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Elizabeth Tripp on Living Your Truth

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I absolutely loved my recent radio/podcast interview with the amazing Elizabeth Tripp; a fellow Thrive Global Contributor, (no coincidences) for whom I had the honour and the privilege of showcasing on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! Right out the gate, Elizabeth and I completely jived, gelled, and vibed! There was an undeniable genuineness and a raw purity to Elizabeth’s thoughtful disposition, which strongly permeated through the airwaves. ‘Music’ to any radio/podcast host’s ears, but more importantly; a profound resonance with my soul!

I was immediately struck with just how many parallels and overlapping similarities, which existed between Elizabeth and myself, including even simply my name Lisa being a derivative of Elizabeth. No coincidences as I often say! 
Elizabeth exhibited a noticeable calmness and a peaceful groundedness to her overall demeanour. From a host’s perspective (my perspective) this instantly set the tone for what did in fact unfold as a very in the zone/zen type conversation. I recognized within Elizabeth an inherent appreciation for life, and an intrinsic respect for all of humanity. She is a deep, thoughtful, sensitive, and highly intuitive individual. Vulnerabile disclosures of experiences personally encountered, depicted very clearly, why and how Elizabeth wishes to show up in this world, and doing so in ways that would allow for others to genuinely be seen, heard, acknowledged, validated and included. Some people have a knack for effortlessly emanating lightness and brightness. Elizabeth is undeniably one of these said people. 

I have always been one who is magnetized to those who are deep-thinkers…those who are soul-stirrers, those who are committed to doing the inner work so as to truly be the change they wish to see in this world. Elizabeth is consciously woke, and is therefore, contributing, paying it forward and being of service to the collective, and in all the meaningful ways which most profoundly matter. It only took one conversation with Elizabeth, to further feel the shift in my energies, and left me craving more. This is why I know, and why I believe that Elizabeth and I will continue to remain connected, for who wouldn’t want more of the “good stuff” in their life?! Who would opt to not immerse themselves in the company or the presence of quality people?! I know a gem when I see it!

I personally wish to express my wholehearted gratitude to you, Elizabeth Tripp, for generously allowing us radio listeners, podcast subscribers and myself as the host of Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, a real, raw and candid glimpse into your beautiful soul. It has been a particularly arduous year for all of us collectively around the globe, and so when the Elizabeth Tripp’s of the world are able to uphold and maintain their pureness, their softness, their gentleness, and their eternal optimism…it is beyond inspiring and uplifting to say the least. The world needs more of this. The world needs more people like Elizabeth who choose to emit what it is that is right with this world. Thank you, Elizabeth, for being the walking, talking, and breathing example of servant leadership. I for one, immensely appreciate you! Thank you for being vulnerable with us.

On behalf of both Elizabeth and myself, we wish to extend our mutual appreciation to you for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article. We also wish to mutually thank you, for graciously taking the time to listen to our amazing conversation with one another, which can be found in the enclosed podcast link. For anyone here who wishes to take the conversation further with either or with both Elizabeth and myself outside of this brilliant forum, please know it would be our honour and our pleasure to be of additional service to you in whichever ways you may deem to be a suitable fit!

“I Want For You What You Want For You!” ~ Byron Katie.

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Elizabeth Tripp is a New York City based Lifestyle Design Coach and Spiritual Teacher.

As a featured radio talk show host on TalkRadio.NYC, a Thrive Global Contributor, and a national public speaker, Elizabeth is recognized as a thought leader in spirituality, well-being, and prosperity.

She is the owner and founder of, a life coaching practice that guides established entrepreneurs, visionaries, and healers to be soulfully empowered and design lifestyles they love from the inside out. She believes the secret to creating a lifestyle you’ll never want to walk away from starts by taking back your power to BE your brilliant self. No strings attached!

She teaches her clients to live in the truth of who they are by getting to the source of their limitations and learning their soul’s lessons so they believe in themselves and live life by their design.

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