual realm.

One of the interesting things about losing loved ones, or legendary greats, who gave something meaningful to the world, is how they allow for a re-assessment on the meaning of “death.” When beautiful Spirits have transitioned forward, humanity is questioned about their own interaction to life. How is life treasured on a personal journey? Are the masses of humanity really alive, or are they simply moving through the process? Going through the motions of living, but truly not, alive! Is there a deeper message to the passing of beautiful Spirits, and what their passing says about those left behind? Do people stop living once someone has died? Furthermore, how does it address the reality of the “living,” really been dead? It is apparent that humanity thrives off the energy of those really living, in order to feel alive. Its unhealthy, and even parasitic. One could even attribute it as a form of laziness, as such behavior prevents others from channeling holistic energy for equal exchange. Its a behavior of freeloading off of another’s wellness.

In the nation of Mexico, there are those musical legends, who graced the Earthly paradise. Spreading their sound, they gave healing to the masses, and those who cared to listen. They were vivacious, nourishing, and aware of the healing power of music and performance. There was a great mystery in the air. Furthermore, it required that one be astute in nature’s role in musical performance. It demanded there being a suitable awakening for those Beings, who could not see past what it means to move through the particulars of every day life. Oftentimes, so many are so focused on surviving, they don’t know what it means to truly. . .live! Some people forget the simple pleasures of running through the winds, swimming in the waters, for no particular reason, other than. . .just because! Just because, it’s one of the sweetness auras of life. Just because.

There are particular singers and artists, who remind us that life is worth living; even when they have passed on. Their gifts are memory traces for those of us, left behind, having the responsibility of channeling life’s living testimony. Using our own Beings, as contributors to the life cycle, so that we are active participators in Earth’s rejuvenation.

When it comes to the nation of Mexico, there is one singer, whose voice gives the personification of merigolds, dancing in the comforts of the Mexican Winds. That singer is none other than famed Mexican legend. . .

Lola Beltran; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Close your eyes and listen. Listen, if you dare. Her voice embodies the dances of winds. Dances, which have a certain timber and texture in how they are sung. The deep and subtle intonation of her voice embodies a particular vibe. There is a dry-textured richness about her voice. When listening to it, I get the vibe and feeling of cooper, and the shock of its malleability. Its ability to twist, turn, and bend its way into vocal decoration, through the fluidity of musical 🎶🎶 notes. There is an elixir to her voice, and its ability to soften the hardened elements of life. Perhaps, it takes metallic texture to soften other metals. Metal, too, is part of nature’s delight.

There are key songs, which highlights her career. Songs, which perform the breathes of Mexican Winds, in order to move through the beauties of love and stability. These songs, and her performance of them, revealed that invisible world, within the Mexican Winds. What is perceived to be “clear,” or invisible, actually has many levels of artistry on its own; depending on where you travel to in the world. Songs such as “Paloma Negra,” and “Cucurrucucu Paloma,” and “Paloma Negra,” are songs further highlighting this wonder. Her voice dances with the sacred winds, very well. Not only do they dance, but they are connected to our imaginations of marigolds, dancing to them, as well. If we imagine the dancing of marigolds with Mexican Winds, does it also mean that our loved ones, who have journeyed on, are also finding ways of showing the liveliness of their Spirits? Could their Spirits, too, be dancing with the marigolds, as they are blown by the winds? Its an interesting painting 🎨 to imagine, wouldn’t you agree?

Ya me canal de llorar y no amance Ya no se si maldecirte o por ti rezar, Tengo miedo de buscarte y de encontrarte

Donde me aseguran mis amigos que te vas

Hay momentos en que quisiera mejor rajarme

Pa arrancarme ya los clavos de mi penar,

Pero mis ojos se mueren sin mirar tus ojos

Im tired of crying, and it doesn’t dawn, I don’t know whether to curse you or pray for you

I’m afraid of looking for you and finding you, Where my friends assure me that you are going

There are times when I would better like to crack To tear the nails out of my pain But my eyes die without looking at your eyes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There are many interpretations for the opening lyrics to the song “Paloma Negra.” For the sacredness of these given times, it connects to the memory of loss, and needing to be comforted, through that painful time, or times. So, yes, it is our responsibility to mourn those, whom we have lost. Its normal. However, let us always remember that it is a disservice for us to stay there in the morning phase. . .a great disservice, indeed. What we have to come to realize is that legacies must carry on. Those, who are left behind have that responsibility in sustaining the memory and legacy of those, who have transitioned on. Its a way for us to maintain the beauty and miracle of their Spiritual presence, on Earth. Furthermore, it provides humanity with the strength to carry on, during these times of pain and suffering. Its medicinal to create in life’s abundance, so that the emptiness of loss, is always restored. That’s a miracle, in itself.

Restoration with loss, comes in a fluid pace. It is fluid with time, and is catered to the beauties of life’s restoration of, love! On one end, there are different phases, that we experienced, when moving through grief. Nevertheless, we have to be mindful that the very process and purpose of moving through grief, is so that we can get to the moment of peace. Mental peace is needed in our ability to continue the work, we must do on Earth. Its another way of continuing the legacy of our transitioned loved ones.

For Mexico’s, Dia De Los Muertos, the sacred merigolds attest to the vitality we must sustain, when our loved ones have returned to the spiritual world. It means that even in death, there is life. Some people may take to question, why there is the use of such colors for the celebration of the lost ones. Well, perhaps, it pertains to the reality that the festivities, must go on. The celebration of life, must go on. And, guess what? Even in the afterlife, celebrations go on. Its a disservice to those, who left us, to sit in mourning for a long period of time, and allow life to, pass us by. Therefore, its best to move their presence in celebrating with others. Connecting with others, who remind you of them. It’s the greatest celebration, that a person can do.

Quiet. Listen. Do you hear their sound? Do you hear HER sound? Listen to Lola, and hear her well. Close your eyes. Feel the Mexico’s winds, through the voice of Maria Lucila Beltran Ruiz! Remember the intricacies of her sound; that copper-colored timber, and it’s reminders to those hidden colors, within the freshness of air. And as the wind blows, watch the marigolds. Let them sway in dance to the Spirits of our loved ones. Sway in joy, and life’s fulfilling song. For in that time, they will remind us that living is for those, who truly live, within!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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