Loganathan Arumugam’s Soft Direction Into Music’s Unknown, and Healing Sound!

How Legendary, Malaysian Singer, Band Member, and Performer-LOGANATHAN ARUMUGAM-Illustrates The Vocal Direction Of Courage and Healing, In His Performance Of, "Nota Terakir!"

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One of the most intrinsic and majestic attributes in venturing to the Asian world, is how it always provides ample opportunities for exploration of the musical scene. Such is especially intriguing, when it comes to the arena of Rock n’ Roll, or other musical from Black America’s gardens, and how they are performed. Quite frankly, such an observation is rather fascinating. It is enchanting, nonetheless. How do people convey, and interpret, this peculiar music, from a peculiar people, once it enters into their country? How do they connect it to their land, while adding their languages to it? Now, that is a wonder to see.

Venturing to the nation of Malaysia, we have previously received a taste of this particular entity. We have heard the sweetness of one arena of Black American gardens, in Malaysia’s paradise. Do you remember the legendary group, Alleycats? Yes, the legendary, Malaysian group, who put the nation of Malaysia as a credible source of beauty from the music world. It is nutritious and filled with a plethora of opportunities, in venturing to another world. That’s part of the overall process. It is enlightening and gives you incite into how illuminating the world of Malaysian artistry can truly be. The mixture of the Malaysian, music scene, and its ability to navigate through different spaces of the land is euphoric. Then, there is, of course, the Malaysian language, in itself, which is intrinsic. There are a number of beauties and connections into how it moves and intertwines itself into his foreign element of musical performance and wonder. Furthermore, there is a greater context, at work, when we delve further, into some of those most intrinsic and legendary artists of Malaysian soil.

The world of Malaysia knew his name. After all, he was part of a legendary duo. He was half of it. For he and his brother had been wrapped into a musical bind. A sacred journey, through music’s bliss, where kinship would be performed for the Malaysian world to see; and with a darker hue. There was one of them, and it would be the presenter for a softer sound; that sound of softness and a silent introduction into the unknown. His voice is akin into that special place of slowly being open into a new world. Furthermore, a person is also guided with a level of peace and harmony. There is nothing to be afraid when it comes to entering into this new world.

Collectively, this dynamic group was known as the Alleycats. There were were two, main singers. A dynamite duo, indeed! The other half, who transitioned on, was known as. . .

Loganathan Arumugam; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The tenderness within his voice was for another world. There was a level of sentimental aura, and energy, when it came to being able to convey a song to an audience. If the musical journey was uneasy, or if one felt a sense of fear, one would not have to worry to long. While walking through danger, a person would be accompanied with the voice of Loganathan Arumugam. Suddenly, a person mocks the very term of danger. In fact, it becomes rather comical, in even feeling that a person should be afraid, or in danger. For what is danger, when it comes to our movement into another musical world? Does it pertain to a person’s ability to dive into a given situation, only for it to require faith. Knowing that one will complete one’s mission from Point A to Point Z. Does a person’s musical journey demand that courage be part of the equation? We would surely hope so. There is one particular song, which alludes to this silent, musical journey. Loganathan Arumugam takes the listeners on, is none other than the song, “Nota Terakhir.”

The very mood of the song is an entrance, which addresses our very worries. It is a particular tale of slowly easing our way into navigation, within the unknown. We cannot help, but to move into that direction. How the tone sets for the piece creates a vibe in feeling that one has entered into a scary place. It feels lonely. Furthermore, it feels desolate. A person may find themselves to being unsure, regarding their surroundings, and where they are. Yet, finally, there comes that particular point, within the song, when things begin to turn around. Its that ray of hope, and of light. Things begin to transform for the better. Soon, a person is no longer fearful of that particular spacing. After all, it has become a familiar setting. Yet, it took that initial step. It required having a sense of courage, when moving (and navigating) oneself into, unfamiliar territory. That’s the very dynamic of this entire, sacred spacing. Beautiful things, and intrinsic territories require that we get uncomfortable. There is no way around it. Nevertheless, once something begins to become more familiar, then the tune takes on a more sweeter, touch!

Loganathan Arumugam’s voice is perfect for guiding listeners into this keen fairy tale. This mystical land, between reality and fiction, where we are able to come for the learning of needed lessons. Once we have learned them, we can return to the complex reality, of our every day lives. For the most part, it is that necessary therapy, that we all need. Should we decide to venture into other worlds, we can always do it. Taking the lessons, and healing ointments from them, and bringing them back to the every day reality.

Watching the video performance of “Nota Terakhir,” we come to an agreement that the stage is designed and established, for the performance of both Brothers, with a darkened hue. Yes, it requires this! As Loganathan Arumugam carries the tune, he is supported by his brother. While occupying the background, there is a silent artistry, at work, for anyone daring to recognize it. There are silent movements together. Certain dynamics are intertwined between the two brothers. Not only is it a spiritual place, but it is the very nature of artistry, at work. Furthermore, its another level in observing the sacred nature, of sibling togetherness. The spiritual complement of, 2! And, when you observe the performance of 2, then one experiences the complementary element of its very nature. The very video for the performance of “Nota Terakhir,” articulates everything about the dual nature of 2! For there are certain elements, relating to how people are allowed to move through this very essence! You don’t have to know the language. You don’t have to even understand the very lyrics of the song. That’s the power of music. You can simply listen and experience the fruits and fascination of movement. There is great mystique and power in that. Its healing, and Baby, it feels good!

Some of the most legendary performances are not always outlandish and vivacious. On the contrary, certain performances bring an inviting element in moving into that new direction. Its a fascinating adventure. Its a healing one, nevertheless. While directing ourselves into its awakening, we are pressed to observe just how nutritious the unfamiliar, can truly be. For the most part, its an awakening into those very depths, that we wish to be. Where we choose to be? How close we choose to be? If balance is of our secret desire, then clearly, we have come to the right place! Its the right time for a complementary, pace!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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