Living With A Ravenous Thirst For Life: “Keep Good Company”

With Marcello Pedalino

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Keep Good Company: You are who you surround yourself with. There are 2 groups. VIPs (Very Inspiring People) and VDPs (Very Draining People). Go out of your way to associate with VIPs that will inspire you, empower you, and bring out the best in you. Remove yourself from the company of VDPs, people that can come up with a problem for every solution. *This includes your online and social media interactions. You’ll be amazed how much more productive you will be with your time and how much more energy you’ll have.

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, unchallenged, and have nothing to look forward to? It doesn’t have to be that way. One idea that I always advice my clients is the concept of “Stop pushing the pain away and see it as the guide to your life purpose”

As a society, we are hardwired to sit on our tush in a comfortable lethargy. I invite you to start EXPERIENCING your life, rather than observing it, getting used to the uncomfortable and finding the deepest inspirations in your pain. We grow from the dark much more and faster than we do from the light and often our deepest gifts (and the source of our passion, pleasure and joy) are located where it hurts the most. Life purpose is a waltz between pain, pleasure, play

For me, all my trials and tribulations resulted in the most incredible outcome- finding my life purpose and aligning my entire life around it. Once I did that my business took off, my lifestyle changed and, most importantly, I started living a passionate, joyful life. I started TRULY trusting myself. While before I outsourced my reasons for happiness outside of myself to online courses that promised to give me love overnight or make me rich in a click of a button, to gurus that were telling me how to live my life and lead my business, to magical objects or juju, now I use these means as supplementary help, not as my guide as I have found my own internal compass that is never wrong and is ALWAYS working for me.

As a part of our series interviewing experts on how to live a “ravenous life” — a life filled with the passion, pleasure, playfulness and abundance that come naturally to those who dare to be authentic, I had the pleasure to interview Marcello Pedalino, ( CFT. Marcello is the author of the inspirational book on personal growth and development, “Celebrate Life.” Marcello is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I wanted my daughter, Isabella, to have a lifestyle guide when she grew up — just in case I wasn’t around to teach her everything I had learned over the past 40 years. I wrote the book, “Celebrate Life”. As a professional Master of Ceremonies and entertainer for 30 years, spreading the message of “living your best life” now as a keynote speaker is a natural evolution.

What does it mean for you to live “on purpose”? Can you explain? How can one achieve that?

For me, living on purpose is simple. When I wake up in the morning, there’s no question why I need to get out of bed. I always make sure that I have things to live for, things to look forward to, and things that I want to make happen.

I’ve learned that if you want to live a meaningful and purposeful life, you must learn how to unapologetically prioritize your time. Once you hyper-focus on priorities, it doesn’t leave much room for friction and contrast. If you are true to your efforts, you will succeed in living purposefully.

Do you have an example or story in your own life of how your pain helped to guide you to finding your life’s purpose?

As a back-up plan to running my entertainment and event production company in my early 20’s, I got my real estate license just in case I ever got hurt and couldn’t perform anymore. My mentor at the time was a very “successful” 35 year-old realtor who was exceeding sales quotas and winning awards for top performers in the industry. I thought I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. A few years later, he died of a stress-related heart attack. He didn’t know how to relax or balance his personal and professional endeavors. It was sad to lose a friend, but I’m grateful that he ultimately taught me how to make work-life integration and energy management a priority.

The United States is currently rated at #18 in the World Happiness Report. Can you share a few reasons why you think the ranking is so low?

Many Americans make the mistake of thinking that money, not time, is life’s most precious commodity. They don’t even realize that they are chasing their tails. They work themselves to the bone so they can buy a better phone, a newer car, or a bigger house only to eventually realize that they can never truly enjoy any of those “things” because they’re completely exhausted from working so much. The other harsh reality is that they don’t realize that long-term happiness comes from within- not from something you can purchase. I’ve been fortunate to travel outside of the U.S. many times and learned that other countries have already figured out what Americans fail to realize… -that you can actually earn half as much money and be twice as happy.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

Every year, I organize and sponsor The Celebrate Life Hike in Las Vegas, The Celebrate Life Ride in New York City, and The Celebrate Life Luncheon in New Jersey with my wife, Dr. Jill Pedalino, owner of Healthy Kids Pediatrics. The events are designed to gather some really cool entrepreneurs and positive-minded friends together for a few hours of fun, fitness, and supportive mojo.

What are your 6 strategies to help you face your day with exuberance, “Joie De Vivre” and a “ravenous thirst for life”? Can you please give a story or example for each?

1) Take Care of Yourself: If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of the people who depend on you. The top leaders and most successful people in the world make fitness a priority. They know that mental fortitude, determination, and discipline are all positive side effects of being in the best shape of your life. Sleep, nutrition, and exercise are the foundation and a consistent implementation of all three are paramount if you want to be ready for whatever life throws your way.

2) Keep Good Company: You are who you surround yourself with. There are 2 groups. VIPs (Very Inspiring People) and VDPs (Very Draining People). Go out of your way to associate with VIPs that will inspire you, empower you, and bring out the best in you. Remove yourself from the company of VDPs, people that can come up with a problem for every solution. *This includes your online and social media interactions. You’ll be amazed how much more productive you will be with your time and how much more energy you’ll have.

3) Do What You Love: After you determine what it is that you’re passionate about, you’ll need to establish your definition of success. Find that sweet spot of doing what you love, earning “enough” money, and actually having enough time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Money and status are both nice things to have, but one needs to remember that “success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” For parents, consider this… if you think your kids want your money when you die, you’re wrong. They want your company while you’re alive and well. They want the memories to cherish when you do pass on.

4) Travel: Travel outside your zip code, travel outside your country, and most importantly- travel outside your comfort zone once in awhile. Go see how other people live and learn from their culture. You’ll probably see very quickly how Americans tend to over-complicate things and why they are ranked much higher on that World Happiness Report.

5) Make a Difference: If you want to feel good about yourself, be good to other people. Do whatever you can, however you can, whenever you can. From cleaning up the neighborhood with your kids, to holding the door open for someone, to buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you, to raising money for your favorite cause, “paying it forward” is one of the easiest and most proactive ways to make a difference.

6) Let it Go: Regardless of how you got the wind knocked out of you, sometimes you need to move on. And make no mistake, this is very different than giving up or giving in. If you’re not happy with your current circumstances or if you’ve made legitimate attempts to rectify a situation but soon realize that you’re fighting an unwinnable war… it’s time to say “to heck with the cheese, let me out of the trap.” It won’t be easy, and it will probably hurt, but “letting it go” is sometimes the only way to move onwards and upwards in your life.

Do you have any favorite books, podcasts, or resources that most inspired you to live with a thirst for life?

These are a few of the books that were inspirational;Aspire by Kevin Hall, Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, The Good Life Rules by Bryan Dodge, The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clayson, The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner, and 10 Things You Can Do To Have A Better Day by Mike Walter.

Something that everyone should go on Youtube and watch is Randy Pausch’s appearance on Oprah doing a shortened version of his Last Lecture speech. I play it when a need a reminder of just how fortunate I am or when I need to re-align myself with the Universe.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote” that relates to having a Joie De Vivre? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

“The best way to predict the future, is to create it- yourself.” This quote was, is, and will always be relevant because it clearly expresses that ultimately, I’m responsible for everything that happens in my life. I can make things great. I can make things miserable. The choice is mine. No excuses.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think that will help people?

I’m helping my wife with her new children’s book, “The Universe Is Listening”. The concept of the book is about how the Universe is “listening” to our thoughts and vibrations and will give us what we ask for. This will help many young children learn about how powerful they are in creating their own reality right now as well as later in life. Jill has already helped thousands of children and their families a stellar pediatrician and now she’ll be able to help millions of children and families when the book gets published.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

I’m very pleased that The Celebrate Life “movement” is already underway. I’m delighted how many people have already benefited from my lifestyle guidance and how many people it will positively affect. I’m constantly receiving texts, messages, and e-mails from all over the United States telling me that my book or one of my keynote presentations has had a significant impact on someone’s life. It’s a beautiful thing when people realize that they don’t have to do what they’ve always done and that they have the power to change the course of their journey.
 I plan to help that positive momentum continue.

Dr. Marina Kostina is a life and business fulfillment coach. She uses research and energy work to help professional women find their purpose and turn it into a profitable business. Dr. Kostina incorporates innovative marketing strategies and the creation of engaging, lucrative online courses to scale their businesses. As a result they enjoy what she describes as a “ravenous life” — a life filled with the passion, pleasure, playfulness and abundance that come naturally to those who dare to be authentic. Her book “Find the G-Spot of Your Soul” is available January 2018. Download a free gift from Dr. Kostina- an MP3 Meditation Album “Find The G –Spot Of Your Soul” and get unstuck.

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